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Theater technicians are often overlooked yet essential workers in the theatrical industry. They are there long before the curtain goes up ensuring equipment works, set pieces are safe, and props are placed where they need to be and they are there long after checking it all again.  

Finding work as a technician can be just as complicated as finding work as an actor sometimes as the world of theater is highly competitive by nature. But, if you have a stellar resume that highlights why you’re the best tech for the job you are one glow-tape strip ahead of the rest!

To help you in the right direction – we have provided a full sample resume at the bottom of this article.

Resume objective for theater technicians

Theater technicians come in all shapes and kinds. The main objective of your tech resume is to highlight the skills you have that are specific to this particular tech job. If you are applying for a lighting designer position, leave out your set construction work.  

That being said, there may be skills you learn in one tech position that are applicable to another. If while building sets you gained some knowledge of how lights play a role in highlighting set pieces or color schemes that work most effectively then feel free to mention that.

Sample Objective

Experienced and knowledgeable Lighting Designer and Operator seeking a position with theater or music hall for regular performances.  Used to working long hours, strong physical stamina, and knowledge of the ETC Ion, ETC SmartFade, and Strand200.   

Resume skills for theater technicians

This is the place to highlight all your experience as a lightning designer, or costumer designer, or set builder or stage manager. Pick one technician job and list all related skills.  

If you have skills from being a stage manager then cross over to lighting or set constriction etc. great, use them, just don’t dwell on other positions.

Sample Skills

3 years working with ETC ION | 2 years working with ETC SMartFade | 2 years working with Strand200 | Delegation and People Management | Ability to work with MacBook and Windows | Knowledge of Various Lights: LEDs, Lekos, Pars, and Moving Lights | Extensive work with Trusses and affixing lights

Theater technician work experience

Again in this section you will want to highlight work specifically related to the technician position you are applying for, but if there is some overlapping in related skills then you should include that experience as well.

Often in theater people wear many hats during the course of one production, particularly for productions on a student or community theater level.  Use those experiences to showcase your knowledge and expertise!

Sample Work Experience #1

The ABC Theater 

Lighting Designer, 2017-2020

As the Lighting Designer, I was responsible for working with the director, stage manager, and the rest of the production team to ensure we reach a unified vision.  I worked directly with the stage manager to create and design cues for over twenty productions: adult and children’s theater.  I set and hung lights and made adjustments throughout the staging process.  I worked directly with a new lighting operator to teach them how to use the board, set cues, and change cues if needed. 

  • Ability to set and hang lights
  • Designed Light Plots for 22 productions
  • Extensive knowledge in uses trusses and power tools
  • Used ETC ION
  • Team Work
  • Self-Directed
  • Ability to design lights for various types of productions

If you have jumped around from theater position to theater position as shown below, then a slightly different format would be used.

Sample Work Experience #2

Position Theater Performance Type Year

Asst. Stage Mng Little Stars Children’s Theater 2020

Light Design Rising Talent Musical 2020

Light Design Little Stars Children’s Theater 2019

Stage Crew/Asst. Light Big Stage Musical 2019

Theater technician education

As a theater technician, you may have gone to college or trade school and learned all the ins and outs, or you may have been trained, like many, through hands-on experience starting back in high school or college. If you do not have any formal knowledge then list those individuals you trained under.  

The theater world has a lot of name recognition and who knows who, so it is possible the person hiring will recognize a name, especially if it is a local technician or theater director.  

Sample Education

Lights & Sounds Technical School

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Lightening, 2015-2017

Parson’s School of Design

Associate Degree, Lighting Design, 2011-2015

  • Concentration: Digital Media


There are courses out there that can boost your relevance, particularly if you have courses listed with a safety aspect or training to them. Those who work in theater know it is one of the most dangerous jobs out there.  

Slips, trips, heavy things being dropped on you, a sharp corner, and the use of tools are just a few of the hazards. I once performed an entire weekend of a highly active movement show on a sprained ankle because I landed wrong leaving the stage.

Sample Courses

  • Electrical Training – Safety
  • Theater System Design
  • Strand Dimming and Power Distribution


In lieu of a 2 or 4 year degree in some technical fields, you may be able to earn some certifications that will up your chances of being hired, especially by professional theaters.  

Just like the courses examples above, if you have anything related to safety be sure to include those!

