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Vet techs are the nurses of the animal world.  They are highly trained and skilled technicians that are there to assist the veterinarian and the owner with a variety of needs and concerns.

Your vet tech resume should showcase your compassion and love for animals as well as your technical and medical skills.  

Many vet techs will attend similar programs and have similar skills, so te goal is to make yours shine with any specialized or unique talents you have as well as allowing your love of animals to shine through. 

Resume objective for vet tech

The resume objective is what is going to catch the eye of a potential employer, so you want to craft one that is unique to you as well impressive.

After reviewing dozens of resumes we noticed that listing your credentialing and or education as part of the statement is typical.  This allows potential employers to see that you have the qualifications needed for the position.

Other objectives listed numbers concerning how many surgeries they’ve assisted with or emergency care they’ve administered. 

Sample Objective

Licensed Veterinary Technician with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences and 10+ years of experience in exemplary patient and customer care seeks a position in a fast-paced, patient-dedicated practice. 

Resume skills for a vet tech

It goes without saying the vet techs need to have knowledge on a wide range of animals.  

While dogs and cats are the most commonly found pets, vet techs will need to learn about small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and possibly even farm animals if they head that direction with their career.

There are several medical and technical skills a vet tech needs to know including catheterization, lab work, wound care, prepping exams rooms, anethstesia, monitoring vital signs, and conducting well visits. makes a point of mentioning that while technical knowledge is critical, knowing how to properly record and write out patients records is another important skill. 

The college’s site also emphasizes that having patience and empathy are important, especially when dealing client’s whose pets are very ill or are ready to pass on.

Sample Skills

X-rays | Blood Samples | Emergency First Aid | Administering Vaccines | Owner Education | Safely handling and restraining pets | Administering Anesthesia 

Vet tech work experience

When listing your work experience,  any experience you have in a medical or veterinary setting will highlight your commitment to the veterinary field.

While you will not be able to work as a vet tech until you have graduated a program and achieved the required credentialing there are plenty of opportunities to find work in a veterinary clinic.

Sample Work Experience

VCA Animal Hospitals

Veterinary Technician, 2011-2020

Responsible for assisting Veterinarians in the care of animals.  Helped during patient examinations and surgical procedures.

  • Perform initial evaluations of patients
  • Obtain and prepare lab results
  • Accurately prepared and dispensed medications
  • Restrained animals in a safe, efficient and compassionate manner

Pet+ ER

Veterinary Assistant, 2011-2015

Worked as part of the Pet ER team treating animals in emergency situations and providing support as needed.

  • Evaluated patients and prioritized treatment
  • Monitored general anesthesia and sedation procedures 
  • Provide client education
  • Performed in-house laboratory testing

Southern Veterinary Partners

Veterinary Receptionist, 2007-2011

Assisted clients with scheduling and managed documentation, patient files, referrals, and invoices.

  • Provided instructions and information to client’s as needed
  • Demonstrated empathy toward client’s with ill pets and with end of life arrangements
  • Answered and placed reminder calls
  • Filled prescriptions for clients

Vet tech education

To become a vet tech you will need to attend a program especially for veterinary technicians or in animal sciences.  Programs typically take 2-4 years to complete.    

Programs must be accredited by Committee on Veterinary Technician and Education  (CVTEA) or the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

According to some programs may require you to have experience in a veterinary clinic prior to applying.  Working at the front desk, or in an assistant capacity.  

The balance careers suggest that you look for an entry level job at a large clinic as one way to gain experience. 

Sample Education

Penn Foster

Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology, 2008-2012


Depending on what state you live in, continuing education may be required to maintain your licensure or certification. lists on their blog numerous sites where you can obtain the continuing education hours required. 

In some cases, particularly if you took courses unique to the position you are currently applying for, you may wish to list courses individually.

Otherwise you can list how many continuing education hours you have completed. 

