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Are you applying for a job as a service manager? Before you send in your application – make sure your resume is up-to-date. In this article, we are going to go through each section of a well-written service manager resume, and demonstrate how to properly adapt a resume to a job post.

We have included a full resume sample at the bottom of this article, to further demonstrate the importance of updating your resume before sending off an application. 

Resume objective for service managers

A good service manager needs to be a strong leader and an excellent communicator, and have the ability to work both alone and as part of a dynamic team. A resume objective is your first opportunity to show that you are the right person to manage a department.

As a service manager, you also need marketing skills, sales understanding, and knowledge of Risk Impact Assessments, and it is the kind of job where you need to demonstrate to the recruiter or hiring manager that you are someone who can do it all. Use the resume objective to show personality and drive.

There is some debate as to whether including resume objectives on a resume is a good idea or something of the past, but we have come to the conclusion that as long as it is done right – it could put you above the competition.

We surveyed 20 service manager resumes for this article, to see how commonly used resume objectives are in the business, and found them used in approximately 65% of the sampled resumes. 

Use strong adjectives when writing an objective for service manager jobs, to prove that you have the initiative, experience, and skills it takes to lead. MyMajors also highlights the importance of being a problem-solver.

Sample Objective

Highly organized individual with 5+ years of customer service experience, and with a natural ability to lead and provide guidance. Strong organizational skills, communicative and passionate about excellent customer service, and ready for a new professional challenge.

Resume skills for service managers

Before we move on to work experience and similar, we need to have a close look at the skills you need when working as a service manager.

In the 17 resumes surveyed for this article, all of them listed skills specifically related to the position they were applying for. Service manager skills can include soft skills like personality traits, and hard skills as in knowledge of specific software, years of experience or education. makes it very clear that the core of a service manager job is the customer, so when you write your skill section – make sure to include everything about you that could benefit the customer experience.

A service manager needs to be able to strategize to achieve the best possible customer service results and to lead and motivate a whole team to do the same.

Sample Skills

Leadership | 11 Years of Customer Service Experience | Interpersonal Skills | Communicative | Quick Learner | Microsoft Word & Excel | Administrative Experience | Goal-Oriented | Business Management Degree

Service manager work experience

As with any management position, you need to have a certain level of experience to qualify. It is highly unlikely that someone without any customer service experience or management experience will be hired as a service manager, for example, so this is an important section of your resume.

Ask yourself – what qualifies you as a service manager? List experience working directly with customers, such as in-store customer service, call centers, or any type of job with direct people contact.

You should also list leadership positions you have had in the past, even if they are not related to the specific field you are trying to break into.

According to Portland Community College, service manager positions are the kinds of jobs where you need to know a variety of things and know how to multitask, and past work experience can be reassuring to recruiters.

In general, what a recruiter or hiring manager looks for is someone who can take on the responsibility to manage a team, and this is easiest seen by looking at what a person has done in the past.

Sample Work Experience

Orion Talent, Piscataway, NJ

Service Manager, 2016 – 2020

Lead a team of Service Sales Representatives to ensure safe and efficient product deliveries to a handful of businesses, and followed up with customers to maintain close business relationships.

  • Successfully interviewed, hired, and trained 13 new service team members.
  • Identified new market opportunities which increased sales with over 40%.
  • Demonstrated the ability to lead others and to learn new procedures quickly.
  • Became the youngest service manager the company had ever worked with.

Tesla, Latham, NY

Associate Service Manager, 2014 – 2016

Guided a team of 13 towards achieving daily goals at the service center, where the customer was always the main priority. Developed strategies and assisted in the development and implementation of new standards. 

  • Granted authorizations and approved highly relevant transactions in accordance with the lead service manager.
  • Kept record of daily additions to inventory, and improved accuracy with 42%.
  • Leveraged valuable company resources by working simultaneously on multiple projects.
  • Successfully managed a team of service providers and increased overall productivity.

Lowe’s, Amherst, NY

Merchandise Service Manager, 2012 – 2014

Responsible for maintaining a welcoming environment for customers coming into the store, and for inspiring staff to implement appropriate improvements to the general customer experience.

  • Made sure every sales agent reached their weekly sales goals, by providing motivation and inspiration.
  • Demonstrated high integrity when resolving complex customer issues and complaints.
  • Cross-trained personnel to reduce the need for constant new hires, which saved the company money and time.
  • Assisted in identifying new revenue opportunities. 

Service manager education

Now to the million dollar question – do you need a specific education to get a job as a service manager? In general, work experience plays a bigger role when qualifying for a service manager job, but this doesn’t mean education isn’t important.

While there is no established requirement for a service manager to have a higher education, it is often desirable. While surveying job posts, we did see a majority of job posts asking for a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and most of our sampled service manager resumes listed degrees.

A way around having a higher education would be to have a solid work background in a relevant field, which is when you might be able to secure a promotion to service manager, or even be employed as one.

Few of the resumes we sampled included a master’s degree, but having one would likely make you a stronger candidate in the eyes of a hiring manager or recruiter.

If you don’t have a degree, your High School diploma can be listed here, but otherwise leave it out.

Sample Education

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Master of Management, 2018 – 2020

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Bachelor of Management, 2013 – 2017


Coursework is not commonly listed on service manager resumes, but it could be beneficial if you have taken courses in leadership, management, business or similar. 

Avoid listing irrelevant courses, as the hiring manager probably isn’t interested in the knitting beginner’s course you took last summer or the agility course you took together with your dog.