Sample Certifications

  • Certified Apprentice Lighting Technician (CALT)
  • Injury and Illness Prevention

Complete Theater Technician Resume Sample

Let’s now take a look at an actual job posting for a theater technician. This one is an entry-level position and is open to those with no formal training. 

You can see in the job description the level of hands-on work required, so any experience you have related to those tasks would be excellent to highlight.

This specific position says they are willing to train, so if you can prove yourself somewhat knowledgeable and that you have a passion for the field you will improve your chances of being hired. In addition to work for theatrical productions, they highlight that the technician will be responsible for work related to lectures, ceremonies, and conferences.  

Theater Technician


A lover of all things technical with theatrical backstage experience is looking to expand their career with a job working as a theater technician. Experience with audio-visual equipment, light rigging, and working on a backstage crew.


Proficient with Mac and PC I Experience setting up microphones for assemblies | Physical Stamina and able to lift 50lbs | Experience with light rigging | Experience with Front of House | Ability to install and troubleshoot with theatrical equipment


  • Shop & Studio Hazard Training
  • CPR/First Aid, Exp 6/2021
  • Maintaining a Healthy Back
  • OSHA Ladder Safety Training for Construction & General Industry

Work Experience

Rose Theater

Lighting Designer and Assistant Stage Manager, 2017-2020

During my time with Rose Theater, I was an integral part of the production team. I worked with the production staff through all stages of design and implementation and served as the head technician for the designing and hanging of the light plot.

  • Knowledge of how to set and hang lights
  • Ability to design several types of light plots
  • Knowledge of Power Tools
  • Programmed and Implemented lighting plots for 6 national tour Broadway productions
  • Ran the lighting operations for productions and served as the manager in the tech booth
  • Ran a mentorship program for local high school students

All the World’s A Stage

Lighting Designer and Operator, 2015-2017

As the light designer and operation, I was responsible for setting and designing all the lights for each production staged. I worked with the production team for each show ensuring a cohesive vision.

  • Knowledge of how to set and hang lights
  • Ability to design several types of light plots
  • Knowledge of Power Tools
  • Proficient with ETC SmartFade
  • Mentored and taught assistant technicians on light design
  • Self-Directed
  • Management Skills

Backyard Players

Lighting Tech, 2015-2017

As a lighting tech I worked directly with the lighting designer and operator to hang hang lights, make lightening adjustments and use lighting software. I oversaw the lighting for two children’s theater productions and was responsible for designing the lighting and running the board.

  • Ability to set and hang lights
  • Team Work
  • Self-Directed
  • Knowledge of ETC SmartFade


Florida State University

Bachelor of Science, Technical Lighting, 2014-2017

George Washington Carver Center for the Arts and Technology High School

HS Diploma, Concentration Production Design, 2010-2014


  • Carpentry
  • Advanced Carpentry
  • Digital Arts
  • Light Design 1
  • Light Design 2

Key Takeaways

The key takeaways for a theatre technician resume is to highlight specific skills related to the position as much as possible. Show off your knowledge of theater and the hard work it takes!  

You may work in many tech positions before you find the one that best fits use. Take all of that knowledge and store it away. Theater positions often have a way of overlapping and your knowledge and experience in one field may benefit you in your tech career of choice.

Theater technicians often start learning with hands on experience in a theater. If this career interests you contact local community theaters and see if there are opportunities to help. In my almost 30 years of acting, I have never known a community or local theater company to turn away volunteer help!

  • Be specific and detailed, include all equipment by name
  • Highlight safety training along with technical training
  • It’s ok if you have bounced around a lot – theater is a career geared towards that

Tips from Experts

“Life’s a stage and we’re constantly changing the scenery.” – Kelly “Tech Goddess” Hurst, Theater Technician

“If we could read minds, we wouldn’t need headsets.” – Tommy “Eagle1” Kendrick, Theater Technician


Theater technicians are some of the hardest working individuals out there and they are truly a Jack or Jill of all trades. You will learn how to do many things without receiving formal training in them and you will probably work on a lot of shows at a lot of places before landing one consistent job with a theater or hall. 

Whatever you can do to advance your experience the better. Remember, theater is sometimes a name game, so the more your name is out there, the more recognition it will get.

Always be professional when working and follow all safety procedures. Those two items will ensure you are hired again and again!



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