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Do you have a favorite app on your phone?  Do you love the ease of your favorite store’s ordering process via the app?  If so, then thank a UI developer.

UI (user interface) developers are the graphic designers who create the layout for applications.  The design everything from where the buttons you click on to the text you read.

If you can see it, a UI developer has created it.

As Artisan wrote on their page, UI developers are graphic designers and people pleasers.  

But their job description goes much further than graphic design.  

UI developers are artists and need a strong background in design, but computer and technology experience is also key.  As a UI developer, your job is to create an interface that works the way the users need and want it to.

And while ordering a coffee from your favorite shop’s app may seem simple, there is a lot of complicated work to make everything streamlined for customer use.

Resume objective for UI developer

A UI developer is an extremely technical role that requires proficiency and expertise in a wide range of computer and web-based skills.  Your job in your objective is to show that you have these skills.

Use your objective to mention specific tools you have used and what the result was.  If you worked for a big name company or contract, go ahead and name drop!

UI developers can work with all types of organizations and businesses, so tailoring your objective to the specific type of work you are looking for may prove beneficial.    

There is a bit of psychology and sociology behind UI development because you need to be able to place yourself in the customers’ shoes using the app.  

Celarity points out that a UI developer needs to make educated decisions based on user motivations to create interfaces compatible with user needs.

Sample Objective

Detail-oriented UI developer with a solid understanding of users’ perspectives and ten years of experience seeks a position to apply their talents and knowledge in a new and challenging environment. Skilled in Agile and developed user interfaces utilizing HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery.

Resume skills for UI developers

The skillset for a UI developer is somewhat harlequin.  They are artists, graphic designers; they understand the way people think, technology experts, and use scientific methods.  

There are several kinds of software programs a UI developer should be knowledgeable of if not proficient in.  Some of these are Dreamweaver, Adobe Creative Suite, UXPin, and InVision.

Programming skills are another must.  IT Career Finder states HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, Java, Ruby on Rails, and SQL database development should all be in a UI developer’s back pocket. 

Other hard skills that UI developers may need to possess are familiarity with social media APIs, SEO, CMS, and staying up to date on the latest and current UI trends.

Sample Skills

HTML | jQuery | CSS | CSS3 | SQL | Ruby | InVIsion | Adobe Creative Suite | Photoshop | Illustrator | WordPress | Magento | SEO

UI developer work experience

UI developers work anywhere there is a combination of technology and customer interaction. If a user interface is needed for consumers to interact with, you will need a UI developer to create it.  

UI developers likely have a background in graphic design, but the two are not the same thing. However, many people transition from graphic design to UI development in the course of their careers.

In an article on Career Foundry, Sean Beaubien comments that his graphic design background made his transition to UI smooth.  

The article points out that many of the skills and tools are similar, but those interested in forming a product instead of designing the art or logos would do well as a UI developer.

With the rise of mobile applications and people using devices for everything, from getting groceries to buying a car, the field of UI is growing steadily. 

Sample Work Experience

IntelliGenesis LLC

UI Developer, 2015-current

Worked as part of a team to design and implement user interface requirements and translate requirements into visual elements that users interact with.  Assisted with designing, developing, implementing, and testing application features.

  • Designed a wide variety of visualizations 
  • Effectively communicated with clients to achieve optimal results
  • Completed data storage to optimize interface functionality 
  • Maintained active TS/SCI clearance

Geon Technologies

UI Developer, 2010-2015

Developed front-end applications that allow users to allocate deallocate, & release waveforms. Employed the use of responsive design to maintain a uniform user experience across a variety of devices.

  • Modified existing designs to update features
  • Made recommendations on the creation of new features
  • Managed versioning and publishing via GitHub
  • Used best practices to debug and solve code problems

Chenega MIOS

Junior Graphic Designer, 2006-2010

Researched and designed moodboards, storyboards, and comps by creating visualizations and complex information graphics to support customer brands.  Gained experience in web design, UI, and 3D modeling production.

