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The UPS truck is a sight for sore eyes, because who hasn’t caught themselves waiting by the door for that expected package to arrive? 

For the driver, it is a fast-paced job that requires impeccable driving skills, stress management and physical strength. It is a unique profession with both challenges and rewards.

The best way to get a job as a UPS driver is by creating the ideal resume. 

Stay tuned for all the best tips and examples, along with a complete UPS driver resume sample.

Resume objective for UPS drivers

One of the first things we did was to survey dozens of real job posts and resumes, to get a realistic idea of what employers expect, and what UPS driver resumes tend to look like. 

We noticed a clear preference for including a resume objective (some opt for calling it a professional summary).

Being a UPS driver means spending hours alone in the delivery truck, and it is a very demanding job that requires its driver to be independent. 

MyMajors.com lists numerous essential skills for a UPS driver, and they all revolve around responsibility.

When you write your UPS driver resume objective, try to use adjectives that show off leadership skills, commitment and a self-starter attitude.

Employers usually want someone they can rely on to deliver packages from point A to point B, and by including a resume objective, you get a unique opportunity to showcase your best features and personality traits.  

Sample Objective

Experienced delivery driver with 8+ years of professional driving experience. Reliable, punctual, and motivated, with excellent communication skills, natural problem-solving abilities, and a clean driving record.

Resume skills for UPS drivers

As a UPS driver, your driving skills will be put to the test on a daily basis, and your ability to drive should be highlighted when you fill out this section of your resume. 

Do you have a driver’s license, a clean record, and experience driving in winter conditions? Make sure the hiring manager reading your resume knows. 

Your job will be to transport valuable goods to clients, and if you make a mistake – the company loses money. It is important for them to know they can trust both you and your driving skulls.

We sampled dozens of resumes in our research, and we were able to determine that most well-written resumes also included skills like time management, the physical ability to lift goods, driving experience, knowledge of local roads, and a positive and friendly personality.

According to the UK Drive Force, employers also look for drivers with basic vehicle maintenance knowledge.

Sample Skills

Efficient | Reliable | Class a CDL License | Defensive driver training | Vehicle maintenance knowledge | Navigation experience | Clean driving record | Winter road experience | Physically fit | Outgoing | Positive

UPS driver work experience

The best way to get a good understanding for the work experience required when working as a UPS driver, was for us to dive in and sample real job posts to see what was asked of an employee. 

Most UPS positions did not require previous UPS driver experience, but many did point out a preference for previous professional driving experience. If you look at it from the employer’s point of you – this is not surprising considering the responsibility that comes with the job.

However, when listing your work experience, you shouldn’t necessarily restrict yourself to driving experience, as there are other jobs, too, that can show off relevant qualities.

We had a look at popular job sites, and Indeed.com makes it clear that other relevant skills for a UPS driver are reliability and leadership skills. 

With this in mind, we suggest adding any work experience that attest to skills you are expected to have as a delivery driver.

Sample Work Experience

ABM Industries, Houston, TX

Shuttle Driver, 2015 – 2019

Drove passengers to and from the airport, carried luggage and made sure each trip was carried out in accordance with state laws and regulations. 

  • Performed CPR and First Aid on three people at the site of a road accident, and saved a woman’s life.
  • Lowered the fuel costs by finding alternative routes that were both faster and safer.
  • Developed a signature greeting phrase for passengers, which led to a 48% increase in return business.
  • Upgraded from manual navigation to GPS navigation, to shorten routes and meet customer demands.

Rosewood Services, Great Bend, KS

Van Driver, 2010 – 2014

Driving in city traffic and on country roads, loading and unloading vehicles, performing light maintenance, and was responsible for deliveries from start to finish.

  • Increased the customer base with 38% by implementing a new way of greeting customers.
  • Cut the costs of vehicle maintenance with 64% by handling simple fixes myself.
  • Implemented new strategies for scheduling, which reduced confusion and improved efficiency.
  • Met goals and deadlines continuously which led to multiple pay raises.  

U-Haul, Fargo, ND

Transfer Driver, 2006 – 2010

Responsible for driving U-Haul trucks to and from repair shops, dealerships and more. Worked mostly within the state with occasional long-distance drives.

  • Voted driver of the year due to never missing a work day and delivering vehicles on time throughout employment.
  • SInglehandedly solved a delivery issue by finding a faster route, which prevented a financial company loss.
  • Suggested the use of a better navigation system, which went on to becoming standard for the company.
  • Participated in the induction program for new drivers, and trained 3 drivers in navigation and company regulations.

UPS driver education

There are some driving jobs and positions with UPS that require certifications like a hazmat certification, but a college education is rarely required when applying for a job as a driver at UPS. 

If you don’t have a college or university degree (any degree can be listed), you should add your high school diploma to avoid leaving this section blank. We talk a lot about choosing only relevant things when writing a UPS driver resume, but any higher education is considered relevant. 

Having gone to college or university demonstrates a certain level of commitment and basic knowledge, so if possible – always include an education section. 

Do not, however, list anything lower than High School, as UPS do not tend to care much about where you went to preschool.

Sample Education

American University, Washington, D.C.

