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Working in video production covers a gamut of positions, skills, and expertise.  While the person behind the camera may be first to come to mind, there are many other individuals involved in video production.

Those who work in video production may shoot the video, but they may also edit, light, work with sound, and participate in several post-production roles.  

Film and video production jobs are much broader than working on the next blockbuster movie or hit TV show.  Individuals can also find work on commercials, music videos, and corporate training videos.

Resume objective for video production

Your resume objective is your wow statement.  Finding work in the entertainment industry is often very competitive, especially the higher up the chain you travel.

Your objective should succinctly point out your work and experience.  It should be tailored to the specific position you are applying for.  

In the current market and atmosphere, there is quite a bit of work for marketing right now.  More than ever, people are using technology to shop and make purchasing decisions.

As we reviewed job postings to write this article, we saw many companies seeking video producers and production assistants with a marketing background in sales. 

Video production executive and blogger Jason Cohen outlines the top video production trends of 2020 on that are likely to continue, and the majority of them are related to marketing. 

Of course, not all work in video production is in marketing, so if your niche is in television, movies, or journalism, keep your objective focused on those fields. 

Sample Objective

Video Production Manager with 7+ years of experience in creating commercials, social media ads, and journalism.  In-depth knowledge of digital production and creating video and media productions for corporate clients. 

Resume skills for video production

According to the job search site Prospects, those who work in video production need to be self-motivated, have a keen eye for detail, and possess the ability to work under pressure.

Many people who work in video production work freelance, meaning they go from project to project instead of working for one company.  Working freelance requires a robust and self-directed etiquette.  

You will also be expected to know how to frame shots, create lighting effects, design sound and graphics, and find shoot sites.  

The Robert Half recruiting firm states that the most important skills someone in video production needs are the knowledge of software editing programs and how to operate a camera. 

Like most jobs, those who work in video production need a healthy mix of soft-skills and industry-specific skills. 

Sample Skills

Final Cut Pro X | Adobe After Effects | Experience with a wide range of cameras | Special Effects | Graphics | Self-directed | Securing Ideal Shoot Sites

Video production work experience

Depending on if you work freelance or as an employee of a production company, your job experience may look very different.

Those who work freelance are likely to have several jobs for short periods of time.  

If you worked freelance for several years, you have two options: you can lump it all into one work experience, or you can highlight your top jobs and list each one individually.

If you worked for a production company or marketing firm, list the specific ads, campaigns, or programs you worked on while working there. 

Clum Creative recommends using social networking to look for work as a lot of work is found through referrals.  Use social media to create a page full of your work and update it often.

Sample Work Experience

Beacon Street Services

Video Producer/Production Manager, 2014-2020

Planned and executed video productions from start to completion.  Responsible for developing timelines for production and keeping projects on track and conducted daily production meetings to track progress and find solutions to any issues that arise.  Created media ads for Sprint, BGE, Baltimore Washington University, and Guinness.

  • Coordinated and booked talent 
  • Video and multi-media editing
  • Directed team members for studio set-up
  • Reserved and rented equipment as needed

Social Method

Videographer, 2011-2014

Filmed and edited high-quality videos for social media audiences.  Worked with the production team to brainstorm and script social media ads.  Performed post-production work to assist projects to completion.  Worked on social media ads for The Nationals, Natty Boh, Subway, and Anne Arundel Medical Center.

  • Edited motion graphics, color correction, and audio adjustments
  • Communicated between stakeholders 
  • Operated cameras and sound equipment as needed
  • Proficient in Full Adobe Suite 

Freelance Video Production

Various Video Production Projects  2009-2011

Built a portfolio of video production work freelancing for social media ads, commercials, music videos, training videos, and journalism pieces.

  • Performed camera work and rented equipment as needed
  • Edited rough cuts to create final products
  • Hired additional crew as needed
  • Edited sound, graphics, and lighting effects

Video production education

No formal education is required to work in video production. Still, a degree in a related field, knowledge of marketing, and the experience you will gain through a program could benefit you in your job search.

There are various degrees and levels of education one can pursue to work in video education.  