  • Designed layout for customer presentations
  • Meet or exceed deadlines
  • Prepared digital files
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

UI Developer education

Most job postings ask for a minimum four-year degree in computer science, graphic design, software engineering, web development, or other related fields to become a UI developer.

In the course of your education, you will want to gain experience and competence in things such as wireframing and prototyping, style guides and branding, typography, and color theory. 

Industry experts recommend you start building your portfolio as early as possible.  Your goal with your portfolio is to demonstrate that you have the skills needed without formal training or years of experience. 

Finding an internship is an excellent way to gain hands-on experience employers are seeking. 

Sample Education

University of Maryland

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2004-2008


While there is no formally recognized certification needed or available for UI developers, ITcareerfinder.com points out that there are certifications to prove your capabilities in specific skills. 

CareerFoundry, MindMajix, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning all offer certifications and courses. 

Certifications in GoogleAds, Google Analytics, and Adobe are also popular choices among those who work in the field.

Sample Certifications

  • Adobe Certified Expert
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Complete UI developer resume sample

In this next section, we will take a look at an actual job posting for a UI Developer.  Following a few highlights of the job posting are a complete resume example and template for your use!

This position is for a Senior UI Developer, and they are asking for a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and would prefer someone with a master’s.  

This position needs someone who can design, fix, create, test, and sell.   


Experienced and creative UI developer with over a decade worth of experience in design and development of web applications and user interfaces seeks a position to bring their expert knowledge of Kafka, Grafana, and coding and programming languages.  


HTML | JAVA | React JS | JQuey | CSS | Photoshop | Illustrator | Apache Hadoop | Kafka | Grafana | Corel | Expression Blend | Sketch | Flash & Flex | SEO | Agile Management

Work Experience

PeopleCom Inc.

UI Developer, 2012-2020

Lead a team of developers to create usable and intuitive interfaces and built data-driven web applications.

  • Created single page and rich web applications
  • Worked with front-end and back-end technologies
  • Debugged web applications
  • Mentored new developers in UI


Junior UI Developer, 2009-2012

Worked on a team to develop user interface components, implementing and executing using Angular/ React.js workflows through an understanding of business requirements and the ability to translate them into technical requirements

  • Optimized features for maximum performance
  • Translated designs and wire-frames into code
  • Collaborated with stakeholders, users, and build-team
  • Engaged in projects from conception to completion


UI Design Intern, Summer of 2008

Gained hands-on experience in UI and UX design.  Participated on a cross-functional team with users, product owners, and business analysts. 

  • Utilized Prototype tools Sketch & Adobe Creative Suite
  • Demonstrated excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Worked in a fast-paced environment
  • Adhered to strict deadlines


  • UI Design – Design Lab


Penn State 

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, 2005 – 2009

  • Data Visualization Minor

Key Takeaways

The pathway to becoming a UI designer involves a lot of technical knowledge and study.  Be prepared to use your resume in conjunction with your portfolio to showcase your skills and expertise.

You will want to display everything from your design knowledge to your people skills to your technical skills.

  • A college degree is required, possibly an advanced degree
  • Staying on top of new technologies is important
  • A background in graphic design is beneficial

Tips from Experts

“UI is the saddle, the stirrups, & the reins. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse.” — Dain Miller, Web Developer

“Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.” — Brenda Laurel, Ph.D., Independent Scholar

“Usability does not equate to a specific number of clicks, taps, swipes, pinches, flicks.” – John Morkes, Founder of Neet UX & Strategy 

“Go for the better user experience every time.” –Rand Fishkin, CEO & co-Founder of SEOmoz


Designing user interfaces is a multifaceted career and is often lumped in with others such as UX, frontend, and graphic design.  

While knowledge of other design types could prove, practical UI design is its own unique work style.  

UI Developers need to think like a consumer and a scientist simultaneously and are the essential piece between user frustration and user ability.


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