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Let’s talk about applying for team leader positions. A team leader is someone who directs a group of people, who organizes, sets up goals and strategies, solves problems, and provides relevant training.

It is a job found within almost all companies and careers, and it takes a person with exceptional leadership skills to take on such responsibility. You will have to make choices that will affect not only the team, but the entire company, and you need to be extraordinarily communicative.

Perhaps you have all the necessary skills, qualities, and work experience to be a team leader, but you are still not getting any interviews! What is the reason for this? A possible explanation is that your resume may need a boost.

A good resume is what will get you an interview, and when you are an aspiring team leader – your resume needs to demonstrate leadership. 

We will show you how to boost the resume you already have, or write a new one, with a comprehensive guide and a full sample resume.

Resume objective for team leaders

When you are a leader of a team, you need to know how to motivate people to complete tasks and work hard. In your resume objective, focus on motivating the hiring manager or recruiter to want to continue reading. 

What you want is for your resume to end up in the ‘yes’ pile, and the key to this is to make sure each skill and experience you add are relevant to the job you want. 

Demonstrate leadership, professionalism, and goal orientation, along with management abilities and a positive attitude. Also, don’t forget to mention previous experience and applicable expertise.

Sample Objective

Goal-oriented team leader with excellent time management skills and 4+ years of experience. Dedicated, driven, and hardworking, with expertise in financial reporting, administrative work, and positive motivational techniques.

Resume skills for team leaders

A resume for a team leader should empathize leadership experience, but you also need a section dedicated to your skills. Highlight any skill you have that makes you a good team leader, such as organizational skills, the ability to motivate your team members, confidence and integrity. 

To lead a team you need to know how to delegate, solve conflicts, help team members reach their full potential, be a positive influence and utilize your best negotiation skills as needed. When you list skills for a team leader resume, you want to combine soft skills, hard skills and knowledge.

Relevant skills would also depend on the job you apply for, but there are general leadership skills that are desirable for any team leader position. The skills listed under ‘Sample Skills’ are general team leader skills, and these should be complemented with skills relevant to the job post.

Sample Skills

6+ years of leadership experience | Confident | Goal-oriented | Negotiating skills | Delegation abilities | Respectful | Organized | Financial reporting | Multitasker | Invoice tracking | Excellent math skills | Attention to detail 

Team leader work experience

You don’t just wake up one day with the skills and knowledge to be a good team leader, and a hiring manager will inevitably look at your work experience. This is your chance to shine. 

Actual team leader experience will, of course, stand out right away, but you can list any experience that shows great leadership skills and organizational abilities. Be specific and mention what you did on each job.

If you have ever worked in an office or another type of fast-paced environment, where you have had important responsibilities related to accounting, paperwork or where you have supervised a team, this is also a great experience to list on your team leader resume.

Sample Work Experience

Randy Rose Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

Team Leader, 2017 – 2020

Supervised a team of waitresses and waiters, handled invoices, led recruitment training, ensured good standards inside the restaurant, and was responsible for closing up at night.

  • Trained a whole new team of staff when the restaurant opened a new franchise.
  • Set personalized, weekly goals for the staff and helped them achieve those goals.
  • Identified staff weaknesses and suggested changes to the management.
  • Resolved a staff conflict that was previously affecting work efficiency.

John Allvar & Son, Phoenix, AZ

Office Assistant, 2015 – 2017

Kept logs of people entering and exiting the building, answered phone calls, redirected correspondence, received physical mail, answered emails and managed the reception area of a law office.

  • Increased productivity by implementing a more efficient messaging system, so that the people working in the building wouldn’t have to leave their offices more than necessary. 
  • Received an award for being the ‘Most Indispensable Worker’.
  • Took initiative and updated the company’s social media pages, which was well-received by management.
  • Resolved a crisis where files were lost shortly before an important meeting, by obtaining copies just in time.

Pete’s Plumbers, Richmond, VA

Billing Clerk, 2012 – 2015

Handled all incoming mail correspondence, made accuracy controls of invoices, resolved any discovered issues, tracked account balances and monitored incoming- and outgoing payments.

  • Suggested a computer system upgrade to keep better track of expenses and invoices, which ended up lowering the risk of human error with 64%.
  • Successfully discovered and tracked down the source of abnormalities in the monthly expenses, and saved the company a monthly amount of 2,000 dollars.
  • Was responsible for hiring a new accountant who resolved big financial issues.
  • Became the most successful billing clerk ever to have worked with the company, thanks to the initiative to implement an additional layer of bill revisions.

Team leader education

A team leader is someone who manages a team and who takes on additional responsibilities compared to other staff members, and hiring managers tend to look for someone with a college or university degree.

That said, if you have enough work experience, then it usually doesn’t matter what you majored in, as long as you have that degree. Degrees in management, human resources and business are highly desired, but a prospective team leader is not legally obligated to have any specific education.

Start with your most recent degree and work your way down, but stick to actual degrees and show that you have the leadership skills it takes to highlight what is important.

Sample Education

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IA

Master in Human Resource Management, 2016 – 2018

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 

Bachelor in Human Resources, 2010 – 2014


Should you list courses on your team leader resume? If you have taken a course such as team leadership training, then you could definitely list it to show you have the required knowledge and experience. 

A course can show great commitment, but remember that you should only include those relevant to team leadership. The hiring manager isn’t interested in the Yoga retreat you went to, the dog agility course you took with your dog or a drama class you participated in back in High School, but anything related to team leadership will most likely earn you extra credit.

This section is generally meant for courses that were not part of your university degree, but if you did take a course as part of a full academic program that you would like to highlight – this is the right place for it.