If you have courses to list that are relevant for the job you are pursuing – great, but otherwise it is smarter to omit this section entirely. We also looked at job posts, and the ones sampled did not list specific course requirements, and rather specific degree preferences.

Sample Courses

  • Organizational leadership
  • Business-oriented computer applications
  • Financial management for Service Professionals
  • Business ethics for customer service agents


Considering how many different types of service managers there are, it is difficult to say whether you would need to list certifications on your resume. 

According to our research, there are no mandatory certifications needed in order to work as a service manager.

However, if you have customer service related certifications, these will likely look impressive on your resume. Some certifications can be obtained online or by attending a course, while others are obtained through workplace training. 

Sample Certifications

  • CCSM (Certified Customer Service Manager)
  • CCSP

Complete service manager resume sample

When you apply for a job as a service manager, it is important to pay attention to the language used in the job post, and to adapt your resume to fit each application.

Below is a real job post for a service manager, and we have included a customized sample resume at the bottom to further demonstrate how to put together a competitive resume.

The first thing to look for is what is expected of you as an employee, and here we can clearly see that they are looking for someone who is efficient and organized, and someone who can handle financial responsibility. Leadership skills and writing skills are also desired.

To be considered for this position, a Bachelor’s degree is preferred, but the ad also mentions that a degree can be substituted for two years of relevant work experience in the field of wireless technology. Additionally, 5 years of management experience is required.

Something that transpires throughout is a preference for someone with a positive attitude and who can adapt to new circumstances. 

Service Manager


Driven service professional with 7 years of management experience and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Organized, positive and outgoing, constantly striving to exceed goals and provide support and guidance for coworkers. Friendly and goal-oriented, and always ready for a new challenge.


Organized | Communicative | Management Skills | People-Oriented | 7+ Years of Experience | CET | FCC | Positive Attitude | B.A in Marketing | Administrative Experience | Customer Service

Work Experience

Trek Bikes, Twin Falls, ID

Service Manager, 2016 – 2020

Supervised overall workflow and KPIs, worked closely with the staff to promote a superior customer experience and trained new team members to meet company values and expectations.

  • Participated in various community out-reach activities, to boost sales and public interest.
  • Conducted a large-scaled survey to determine customer satisfaction, which led to crucial improvements.
  • In charge of proactively maintaining customer accounts.
  • Complied with all specifications and codes when conducting material- and equipment testing.

C&B Operations LLC, Blackfoot, ID

Service Manager, 2013 – 2016

Set up service department goals, developed training strategies for new staff members, promoted top customer service, monitored budgets and handed customer complaints.

  • Recognized the potential of a top performer in the team, and restructured work tasks to increase team efficiency.
  • Successfully resolved over 1,000 backlogged support tickets dating back 4 years.
  • Hired and trained 16 new staff members.
  • Maximized customer satisfaction by implementing schedules and new routines.

Republic Services, Meridian, ID

Customer Service Agent, 2011 – 2013

Worked as part of the team to increase sales, meet daily goals and contribute to a healthy and pleasant work environment. In charge of keeping the workspace in order and clean.

  • Implemented a schedule to speed up the cleaning routine every day before closing.
  • Broke the department record of daily issues resolved multiple times. 
  • Increased sales with 34% by implementing a more transparent customer approach.
  • Assisted the general manager with setting up reasonable goals and benchmarks for the customer service staff.


  • CET
  • FCC
  • GROL
  • CGT


University of Idaho, Moscow, ID

Bachelor of Marketing, 2007 – 2011

Key Takeaways

Working as a service manager comes with responsibility, and the purpose of your resume is to show a recruiter or a hiring manager that you are someone they can rely on. Here are three important points to make sure you consider when writing a resume for a service manager job.

  • Include a resume objective, as this is where you can show off your personality and your ability to both sell and lead. 
  • Work experience is more important than education for a service manager, and many companies are willing to compromise on the educational preferences if someone has the right work experience. 
  • Keep in mind that you are applying for a manager role, and that you need to demonstrate both an understanding for the profession and customer service, and also an ability to lead a team.  

Tips from Experts

“The first thing you want to do is to make sure your resume is one page long. Don’t go beyond one page.” – Alex Rechevskiy, Growth PM

“You are going to be assessed against two things – first and foremost, your knowledge of customer service. And then also your ability to manage, lead and inspire the team to meet the goals and objectives of the company.” – Richard McMunn, Career Coach

“An effective resume clearly establishes that you are qualified in each of the primary desired prerequisites. Your goal is to make it easy for a busy hiring manager to look at your resume and quickly determine that you are a strong candidate for the open position.” – Customer Service Career Advisor


As a service manager, your job is to keep a workplace together, supervise employees and make sure customer service is always top-notch. You will only thrive in this type of a position if you are willing to work hard and possess the right skills and personality, but that isn’t all that it takes.

To get your dream job as a service manager, and to advance within your career, you need a strong resume that shows off your best attributes and has you standing out from the rest of the applicants.

This guide will have hopefully helped in your efforts to improve and perfect your resume, and to learn how to use your actual experience in a way that benefits your job application.


In addition to our own expertise as professional resume consultants, for every resume guide we write, we curate dozens of recent job postings and resumes to make sure all our recommendations align with current trends for each specific industry and career path. Learn more about our methodology here. 

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Michelle Reed | Sr. Resume Advisor

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