Various degrees discovered as we read resumes in preparation for this article included advertising, film editing, lighting design, producing, cinematography, and storytelling.  

Sample Education

New York University

Bachelor of Arts in Cinematography and Video Production, 2003-2007

  • Short Film Award Under 5 minutes 2006


If you have a degree outside of film, or in another area of the arts, it is wise to list any courses you took in relation to video production.

If you have no formal education, or your education is in an unrelated field there are sites like Coursera and Udemy where you can take specialized courses in a variety of fields.  

Sample Courses

  • The Complete Video Production Bootcamp
  • YouTube & Instagram Video Production


There is no formal or universally recognized certification to work in video production.  There are however video production certification programs offered through some colleges and universities.

Certification programs are usually less costly than a formal degree and can often be completed on a more flexible schedule.

If you do not have the time or financial capability to attend a formal program, earning a variety of certifications over time can provide you ith the knowledge and experience you may need to secure jobs.

Sample Certifications

  • Digital Video Certification Program
  • Video Production Certification

Complete video production resume sample

Now that we have gone through the sections to include on a video production resume and provided some examples we are going to look at an actual job posting.

This position is seeking someone with 2 years experience specifically in graphic design and video editing.  Additionally they are seeking someone with a strong background in a variety of Adobe editing software.

Video Producer


Skilled and detailed video production and project manager with a varied portfolio seeks a position where they can apply their knowledge of filming, editing and finalizing projects.  Experienced with a range of cameras and microphones and well-versed in Adobe editing programs.


Mirrorless Cameras | DSLRs| Wireless & Wired Mics | Adobe Audition | Adobe After Effects | Adobe Lightroom | Design layouts | Develop Creative Concepts | Oversee Timelines | Meet Production Deadlines

Work Experience

Investor Place

Video Production Specialist, 2012-2020

Created videos, graphics and models to educate and inform investors.  Designed, filmed and edited work from start to project completion.

  • Work featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and on CNN & 2020
  • Managed and organized footage
  • Oversaw audio engineering and editing
  • Re-ordering content to create a logical sequence

Matchbook Productions

Video Editor, 2009-2012

Created media ads for television and the internet for a variety of businesses.  Experimented with styles and techniques, particularly in the creation of social media ads to provide quality and unique content.

  • Selected music for videos
  • Digitally cut files to sequence video
  • Wrote voice over dialogue
  • Used FInal Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects

Vector Works

Video Production Intern, 2007-2008

Worked on the marketing team to produce videos and media for corporate clients.  Participated in the filming, editing, graphic design and audio aspects of various projects. Clients included Johns Hopkins University, Under Armour and LifeBridge Health.

  • Assembled raw footage
  • Assisted in script writing
  • Assisted in music selection
  • Consulted with director and stakeholders


Northwest University

Bachelor of Arts in Video Production, 2005 – 2009

  • Concentration Animation and Motion Video 


  • Transmedia Storytelling: Narrative worlds, emerging technologies, and global audiences

Key Takeaways

The field of video production provides opportunities to create film and media for a variety of businesses and needs.  

While there is a trong push right now for corporate and social media work, there is still plenty of work to be found within journalism, television and film.

Taking the steps to provide yourself with a solid background in video production via formal or informal means will likely help you secure work. 

  • Video production covers everything from filming and editing to hiring actors and writing dialogue 
  • An internship while in school is a great way to put experience on your resume
  • Incorporating marketing, digital art and computer graphics can boost your hireability 

Tips from Experts

“Video informs and entertains people and good, or bad, today most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a page of text.” – Lisa Lubin, Video Consultant, and Media Professional

“Film provides an opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images.” – Steven Bochco, Television Producer

“Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.” – Robert Altman, Film Producer


Video production goes much deeper than most people realize.  There are so many minute and small details that make up the entire process and often those who work in this field need to be proficient in them all.

From project management to editing to selecting music to lighting, recording and more, those who work in video production have many hats to wear and wear them well.

If your interest lies in creating stories via film, computers and art then a career in video production may be the perfect fit.


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