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We live in a world where social media is taking over, and having a robust online presence is becoming essential for a business to thrive and eventually survive. Such expansion has led to a growing need for social media managers, opening the doors for those skilled with computers and an understanding of online marketing and branding. 

It is one thing to know how to use social media, but a whole different thing to understand how to successfully use it to boost sales, and increase customer engagement. For this, you need a professional, and that is where you come in. 

If you have the experience, passion, and knowledge required to be an excellent social media manager – you’re halfway there, but you need a well-written resume to stand out. We are going to guide you through the process of writing a top-notch social media manager resume. You will find examples, tips, and a full resume sample below.

Resume objective for Social Media Manager

The resume objective should sum up everything that is great about you – your experience as a social media manager, your marketing skills, reliability, what you hope to achieve while (potentially) working with the company, and a positive can-do attitude. A social media manager needs to be motivated, hard-working, and driven, and demonstrating passion will catch the recruiter’s attention!

Unless you draw attention to yourself in the resume objective, there is a risk your application could become overlooked. Keep in mind that the interest in social media managing positions is incredibly high, and the demand will sometimes exceed the supply. 

In other words – you won’t be the only applicant. Write a social media manager objective that highlights your skills and experience, to show the recruiter that reading through the rest of your resume is worth their time. This means that if they are looking for someone with Canva photo editing experience or knowledge of SEO, and if you possess these skills – mention them already in the objective.

Sample Objective

Social media professional with 5+ years of experience and a passion for online marketing. B.A. in Business Management, knowledge of SEO and marketing analytics, and a strong belief that exceptional communication is key to any successful business relationship.

Resume skills for Social Media Manager

You are probably great at hundreds of things, but no potential employer will read through a ridiculously long list of impressive personality features and skills. Skills like being great at beer pong and a strong swimmer are not relevant when working with social media, so stick to skills that could be applied when working in front of a computer screen.

Also, take the specific company you are hoping to work for into consideration. What do they need their social media manager to do, and what skills or experiences do you have that fit their requirements? Do you know how to use tools like Buffer and Hootsuite? Can you edit posts and photos in Photoshop?

You want to catch the hiring manager’s attention with the resume objective and follow up by hooking them with your skill section. Bring up skills like the ability to work under pressure, multi-tasking, organizational skills, a love for social media, and hint at the business experience you have. Try to keep this section to no more than 3 or 4 consecutive rows. 

Sample Skills

4+ years of experience | Understanding of web traffic metrics and SEO | Critical thinker | Excellent leadership skills | Passion for online marketing and social media | Detail-oriented and organized | Microsoft Office expertise | Time-management skills | Multitasker 

Social Media Manager work experience

We know it is tempting to list every job you have ever had when applying for a new position, but this probably won’t help you get a job as a social media manager. There are some transferable skills you could have obtained from specific tasks, such as if you worked as a manager somewhere else, even if it is unrelated to social media, but consider it carefully before you add work experience that your future employer might not find relevant.

An easy way to determine whether you should include something on your list of past employment is to step back and look at it objectively. What could you have learned on that job that would apply to the job you want? If you can’t think of anything – it probably doesn’t belong on a social media resume. 

A long list of past employers probably won’t impress your new employer, as it could end up looking like you struggle to keep a job. Avoid this by only listing relevant work experience such as past positions where you worked as a social media manager, content writer, data entry contributor, or similar.     

Sample Work Experience

Magic Mandy, Boston, MA  

Social Media Manager, 2017 – 2020

Managed the social media pages of a children’s magic act. Handled incoming correspondence, posted photos, composed Facebook and Instagram posts, and set up strategies to increase traffic and brand awareness. 

  • Successfully implemented a marketing campaign that went viral and became known both nationally and internationally.
  • Strengthened the online presence of the business through targetted ads, carefully designed material, and regular updates.
  • Created a marketing campaign that led to the magic show being hired for a big job opportunity abroad.
  • Suggested starting a series of free weekly video shows, which led to a 72% increase in hires.

