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Tableau was founded in 2003 and has made such a splash on the business scene that a Tableau Developer’s role was born.

A Tableau developer is a critical position within the business intelligence scope.  Tableau is a data analysis platform that makes it easier for businesses to manage information and gain insight.

Put simply, a Tableau developer’s job is to take the information and data received and create visualizations and solutions for the company they work for.

According to edureka! Tableau is the top business intelligence program on the market, and Tableau developers are earning some of the highest salaries in IT right now.

Resume objective for a Tableau developer

Being a Tableau developer is focused on your ability to interpret data, create visualizations, and solve technical problems. 

You will then need to be able to present all of this information and create detailed reports.  

Your objective is the place to mention your experience and proven success in created Tableau reports and programs you are skilled in using.

Those who are familiar with BI technologies and other data analysis tools will have an edge.  

As we scanned through over a dozen resumes during this article’s writing, the mention of software, tools, programs, and ways they supported business intelligence were central themes. 

Sample Objective

Over 10+ years in Business Intelligence and Business Analysis, developing solutions through Tableau, Netezza, and MySQL.  Experienced in Tableau Administration, including technical support, troubleshooting, and monitoring of system usage. Successfully upgraded Tableau platforms and performed content upgrades as needed. 

Resume skills for a Tableau developer

Tableau developers possess a wealth of IT and data analysis skills.  List all analytical tools you are trained in as well as software programs you know how to use.

Mindmajix has an excellent list of skills and tools a Tableau developer should be well versed in, including web data connectors, verbal & written skills, Vizable, TabJolt, and various tools within Tableau. 

Tableau developers also need several soft skills such as analytical skills, problem-solving, detail-oriented, and the ability to work on a team.

The skills list for an experienced Tableau developer is likely going to be lengthy.

Sample Skills

Tableau | Microsoft Power BI | Oracle BI | OLAP | SSIS | Visual Studio | MS Project | MS Office Suite | Hadoop | Excellent written and Verbal Communication skills 

Tableau developer work experience

Tableau developers work as part of a business intelligence or IT team.  Most companies will want to see that you have a minimum of 5 years of experience using Tableau before becoming a developer.

You will also want to garner experience using and analyzing data and working as part of a support team that documented, researched, and solved problems. 

However, as Taylor Rodgers, a data analytics professional, points out on her blog, it is possible to obtain work as a Tableau developer without specific tableau experience. 

She says if you know graphic design, marketing, and business, you stand a chance at acquiring work as a Tableau developer.  

She says that since there is a considerable gap between positions available and people qualified to fill those positions, many companies hire for aptitude and interest over experience. 

Downloading a free version of Tableau, learning the basics of SQL, earning your Tableau certification, and building Tableau dashboards with public data are all ways to gain experience without the official job title. 

Sample Work Experience

Data Viz Technologies Inc.

Tableau Developer, 2016-2020

I performed end to end tableau development, from requirement gathering to conceptualization and development.  Performed strongly in both backend and front end sides of data analysis and visualization.

  • Used Tableau to create various views, reports, dashboards, aggregates, hierarchies, etc. 
  • Participated in meetings to understand client view
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Effective verbal and written skills 

Global Commerce & Information, Inc.

Business Intelligence Analyst, 2011-2016

Worked with project leads and development teams to conduct data analysis, implement strategies, build data flows, and develop data models.

  • Worked with cloud-based databases and AWS
  • Analyzed and produced reports using Tableau
  • Built models from scratch and modified existing complex models
  • Performed under pressure on tight deadlines

John Hopkins HealthCare

Business Intelligence Report Developer, 2006-2011

Using various reporting and data collection tools, I created reports and visualizations to support John Hopkins’s goal to improve quality healthcare and outcomes for their patients.  

  • Used SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, and Tableau 
  • Translated business requirements to technical requirements
  • Performed triage to resolve issues with reports and dashboards 
  • Worked within the department and with other divisions effectively

Tableau developer education

Tableau developers are wizards among IT  and data visualization, but unfortunately, you won’t get to travel to Hogwarts to earn that status.

However, you will need to obtain a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or another related degree.

Since you will need experience working with Tableau before becoming a Tableau developer, degrees and work in information science, software engineering, and computer engineering would also be favorable.