Bachelor of Arts in English, 2013 – 2017

Carnegie Vanguard High School, Houston, TX

High School Diploma, 2009 – 2012


There are a few courses that could be relevant when applying for a job as a UPS driver, even though the company trains new drivers to make sure they meet the company standards.

In the resumes we surveyed in our research, very few included a course section, but you could benefit from listing a First-Aid course or defensive driver training, if you have attended it.

Other courses to list are those in leadership, time-management, navigation and vehicle maintenance, but if you can’t think of any courses worth listing – just leave this section out of your resume.

Sample Courses

  • Defensive driver training
  • First-Aid and CPR


In our research, we found that few of the resumes we sampled included certifications, which was surprising considering it being something employers tended to ask for in job posts.

This is one of those few times when we are going to suggest you do something other than what we saw in sampled resumes, as including certifications could help you stand out. 

Use this to your advantage and include a certification section, and read through the job post to make sure you are certified in relevant areas. 

Every state and UPS position may have different requirements, but you can never go wrong with a driver’s license, Hazmat certification and DOT. 

Sample Certifications

  • Class A CDL license (New York)
  • Hazmat Certification
  • DOT Physical

Complete UPS driver resume sample

Finding job posts for UPS drivers isn’t hard, and it is a company that is almost always hiring. We picked out one job post (see below), and we will show you how to write a resume tailored to the requirements mentioned in the post.

There are different positions within UPS, so the requirements may differ depending on the job you apply for. In this case, they are looking for someone over the age of 21 who is proficient in English, and who meets the physical and mental requirements of the company.

They also require someone DOT eligible, with a commercial driver’s license, and Haz-Mat, Twin Trailer and Tanker certificates.

UPS City Driver


High-achieving delivery driver with aspirations to become a valuable asset to the company. Customer-oriented, punctual, DOT qualified and with a clean driving record, and with the belief that a positive attitude and a smile can get you a long way.


Excellent driver | Clean driving record | Friendly | Organized | 2+ years of experience | Hazmat certification | DOT qualified | Navigation expertise | Attention to detail | Disciplined | Alert | 

Work Experience

Safeway, Renton, WA

Delivery Driver, 2018 – 2020

Loading and unloading groceries, handling orders, direct customer contact, and successfully delivering groceries and products throughout the state of Washington.   

  • Implemented a new routine for regular preventive vehicle maintenance, which lowered the overall maintenance costs.
  • Featured in a nationwide newspaper, in a company related article.
  • Successfully resolved two serious internal company conflicts to improve delivery efficiency.
  • Suggested the use of technology to find faster routes, which cut the delivery time with 28%.


  • Class A Driver’s License (WA)
  • Hazmat Certification (WA)
  • NMMA Trailer Certification
  • PTDI certified


Raisbeck Aviation High School, Tukwila, WA

High School Diploma, 2015 – 2018


  • First-Aid & CPR
  • Navigation & Mapping with Garmin GPS

Key Takeaways

Finding work as a UPS driver is not hard, as the company tends to always be hiring somewhere in the United States, but the trick is to get them to pick you instead of any of the other applicants. That’s where a well-written UPS driver resume comes in.

No specific experience nor educational background tends to be required, but it is crucial for you to come off as a person they should want to hire. 

Remember, you will be fully responsible for successful deliveries, so use your UPS driver resume as a chance to show why you would make the ideal driver, coworker and company asset.

  • Don’t forget to mention what type of driver’s license you have, and in what state your driver’s license was issued. Also, your employer needs to know if you are a safe and reliable driver.
  • Everyone might be able to drive a delivery truck, but not everyone can navigate successfully, meet deadlines, do paperwork, deal with customers and solve unexpected problems, so show that you are a UPS driver who has the full package (pun intended).
  • If you lack professional experience, try to demonstrate your will to learn and your desire to grow professionally, while also highlighting skills that would make you a good driver.

Tips from Experts

“You get 6 seconds – squander them, and you are going to be dealing with frustration and disappointment, and your bills piling up and wondering why you can’t find a job. If you use them wisely, you are going to be the driver that has the best job at a top company.” – Jack Whatley, Founder of Driver Management LLC

“I love my job. I’m outdoors, you get to talk to people, you have relationships with people, people love you, I’m someone’s UPS guy, and it’s great. It’s almost like I am part of a community.” – José Ron, UPS Delivery Driver

“You are on the road a lot. There is a lot of waiting, and you have to have a lot of patience. You have got to really pay attention. You have got to be a good driver.” – Michael Prevatt, Affiliate Marketing Expert


Going down a new career path, or applying for a new job within your own career, can be scary, and many put off updating their resume due to not understanding its importance. 

A resume alone probably won’t secure your next UPS job, but it has the potential of becoming what sets you apart from other applicants, and what makes a hiring manager want to call you for an interview.

Remember, a UPS driver is responsible for driving company assets to paying customers, and this is a big responsibility. Use your resume to show yourself off as someone who can be trusted.


In addition to our own expertise as professional resume consultants, for every resume guide we write, we curate dozens of recent job postings and resumes to make sure all our recommendations align with current trends for each specific industry and career path. Learn more about our methodology here. 

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