Tiny Paws Pet Shop, Philadelphia, PA

Customer Service Agent, online, 2018 – 2019

Handled all incoming inquiries from customers, including complaints, questions, and suggestions. The task was to make the experience and interaction satisfactory for both parties, regardless of the issue.

  • Improved overall customer satisfaction ratings by making sure I had a solution for any problem and a positive attitude.
  • Took the initiative to improve the webshop to reach a bigger client group, and it increased sales with an impressive 87.6%.
  • Upgraded the old email-based customer service system to a more modern version with live chat.
  • Helped create a slogan for the company which became the new way to greet customers.

Tyra’s Flowers & Pots, Anaheim, CA

Blog writer, online, 2016 – 2018

Created informative written content for a flower shop blog. The goal was to provide factual articles that would rank well on Google and draw in new customers with intriguing data and how-to guides.

  • Increased blog traffic with 40% in one year by creating SEO optimized blog posts with real facts and intriguing content.
  • Implemented keyword research before publishing posts to optimize Google ranking, which increased daily traffic.
  • Recommended a more interactive approach with a weekly instructional video added to the blog posts, and received positive feedback from clients.
  • Used polls to determine what clients were interested in reading about, and adapted the blog content to my findings.

Social Media Manager education

Having an academic background in business, marketing, or even social media is great when wanting to break into social media marketing, or when looking for your next challenge. It shows a deeper understanding of the critical aspects of managing a social media account. It is also an opportunity for you to negotiate a more competitive pay compared to someone who lacks relevant academic achievements.

If you studied or majored in a field that isn’t relevant, it should still be mentioned in this section as any higher education will be of interest to your future employer. You can always complement your academic background with a few certification courses to boost your resume, but any college or university degree lays a great foundation.

Having gone to college or university is not a universal requirement for someone working as a social media manager, which means you can still apply only with your High School certificate. However, a degree does weigh heavily, and it could be the cherry on top that lands someone the job.

Sample Education

UNC at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

Bachelor of Liberal Arts, 2016 – 2019

  • Linguistics major
  • Linguistics minor

Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX

Bachelor of Arts in General Business, 2013 – 2016

  • Business major
  • Online


Do you feel like you don’t have enough experience or the right academic credentials? Take a course to boost your CV! If you have already taken relevant courses in social media marketing, digital marketing, marketing tools, or similar – highlight them. 

A course will help you become better at your future job, and it will show employers how serious you are about social media marketing, and assure them that you have the necessary knowledge and understanding of the field. There is so much to learn about online branding and digital marketing, and the more documented experience you have, the better it is.

Sample Courses

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Google Digital Garage)
  • Social Media Marketing (Udemy)
  • PPC 101 (Wordstream)
  • Digital Marketing Specialization (University of Illinois)


If any of the courses you have taken led to certification, you will want to mention it. Some prestigious certifications are perfect for showing off on a nicely composed social media manager resume, to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills to successfully implement the use of marketing tools and promotional social media strategies.

Suitable certifications to list are those showing experience using Google AdWords, doing business online, Photoshop, search engine optimizing tools and digital marketing. The good news is that there are some great free certification courses online, along with others that will cost you a few dollars, but that can help you land your dream job.

Sample Certifications

  • Google AdWords Certification (Google), 2019
  • Diploma in E-Business (Alison), 2018
  • Social Media Certification (HubSpot Academy), 2018

Complete Social Media Manager resume sample

There is a lot of useful information in this article about writing a competitive social media manager resume, but the best way to learn is through examples. The job posting featured below is a real job post looking for a social media manager. We have used this to create a customized sample resume as if we were going to apply for it.

hiring skills social media manager

The company tells you exactly what they are looking for and what their future employer needs to know how to do. Job posts aren’t always this specific, but when they are, you get the golden opportunity to adapt your resume to your future employer’s needs. Don’t lie or exaggerate, but highlighting those of the requested skills you possess.

