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Web designers are the masterminds behind all the excellent web pages we see and browse through daily.  Have a favorite site that is easy to read, browse through, and navigate?  Thank a web designer.

Web designers have a background in coding, graphic design, animation, programming, and other computer tech-related skills and knowledge.

Most web designers have received some formal education, but typically their love of design and coding comes long before they are ready for college.  

With more and more children growing up in a tech-immersive culture, there will continue to be more teens and young adults seeking careers connected to the web.

A job as a website designer is an option for a stable and long-lasting career.  

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ most recent numbers, September 1st, 2020, the field of web design is estimated to grow 8% over the next ten years, adding roughly 14,000 new jobs.   

Resume objective for a web designer

Web designers are found working in the service industry, publishing, management counseling, advertising, computer system design, or as self-employed freelance designers.  

Many of the resumes read in preparation for this article included objectives focused on the individual’s skill-set within web design and their desire to build on their knowledge and talent.

Analysis, critical and creative thinking, troubleshooting, and an understanding of aesthetics and design were all common themes on the resumes read.  

Sample Objective

Talented and motivated web designer seeking a new position to bring 5+ years of experience in branding, print, and web design to aid in your company’s advertising campaigns and enhance my knowledge.  Skilled at designing websites that are effective and easy to employ and write web pages using various codes. 

Resume skills for a web designer

Webflow lists on their blog The 20 essential skills for web designers and places a high emphasis on color theory.  

A lack of understanding of how colors work together and creating sites continuing clashing colors is a common and time-consuming mistake many beginning designers face.

Another particular set of skills that webs designers need is the knowledge of several software design programs and coding languages.  

The Universities and College Admissions (UCAS) website mentions that creating and adding multimedia components such as audio, animation, and video are useful skills to possess. 

Graphic design, photo-editing, and illustrating are additional skills that will come in handy.  

Soft skills are also needed.  Employers are looking for individuals with self-discipline, the ability to adapt their designs and handle constructive criticism, time-management, creativity, and attention to detail.

Sample Skills

Flash | CSS | Javascript | HTML | Adobe Illustrator | Figma | Webflow | Content Management Systems | Color Theory | Typography | Adaptable | Customer Oriented | Analytical | Creative Designs

Web designer work experience

There are several places a web designer could work; after all, almost every business, sports club, artist, entertainment venue, and celebrity have a website.  

Suppose you spent time working as a freelance artist. In that case, you could mention all work under one umbrella, particularly if you created an LLC or similar style business for your freelance business.

Another option is to list the more significant contracts you worked freelance as individual entries.  This method allows you to highlight the work you are incredibly proud of or was for a major client. 

Sample Work Experience

Latitude Inc.

Web Designer, 2014-2020

Represented the voice of the team by creating and extending solutions and designs for the brand’s consumer products and marketing assets. 

  • Created searchable databases based on visual assets
  • Lead and collaborated on areas of design for projects 
  • Effective member of an Agile Scrum team
  • Created designs compatible with A/B testing

Volunteer Match

Graphic/Web Designer, 2009-2014

Designed layout of print and electronic materials for programs and events while partnering closely with the marketing and communication teams. 

  • Ensured coding standard was met to optimize web navigation
  • Managed print orders and worked with external suppliers
  • Carried out design projects from design to completion
  • Worked under tight deadlines

Sinclair Broadcast Group

Web Designer, 2011-2014

Worked with a wide range of clientele to create attractive, aesthetic designs based on clients’ input and feedback.  Worked on multiple projects at the same time, maximizing time-management and organizational skills.

  • Created website mockups 
  • Designed and implemented email marketing templates
  • Utilized strong typography and color theory skills
  • Troubleshot to resolve design issues

Web designer education

Depending on where you work or what type of job you seek, a college-level degree may not be required.  

There are many places to take graphic and web design courses to learn the required skills for many entry-level jobs.

You can use any experience you have to begin to build your portfolio as well.  Some jobs may accept those without a degree if you have an impressive portfolio and equivalent work experience. lists the typical associate degree courses, including Digital Illustration, User Interface Design, and Writing for the Web.

