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Assistant teachers are often the crux of a successful classroom and teacher. They are ready to do whatever is asked whenever it is asked as well as possessing a solid foundation in education and development.

Assistant teachers can work in a variety of environments from pre-school to high school so finding the age group that speaks to you most is the key to your success in this field. 

Maybe you love the idea of working with younger children in a brightly colored and play-based atmosphere of a Pre-K or Kindergarten program. Or, perhaps to look to help motivate high school students in the endeavors to become the next generation of leading scientists.

Whatever the case may be, being an assistant teacher can be a rewarding career as well as a stepping stone to a full-time teaching career. Now, how do you get a job? The first step is writing an impressive resume. We have put together a guide with tips and suggestions, complete with a full resume sample down below.

Resume objective for assistant teachers

Assistant teachers are exactly what they sound like. They assist a classroom teacher (sometimes teachers) with the day to day running of the classroom. They are patient, loving, knowledgeable, and usually a lot of fun! 

Assistant teachers may be responsible for leading an activity, assisting with lesson planning, performing observations and evaluations and general supervision of class, recess and lunch.  

When you decide to venture down the assistant teacher path there is enough career stability to keep you there for a lifetime, but it is also an avenue to becoming a certified teacher. 

Your object should highlight key successes you’ve had working with children or teens and the educational skills or techniques you have mastered, such as classroom, management, student assessments, and leadership experiences.

Sample Objective

Motivated teacher assistant seeking a position in a full-time elementary school classroom that will utilize my skills of problem-solving, managing tasks and activities, communication skills and knowledge of young learners developmental goals.

Resume skills for an assistant teacher

Assistant teachers are often individuals who plan to progress on to earning a teaching degree, but not always, in either case, they are individuals who have a tremendous amount of patience, love children, and desire to learn from those they work with.  

Most often, assistant teachers have some background and experience in education, but even if you don’t, management skills, teamwork, project management and the ability to work independently are all skills that can be transferred to this profession.

Your knowledge of child development,  computers, and interpersonal should be mentioned in this section.

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Sample Skills

Ability to write Progress Reports | Experience in Classroom Management | Able to take direction | Knowledge of Child Development | Proficient in Microsoft Word & PowerPoint | Experience Talking to Parents | Able to Assist in Lesson Planning

Assistant teacher work experience

Any experience you have working directly with children should be included here. Even if you are just starting out in this field and have not had experience in a traditional classroom setting – if you are applying for an assistant teacher position you have a passion for education and children and you should highlight it!

If you lack professional experience, this is the place to list volunteer work you have done with children such as Bible School Teacher, Summer CIT (Counselor in Training), even babysitting if you have nannied or worked extensively for one family over a long period.

Sample Work Experience

Grandma’s Childcare Center

Teacher Aide, 2016-2020

As a teacher aide, I was responsible for assisting the lead teacher in the daily running of the classroom.  I became proficient at leading circle time, talking about basic behavioral issues with parents, and creating anecdotal documentations for children based on observations in the classroom.  I engaged in daily play with the children that guided their development and I gained experience in classroom management.  

  • Recorded Anecdotal Records
  • Use of Observational Checklists
  • Writing Progress Reports
  • Ability to Lead Classroom Activities
  • Ability to assist in Lesson Planning

Assistant teacher education

To become an assistant teacher you will need at least a two-year associates degree in education or a related field such as child psychology, elementary education, early childhood education or child development.  

Some colleges offer an associate’s degree in assistant teaching that can be later used towards the completion of a four-year degree. Some people switch careers mid-life and become an assistant teacher, so your education may not be directly related. If that is the case, go over your college and high school transcripts to see if any of your schoolwork is applicable.

Sample Education

Howard University, Washington, D.C.

Associate’s Degree in Child Development, 2014-2016

  • Concentration: Family Studies


Any courses you have taken in psychology, health, education, child development, and social work can be included here.  You will want to note the ones that are most specific to the position you are seeking. For example, if you are applying to be an assistant teacher to a high school history program your course on Infant and Toddler development would not apply.  

Vice versa, if you are applying to work in a second grade classroom your courses in medieval commerce have no relevance. 

All courses related to psychology, teaching and learning, communication, interpersonal skills, counseling, special needs, and general education should be listed here. Many of those classes cover a broad spectrum of topics and skills that can be applied to working with most age groups.

Sample Courses

  • Physical and Cognitive Development in Early Childhood
  • Pro-Social Development in Middle Childhood
  • Curriculum and Development grades K-3
  • Introduction to Psychology


The certification section is an excellent place to list any education or training you have received outside of your degree or the classroom. For example, if you hold a current CPR/First Aid certificate you should list it here.  