It is suggested you keep a portfolio or list of all of your courses and certifications not only to maintain your license but it is possible a potential employer may wish to see documentation of completed courses.

Sample Courses

  • 95 hours of continuing education completed


Before you can begin work as a vet tech you will need to pass the Veterinary Technician National Examination and meet your state’s license or certification requirements.  

To check your state’s requirements you can begin by going to AASBA’s Preparing for Licensure page.  

Currently only 19 states require certifications 13 states require a license but others may require registration or some other formal declaration.

The test is offered in chunks year round, so it is important to check on the American Association of Veterinary State Boards website for details and dates.

Additionally there are opportunities for specialization within the field.  Various associations offer specialities for tech to become veterinary technician specialists or VTS.

Sample Certifications

Complete vet tech resume sample

Below is an example of a vet tech job posting that aligns with most of the job postings reviewed for this article.

Following a synopsis of the job posting is a complete resume example and template for you to use as guidance when building your resume.

As with many job postings this one emphasizes the importance assisting veterinarians with a variety of tasks and the ability to converse and support pet owners.


Licensed veterinary technician with 10+ years of experience assisting with animal surgeries, emergency care and routine well visits seeks a position to apply their expertise in veterinary care.


Blood Samples | Lab Work | X-rays | Monitoring VItals | Patient Intake | Owner Education | Administering Anesthesia | Front Office Tasks

Work Experience

Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary Technician, 2016-2020

Assisted in surgeries and emergency care for patients.  Supported pet owners when decisions for end of life treatment were decided upon.

  • Restrained animals in a safe and appropriate manner
  • Prepared and set up for surgical procedures
  • Prepared and dispensed medications
  • Prepared lab samples

VCA Animal Hospital

Veterinary Technician, 2011-2016

SUpported the veterinarians to provide quality animal care and maximize productivity and positive patient flow.

  • Maintained medical record electronically
  • Took health history and vitals for patients
  • Offer guidance on medications and treatments
  • Mentored new staff members

CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets

Vet Assistant/Receptionist, 2008-2011

Answered phone calls, emails and scheduled appointments.  Responsible for preparing patient rooms, taking history and vitals, and assisting in other tasks strictly following the doctor’s orders. 

  • Administered oral medications
  • Monitored vitals
  • DIscharged patients with treatment recommendations and follow up care
  • Maintained and stock supplies


  • Registered Veterinary Technician in Maryland 
  • Licensed Veterinary Technician in Virginia


Towson University

Bachelor of Science in Biology, 2005-2009

  • Concentration Animal Behavior


  • 135 hours of continuing education 

Key Takeaways

  • Each state has their own requirements for licensing and certification
  • A two or four year degree is recommended
  • Empathy and patience are key to this position

Tips from Experts

“I think one of the greatest challenges in this profession is educating the public about everything veterinary technicians do to improve the health and lives of animals. Most people have no idea about the level of training and the breadth of knowledge, skills, and abilities veterinary technicians contribute to the care and well-being of our patients.” -Nancy Sheffield, Veterinary Technology Professor and Colorado Vet Tech of the Year 

“Our patients don’t live as long, so we are going to be exposed to more death on a daily basis. I have been able to focus on how I have been able to be a part of improving the lives of my patients. Even during euthanasia, I am thankful that I am able to be a part of the process, ensuring they are treated with love and respect, making it peaceful, loving and pain-free.” -Sandra Bertholf, Licensed Veterinary Technologist and Instructor

“There are various factors that come into play that lead to an outcome for a patient. We can do our best to prepare ourselves in the ability, knowledge, preparation, teamwork, and diligence to give the patients their best chance and quality of life possible given any situation.” Kenichiro Yagi, NAVTA Vet Tech of the Year


Vet techs are a crucial part of the veterinary workforce.  While this article focused on the traditional path there are opportunities to work with farm animals, exoctic animals and at zoos.  

It is a steadily growing career and is ideal for the animal lover with a interest in the medical field. 


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