They elaborate that if you decide on a bachelor’s program, you will delve further into the associate level topics and have the opportunity to specialize in an area of interest. 

Sample Education

Southern New Hampshire University

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Web Design, 2005-2009


For those who took an alternate route to education, i.e., you did not attend college, you will want to list all courses related to web or graphic design that you took.

Places such as Udemny, Coursera, and technical schools offer individual courses.  

When choosing courses, you will want to make sure that they align with your overall career goals.

Sample Courses

  • Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS
  • Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization 2018
  • UI & Web Design using Adobe Illustrator CC


In addition to courses you may take, there are also several web design certifications one can earn.

Some are XHTML and CSS, Flash, Dreamweaver Design, Javascript, Database Development, and Content Management Systems.

When seeking a certification, you should check that the program is accredited.  If it is offered through a college or technical school, it most likely will be, but it always safer to check before beginning. 

Referencing a GoDaddy article from 2019 on web design certifications, there are several additional certifications to the ones mentioned above, as well as links to where you can obtain them.

The top three listed are Google Analytics IQ, Adobe Certified Expert, General Assembly Bootcamp

Sample Certifications

  • Google Mobile Web Specialist
  • Google AdWords

Complete web designer resume sample

We have used the first part of this article to go over the elements of a web designer resume section by section.

Below is a real job posting for a position, which we will follow with a complete resume example and template. 

If you look under the basic qualification section, you will that this job requires a 4-year degree plus 14 years of experience, or 18 years of relevant work experience. 

There are several technical skills mentioned, so if you were applying for this position, you would want to craft your resume to showcase knowledge in those skills. 

Website Designer


Experienced Web Designer with over 15 years of experience designing web applications using current technologies and a record of efficiency tracing and recording project milestones and progress.


Java | JavaScript | HTML |  CSS | Sharepoint Designer | WordPress | Adobe Illustrator | Visio | Color Theory | Figma | Webflow | Creative | Time-Management | Adaptability | Agile

Work Experience

AT&T (WD2)

Web Designer, 2015-2020

Responsible for designing, creating, testing, and maintaining web sites and content using Web development tools such as .NET, Visual Studio, HTML, and JavaScript.  Delivered comprehensive web site solutions to satisfy customer requirements.

  • Developed web applications using the latest Agile techniques
  • Collaborated team to gather and define requirements
  • Recommended system improvements
  • Utilized best practices for web development

Linchpin Software

Web Developer, 2005-2015

Redesigned applications to optimize workflow by producing storyboards and concepts with product owners and customers and providing work in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Conductor client interviews 
  • Lead client research sessions
  • Experienced in UI and UX design
  • Agile Team Participation

Bridges Inc.

Web Designer, 1999 – 2005

Developed, tested, and implemented various web-based capabilities through a streamlined process and continued monitoring and data assessment. 

  • UI Design and prototyping
  • Knowledge of Agile Scrum
  • Participated in AWS training courses
  • Developed automation across the lifecycle of projects


  • CloudPractioner
  • Certified SCRUM
  • Microsoft AZ-900 Certification


University Name 1 Here

Bachelor of Science in Digital Media & Web Technology, 1995-1999

  • Minor in Computer Engineering

Key Takeaways

Web designingers work in a fast paced and quickly growing employment sector which is likely to continue to grow as our reliance on the internet and technology continues to grow.  

It is a career that requires many technical skills, and concentrated training, but that also needs those who are creative, resilient, and posses a wealth of soft-skills.

  • A degree is not required but could prove useful
  • Graphic design, illustration, and photographic skills are useful
  • It is recommended designers learn a variety of coding and design software programs

Tips from Experts

“Technology over technique produces emotionless design.” Daniel Mall, Digital Photographer

“Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.”  -Paul Cookson, Illustrator & Poet

“A successful website does three things: It attracts the right kinds of visitors.  Guides them to the main services or products you offer.  Collects contact details for future ongoing relations.” – Mohamed Saad, Freelance Illustration and Concept Artist


For individuals who love working in tech and with computers, a career in web design encompasses many aspects of computer technology.  

It is a stable career choice that will continue to grow, change and provide more and more opportunities for those interested in a computer science career.


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Michelle Reed | Sr. Resume Advisor

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