While researching this article, many job postings indicated they wanted someone with at least five to six years of experience and or an advanced level degree.

You can combine the two by working in the field, gaining Tableau experience while attending grad school part-time. 

Internships through your college or university or another way to gain Tableau experience.

Sample Education

University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2005-2009

  • Minor in Data Science


Since Tableau is a specific software system, you can take courses out there to fine-tune your skills.  Their website offers two monthly plans where you can work on particular Tableau skills.

Sites such as Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning also provide versions of Tableau training. 

Having additional training, specifically in Tableau, could never hurt!

Sample Courses

  • Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization 
  • Creating Interactive Tableau Dashboards


Tableau offers five different certifications directly from them.  While I did not discover any jobs that required a Tableau certification, having one will demonstrate to employers that you know your stuff.

While other courses or training might offer you a certificate of completion, the only way to be Tableau Certified is directly through them.

Sample Certifications

  • Tableau Desktop Certified Associate

Complete Tableau developer resume sample

We have gone through steps, sections, and information to include on your Tableau developer resume, so next is a screenshot of a real job posting.

After we lightly examine the job posting, there will be a complete resume example and template for you to use!

The job posting is short and sweet.  One noticeable item on this post is that they are looking for examples of past work.  

This is an opportunity to pull together the work you created with public data.  Always seek permission before you share work from a previous employer and or blackout any sensitive information.


Creative and innovative  Business Intelligence Analyst with over 15 years of experience with data analysis, design, modeling, and visualization seeks a position to bring their technical expertise and utilize their advanced knowledge in Tableau, SQL, and scripting language. 


Tableau | DataPine | SAS BI | SSIS | SSAS | Python | HTML | XML | Java | PHP | Ruby | SQL | Excel | Oracle BI | Excellent communication skills | Strong analytical thinking skills | Innovative

Work Experience

HNL Lab Medicine

Tableau Developer & Data Analyst, 2009-2015

Worked with the Business and IT teams to manage data quality, data integrity, and build dashboards.  Reviewed and improved existing systems and collaborated with teams to integrate new systems.

  • Created tools to store data
  • Translated business data into visualizations in Tableau
  • Developed ETL components
  • Documented data analysis, data validation, and data mapping/design by accessing multiple sources.

CMG Financial

Business Intelligence Analyst, 2009-2015

Worked with the IT department to develop an enterprise reporting environment, including advising software and hardware decisions.  Was responsible for creating and managing BI and analytics solutions. 

  • Trained end-users on new reports and dashboards
  • Develop business reports and dashboards for operations, sales, and marketing users
  • Utilized Tableau & DataPine 
  • Implemented new data analysis methodologies

Numero Data, LLC

Junior Tableau Developer, 2005-2009

Worked as part of an IT team to deliver business intelligence, data analytics, development solutions, implementation services, and support to clients in the medical and government sectors.

  • Designed rich graphic visualizations  in Tableau
  • Interfaced Tableau with external portals and applications
  • Created customized tools per client requests
  • Coordinated with Tableau Admin Team for Production Deployment


  • Tableau Desktop Certified Professional 


Simmons University

Master of Library and Information Science, 2004-2007

  • Information Science and Technology Concentration

Simmons University

Bachelor of Science in Data Science & Analytics, 2000-2004

  • Minor in Computer Science

Key Takeaways

Tableau developers have a unique set of skills and specialize in the use of a specific software program.  

While they have to have training and experience using Tableau, it is clear a Tableau Developer needs to know much more than that.

Anyone who works in business intelligence should learn how to use Tableau.  According to, 90% of companies that use data visualization use Tableau.

The career outlook is extremely positive, and so is the salary, with many positions starting around $100k annually.   

  • It is possible to learn Tableau on your own
  • Minimum of a 4-year degree required
  • Certification is a plus but not required

Tips from Experts

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” -Geoffery Moore, Author of Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers

“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.” Carly Fionara, Former CEO of Hewlett Packard

“It’s only a bar chart, but it’s my data, and it’s beautiful” -Ben Plum, Senior Analyst of Marketing Analytics and Customer Insights at Ulta Beauty


Tableau developers must love data.  If you work in this field, you will eat, sleep, and dream of data. But if you love analytics, information science, solving problems, and working with numbers, this is an excellent field to consider.


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