Additionally, if you have taken continuing education courses or certifications that are recommended or required by your state that are related to education this is the place to list them. 

Many teachers are members of education associations; this would be the appropriate place to list relevant memberships. While an association membership does not grant you any certification, it does show your commitment to your career and staying abreast of the latest research and theories.

Some associations you may consider becoming a member include The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Association of American Educators, National Education Association, and you state-level education association.

Sample Certifications

  • Diversity in the Classroom Certification
  • CPR/First Aid Certification, exp 4/2021
  • Basic Health and Safety

Complete assistant teacher resume sample

Now it’s time to look at a recent job posting for an Assistant Teacher in a public school setting.  You will notice that almost every objective of this job starts with “assisting teachers” or “aiding teachers” meaning there will be little to no solo supervision of the children.

Even so, it cannot hurt to brag and boast about any professional experiences you have in solo supervision of a group of children, or activities you have lead on your own. 

The teaching assistant position is not a simple job. Assistant teachers are required to wear multiple hats throughout the day and their day may include everything from supervising lunchtime to overseeing an exam.  

This job posting also lists several situations where the assistant teacher will be working directly with the children either guiding them through a classroom activity or in a small group setting. 

Assistant Teacher


Attempting to land a teacher assistant role to offer my love of education, welcoming energy to develop and desire to collaborate among students, teachers, family units and staff to foster a supportive learning environment for each individual.


Kind and Caring Demeanor | Open-minded and willing to learn | Experience creating activities | Classroom Management Skills | Experience with multiple types of Documentation | Background in Child Development


  • Teacher Aide Certification
  • CPR/First Aid, exp 12/21
  • Leadership and Relationships 
  • Basics of Parent/Teacher Conferences

Work Experience

West Street Elementary School

Classroom Aide, 2017-2020

Worked directly with both Kindergarten teachers as served as an aide part-time in both classrooms. Assisted with supervision, leading activities, recess and lunch duty. Assisted in lesson planning, observations, and student assessments.

  • Built strong relationships with children and families
  • Classroom Management
  • Took the lead on Social Studies “My Family Culture” project each school year
  • Worked with children on team-building skills

Quincy Elementary School

After School Program Director, 2014-2017

Designed and led the after school program for children grades K-4. Collaborated with school classroom teachers to ensure the after school program built upon what children were learning during the day. Successful management of a group of 45 children and two program assistants.

  • Planned and Held an After School Program Talent Show
  • Designed age-appropriate activities for all age groups
  • Classroom Management Skills
  • Mentored 4 high school students in an 8-week child care program
  • Built successful relationships with parents and children

Quincy Elementary School

After School Program Assistant, 2011-2014

Supervised and oversaw activities for children in grades K-4. Led group games, art projects, and assisted children with their homework. Successfully handled conflicts between students and discussed children’s’ afternoons with their parents.

  • Planned and led various group and team building games
  • Classroom Management Skills
  • Understanding of school curriculum and able to guide children in their schoolwork


Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Bachelor’s Degree in Child Psychology, 2008-2011

Aiken Technical College, Graniteville, SC

Associate’s Degree in Social Work, 2005-2008


  • Counseling Basics
  • Counseling with Children
  • Family Relations
  • Development of the Young Children
  • Adolescent Development

Key Takeaways

To become an assistant teacher is a journey of passion and love. You must have a desire to work with children, a love of learning, and a strong need to contribute to society as a whole.

Assistant teachers are patient, a jack or jill of many trades, and a shoulder to lean on for both the students and the classroom teacher.  An assistant teacher can be a career for life or a stepping stone towards something more.   

  • Patience, Kindness, and Caring are required
  • It is a position that requires the ability to take direction and also direct at times
  • You are guaranteed to make a difference in more than one child’s life.

Tips from Experts

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” – Brad Henry, Former Governor of Oklahoma

“The object of teaching a child is to enable him to get along without a teacher.” – Elbert Hubbard, American Writer, Artist & Philosopher


For those seeking a career as an assistant teacher the first step is to earn, at minimum an associates degree in a related field. You may even wish to contact your local school district and ask what they look for in an assistant teacher.

Garner as much experience with young children as you can! The more experience you have in a professional setting, the more you will be marketable.  A great option is to find employment with a local aftercare program so that you can demonstrate competence with school-aged children.  

Remember to be patient, many school districts can take months to hire, so apply early and apply to multiple districts at the same time.  Take your time, stay dedicated and you can get there.



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