This company wants someone who is organized, has leadership qualities and knows how to engage an audience on social media, and build strong relationships with potential customers. They want a good writer with experience using photo editing platforms and someone motivated and independent. Let’s have a look at a sample resume for this post.

Social Strategy Manager


Motivated social media expert with experience producing quality content, managing incoming customer correspondence, planning and executing marketing strategies, and creating campaigns to increase traffic. Organized multitasker who works best under pressure, has Photoshop and photo editing experience, and an academic background in graphic design.


Organized and reliable | Detail-oriented | 6+ years of experience | Independent | Access to Photoshop | B.A in Graphic Design | Customer service experience | Strategic | Driven and motivated | Ability to work under pressure | Knowledge of online marketing tools and platforms 


  • Facebook & Social Media Marketing Certificate (Shaw Academy)
  • Blueprint Certification (Facebook)
  • Social Media Certification (Boot Camp Digital)
  • Marketing Leadership Certificate (Twitter Flight School)
  • Google Analytics IQ Certification (Google)

Work Experience

Everett & Co, Cleveland, OH

Social Media Manager, 2017 – 2019

Updated and maintained platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and TikTok, and created online campaigns, organized contests, corresponded with clients through email and live chat, and worked to increase web traffic.

  • Increased web traffic with 34.5% within the first six months.
  • Successfully used analytics tools to improve sales.
  • Reduced marketing costs by investigating what was worth the money, and what wasn’t.
  • Opened additional social media accounts to make sure the company had a strong online presence.

Ocean Tree Real Estate, Cleveland, OH

Social Media Coordinator, 2015 – 2018

In charge of creating top-notch content for a high-profile real estate agency, and making sure all the company’s social media platforms were updated daily. Content creation in Canva, and frequent use of Buffer and other online marketing tools.  

  • Managed a small team of content writers and was responsible for dividing the workload.
  • Doubled the number of social media followers within the first two months with high-quality content and targetted ads.
  • Secured new clients by corresponding directly through social media. Answered basic questions and made appointments.
  • Re-designed the company social media pages shortly after assuming the position, which led to a drastic increase in followers.


North Central College, Naperville, USA

Bachelor in Graphic Design, 2013 – 2017

Business Academy, Aarhus, Denmark

Bachelor Top-Up Degree in Digital Concept Development, 2009 – 2011


  • The Complete 2019 Manager Bootcamp (UDEMY), 2019
  • Introduction to Social Media Advertising (Skillshare), 2019
  • Social Media Monitoring (Coursera), 2018

Key Takeaways

Getting a job as a social media manager is all about proving that you are the right person. Your future employer needs to see that you can handle the fast-paced environment and the many responsibilities that come with managing a business on social media platforms. 

You need to sell yourself as responsible and organized. Someone with documented and relevant experience, such as an academic background in business, marketing or design, or market-specific certifications that highlight your knowledge and expertise. Show off your go-getter attitude, and don’t forget to write with confidence and keep it short and specific. 

  • Highlight your copywriting and communication skills
  • Showcase any prior social media-related experience
  • Demonstrate knowledge of essential social media marketing tools

Tips from Experts

“Passion – that is the number one thing every single person says. We are looking for individuals that have passion.” – Brandon Hassler, Founder & CEO of Market Campus

“A great marketing resume should be well-written and well-formatted to stand out from the crowd, as it is what gets you through the door.” – Elif Hiz, Digital Entrepreneur & Marketer


Managing the social media platforms of a company or individual is a big responsibility. It requires a lot from the person in charge; you need to think on your feet, adapt to an ever-changing market, connect with potential customers, and find cost-effective ways to reach a bigger audience. 

It is also a very competitive business with many applicants for every available position. Your first task is to make sure your social media manager’s resume stands out. If your resume is eye-catching and compelling, this will tell your future employer that you are someone who knows how to make an impression, which is what defines social media marketing. 



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Michelle Reed | Sr. Resume Advisor

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