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As a video editor, you are probably used to communicating through video imagery, so what happens when it is time to write a video editing resume? Many video editors find themselves struggling – not because they aren’t great at what they do, but because they don’t know how to put it into writing.

Perhaps you thought it would be easy to find a new job with your extensive work experience? Wrong. Video editing is an incredibly competitive field, and unless you have an impressive resume to send out along with your showreel, you could easily get overlooked.

Don’t worry – we are here to help. This article covers everything you need to know when writing a video editing resume, with tips and examples, a full resume sample at the bottom, and a few key takeaways to top things off.

Resume objective for video editing

Before we start talking about resume objectives – there is one other thing that you cannot miss when writing a video editing resume. You need to add a link to your showreel, or to some kind of work you have done as a video editor. 

The link should go at the top of your resume before the sections we will be covering in this guide – somewhere easily spotted so that the hiring manager doesn’t have to go looking for it.

Now, the resume objective. Use this as your opportunity to show who you are, what video editing software you use (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Blender, DaVinci, etc. etc.), and what your aspirations are as a video editor.

Sample Objective

Fast-working and thorough video editor with 6+ years of experience and a can-do attitude. Skilled with professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve, communicative, excellent attention to detail, and tremendous respect for deadlines and commitment.  

Resume skills for video editing

List hard and soft skills like the software and editing programs you are familiar with, knowledge of color correction, a good ear for music, flexibility, good computer knowledge, and an ability to work long hours and deliver work on time. 

You might also want to point out a few attractive personality traits, like being motivated, driven, responsible, critical thinker, and have problem-solving skills. A video editor needs to adapt to requested changes, meet strict deadlines, understand the client’s vision, and know various video editing software programs.

The ‘Skill’ section should include your most relevant and impressive skills as a video editor. It is easy to think that a video editor does not need people skills, but they do! You need to work well with the rest of a team, which is something the hiring manager will be looking for.

The job posting will be able to give some good hints regarding what the company is looking for. Scan it for keywords, and use those that you feel are a good fit. 

You never want to lie on your resume as a video editor, as this will eventually come out. Highlight your best assets while remaining truthful. 

Sample Skills

Media production knowledge | 10+ years of experience | Creative | Detail-oriented | Adobe Premiere | DaVinci Resolve | Hard-working | Communicative | Excellent computer knowledge | Works well under pressure | Receptive to criticism | Motivated | Team player

Video editing work experience

After the hiring manager looks at your showreel, he or she is – without doubts – going to want to know if you have experience. It is one thing creating amazing videos in your bedroom, and a whole different thing handling client requests and working with a team.

The work experience section should be specifically tailored to the job you are pursuing. If you have worked as a professional video editor for the last 40 years – fantastic! But try to limit your experience to the past 10-15 years at most. 

The reason for this is because technology has advanced drastically over the past few years, and the hiring manager needs to know your experience with modern video editing techniques. Whatever you did back in the ’80s might not impress as much as you think. 

Sample Work Experience

TPR Media Production, Fort Collins, CO

Senior Video Editor, 2014 – 2020

Supervised a team of 11 content creators, assisted with video direction and camera operation, worked with software programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, and did color grading, color correction, mastering, and sound design.  

  • Trained every team member to meet company standards and help them find their place within the production.
  • Implemented a better system for time management, which improved team productivity with 46.7%.
  • Introduced a superior video editing program that produced higher quality productions and shortened the rendering times.
  • Created an award-winning promotional video for the company.

iHeartRealNews, Baltimore, MD

Video Editor & Photo Journalist, 2010 – 2014

Shot and edited footage for videos angled towards storytelling, with additional responsibilities like investigative journalism and more. Long hours and strict deadlines, teamwork, and a fast-paced work environment.

  • Was the first employee to take on the role of both video editor and photojournalist, which led to a positive change in work routines, efficiency, and continuity. 
  • Saved 36% on costs when sourcing a new stock image and video vendor.
  • Edited 160+ videos for high profile clients.
  • Was often requested specifically by clients due to a perfect track record and timely deliveries.

Iliade Risk Management LCC, Buffalo, NY

Junior Video Editor, 2004 – 2009

Worked mainly with Adobe Suite to edit pre-recorded videos and perfect the material for being streamed on the company’s social media pages. Worked closely with directors and producers to meet their expectations.

  • Suggested improvements to the format for social media videos, which earned me an employee-of-the-month nomination. 
  • Introduced alternative video editing software to the editing team, to improve the overall efficiency and save time.
  • Participated in the preparation and recording of live-streams to reach a new group of potential clients.
  • Held a course in DaVinci Resolve for new video editors.

Video editing education

Having a background in video editing or video production is essential when looking for a job as a video editor. It is one thing to have a good track record with relevant work experience, but most hiring managers will also want to see that you have been professionally trained.

An educational background in video editing or a related field shows that you haven’t just taught yourself how to edit video and visual content correctly, but that you have a rich and varied foundation to build on. 

Suppose you already have plenty of work experience. In that case, the education section will likely be less important, but add any academic degrees you have earned, and especially Bachelor degrees or higher. 

Sample Education

George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Master in Post Production Editing, 2011 – 2013

Karel De Grote University College, Antwerp, BELGIUM

Bachelor in Multimedia and Communication Technology, 2001 – 2005

American University, Washington, D.C.

Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media, 1997 – 2001


You don’t need to include courses in your video editing resume, but it is a smart move if you have taken a course you want to highlight. Add courses you took during your university years related to the job you are pursuing, or any additional courses you’ve taken to expand your knowledge.

Good courses to list are those related to specific editing software, like Adobe Premiere or After Effects, or anything that shows a deep commitment to the art of editing video. 

Sample Courses

  • Video Editing for Postgraduates (Barcelona School of Management)
  • After Effects: Animation & Title Design (New York Film Academy)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Udemy)
  • Project-Led Editing in DaVinci Resolve (Udemy)
  • Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing Masterclass (Skillshare)


Did any of the courses you took lead to certification? List it here. Institutions like the American Graphic Institute offer various certification courses. Considering how good it looks to list yourself as a certified video editor – why wouldn’t you want to add it?

Make sure you only list certifications from credible institutions, or you could run the risk of making it seem like you are bragging with certifications nobody has ever heard of. Less can be more when you write a video editing resume, so stick to relevant certifications that confirm your expertise.  

Sample Certifications

  • Digital Marketing Certificate (American Graphics Institute)
  • Video Editing Certificate (American Graphics Institute)

Complete video editing resume sample

When you start looking for a new video editing job, you can expect to find job posts like the one below. We chose this post to demonstrate how to adapt your resume to the job you are seeking properly.

Have a look at the job post, pay special attention to what the company requires of a video editor, and then note how we have used it to our advantage in the resume sample.

The job post above shows us that to be a successful applicant; you need over five years of experience working in television or post-production. 

They also want someone who can work independently, is a critical thinker, has excellent knowledge of video editing software, has a good eye for video composition, and is skilled with color correction.

Video Editor


Creative video editor with 7+ years of professional video editing experience, a passion for visual communication, excellent editing software skills, multitasking abilities, and a background in animation. Looking to form part of a team and welcomes challenges and the opportunity to grow professionally.


7+ years of experience | Service-oriented | Tech-savvy | Dedicated | Adobe Premiere | Photoshop | Lightworks | Blender | Fast learner | Flexible | Excellent taste | Cameraman experience | Multitasker | Time-management | Creative | Newsroom experience

Work Experience

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

Lead Video Editor, 2016 – 2020

Was responsible for editing all content for educational videos for the online university programs. Assisted the video production team during filming and content creation, and handled all post-production together with a small team.

  • Proposed a second layer of revisions before considering a project finished, which led to fewer mistakes and higher quality production deliveries.
  • Worked with After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, Audition, and Adobe Premiere to maximize efficiency in final product delivery.
  • Achieved continuous timely deliveries that saved the company money and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Introduced a mandatory monthly video editing course for everyone in the editing team, to keep everyone updated on the latest available software.

Media General Operations, Richmond, VA

Senior News Editor, 2010 – 2016

Worked closely with reporters and news’ teams, traveled around the state, and edited content with stringent deadlines. The focus lay on getting urgent news and public announcements ready to air as soon as possible, without sacrificing quality.

  • Responsible for interviewing and eventually hiring new video editors and members of the editing team.
  • Directed shoots and reportings in the field while traveling throughout the state of Virginia.
  • Developed mobile phone friendly content for social media platforms that thoroughly impressed both management and clients.
  • Stepped in to operate cameras during video shoots, to help get the production wrapped up as soon as possible.


  • Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Certificate (Boulder Digital Arts)
  • Certificate in Video Editing (The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley)


American Film Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Master in Film Editing, 2013 – 2015

University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA

Bachelor in Communication and Digital Studies, 2008 – 2012


  • Advanced Video Editing (Berkley)
  • Color Grading for Filmmaking: The Vision, Art, and Science

Key Takeaways

As a video editor, it is all about your skills, education and your work history. That’s right, there are no shortcuts to being hired as a video editor, as most will be looking for someone who has both work experience and a solid education. 

That said, you can get a video editor job with less, but the first step towards getting the job of your dreams is to write a resume that accurately shows off your talents. Sell yourself, but be genuine and truthful at the same time. 

  • Work samples or a showreel should always be included in the resume or the personal letter, and make it available through a clickable link so that the hiring manager does not have to download any files.
  • Mention all the editing software programs you are familiar with, and be very specific about your skills and video editing experiences.
  • Invest in your career as a video editor and get certified in the editing programs you work with, and always adapt your resume to the job post. 

Tips from Experts

“The biggest mistake you can make when you are looking for video production work is to not include your reel in your resume – up top, front, and center.” – Stronz Vanderploeg, Senior Content Manager & Video Producer

“Immediately, if I don’t see any showreel or any type of content that you’ve been working on, it just goes to the rejection list.” – Javier Mercedes, Audio Engineer & Senior Video Editor


Video editing is a fast-paced profession that requires skills, education, creativity, and incredibly good taste, and hiring managers tend to be very picky when hiring someone to edit videos – and for a good reason. A good video can be what elevates or sinks a marketing campaign.

Indeed, your work samples or showreel are probably what will get the most attention from a hiring manager, but this shouldn’t be an excuse not to write a top-notch resume. 

What you want to create is a ripple effect, where every section of your resume intrigues the hiring manager enough to want to see what comes next. Start with a link to your work and follow up with a well-written video editing resume.



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