Sample Courses

  • Team Leadership Training (CMOE)
  • Becoming a Leader: Developing Your Style and Making Sound Decisions (Harvard University)
  • Effective Organizational Communication (Harvard University)
  • Managing Yourself and Leading Others (Harvard University)
  • Team Leadership & Management Skills (Udemy)


What certifications you need depends entirely on the job you are applying for. Being a team leader is not a career in itself, but a position within a workforce or a company. Look up what certifications you need to be eligible work within your field, and keep in mind that requirements may vary by state.

You can also list general leadership certifications, like the ones we will show you below, to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. For more information about certifications, have a look at our sample resume at the bottom, where we will list certifications based on a real job post.  

Other certifications worth listing are those related to customer service.

Sample Certifications

  • Team Leadership Certificate (Employers Council)
  • Project Management Professional Certification (University of California)
  • Certificate in Organizational Leadership (University of Baltimore)
  • Leadership Essentials (Cornell Certificate Program)
  • Leadership and Management Certificate Program (University of Pennsylvania)

Complete team leader resume sample

You have probably heard the expression “Practice makes perfect,” and this is true also when you are writing a team leader resume. The internet is full of job posts for team leaders, and we have picked out one job post and written and adapted a sample resume. 

As you can see, this company is looking for someone who is organized and who can manage both a team and handle administrative duties. 

It is a call center, meaning call center experience could be useful, and they require someone with attention to detail who can make sure goals are met and rules followed.

Team Leader


Experienced supervisor and team leader seeking the available position at Concentrix. Responsible and driven, with excellent math skills, leadership abilities, attention to detail and a talent for motivating others into performing exceptionally. A skilled negotiator with an undeniable passion for organization.


Dedicated | Natural leader abilities | Call center work experience | Organized | Detail oriented | Accounting background | Go-getter | Patient | Team leader certified | Excellent communication skills

Work Experience

Olive Ellis Italian Restaurant, Baltimore, MD

Team Leader, 2017 – 2020

Trained new staff, organized shifts, supervised a group of servers, monitored staff progress, and was involved in the hiring process of new staff members.

  • Was promoted to team leader after a year of working for the company, despite the company policy of no promotions within the first two years.
  • Discovered a discrepancy in company expenses which lead to the revelation of a dishonest employee.
  • Initiated a program to lessen food waste by selling frozen lunch boxes at a low price.
  • Came up with an innovative way of using phone applications to track employee performances.

American Red Cross, Washington, D.C.

Team Leader, 2009 – 2016

Managed a team of 8 fundraisers, with daily tasks like making schedules, monitoring success rates and motivating the team members. Responsibilities also included writing and submitting weekly reports, and participating in meetings with supervisors.

  • Received more donations than any other team within a 1-year period.
  • Held weekly briefings with the team, which included motivational speeches to keep them on their toes.
  • Took the initiative to organize after-work events on Fridays, to make everyone in the team feel appreciated and comfortable
  • Was named ‘Most Dedicated Employee’.

United Telemarketing, Washington, D.C.

Call Center Agent, 2007 – 2009

Handled incoming and outgoing calls for a telemarketing company, and sold products over the phone. Was part of a big team and responsible for 50-100 calls daily.

  • Met the set goals every week throughout the employment period.
  • Was named Employee of the Month for 5 months in a row.
  • Suggested changes to the sales manuscript that increased sales.
  • Assisted in the training of new call center agents. 


  • Project Management Professional Certification (University of California)
  • Call Center Customer Service Certification (Universal Class)
  • CSM Certified (The Success League)


Nova South Eastern University, Fort Lauderdale, TX

Master of Science in Human Resource Management, 2016 – 2018

Florida International University, Miami, FL

Bachelor’s in Human Resources, 2007 – 2011


  • Team Leadership Training (CMOE)

Key Takeaways

You can find work as a team leader within many different areas. There are team leaders working at hospitals, with the fire department, street fundraisers have team leaders, restaurant workers and more. 

The first thing you need to do is to narrow down your options. What kind of team leader position are you applying for?

Your whole team leader resume should be professionally written, and show off skills in a leading position. The hiring manager should be able to read through your resume and realize that you are someone who can be trusted in a supervising position, and someone who has the experience to pull it off.

  • A team leader needs managerial experience, determination and excellent communication skills, and superb attention to detail. Look at your resume as the first test to prove what you can do, and adapt it to the job you are applying for.
  • Having a diploma in Human Resources, Management or Business is great for impressing a hiring manager, but any B.A or academic degree tends to be enough depending on the work area. 
  • While a team leader needs plenty of skills and documented experience, they also need a personality that makes people feel comfortable around them. Motivation within a team is extremely important, so don’t forget to show off your friendly and determined persona in your resume.

Tips from Experts

“More and more companies are looking for people who can demonstrate leadership qualities.” – Olga Kolobkova, Dream Catch Me

“A team leader should be a likable person. Obviously strict, but that does not mean you should be an unlikeable person. You must have good communication skills.” – Ashwani Thakur, Founder of Let’s Share Solutions


Use the tips and examples in this article to build your own resume – one that highlights your leadership skills and your experience as a workplace leader. 

What is so interesting about writing a team leader resume is that you probably already have the persuasive skills required to get yourself noticed, and all you need to do is use it wisely. Think of who you want to be in a leadership role, and put that on paper.  

Your first task as a future team leader is to take charge of your resume, make it as strong and impressive as it can be, and get yourself that job you want. 

It doesn’t have to be difficult, and a few small changes can be all it takes to make a big change in your career.



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