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If you’re familiar with rugby then you know where scrum comes from, if not, it is a term for a specific play in the game where the teams must huddle together and achieve a goal. The word term scrum master has ben lightly borrowed to mean a coach, leader mentor meant to lead their team to project completion.  

Scrum masters need to be effective at clearing obstacles and establishing an environment in which their team can work effectively. A scrum master’s essential role is understanding project development, keeping their team on task, and addressing team dynamics.

Scrum masters can work for various companies and corporations, so this can be an opportunity to take a business you already love and know well and marry it with a leadership role that has the potential for career growth. Are you ready to land your dream job? Check out our full sample resume at the end of this article.

Resume objective for scrum masters

The average resume is only linked at for 7 seconds unless something catches the reader’s eye. When applying for a scrum master position it is important to come out of the gate swinging and show off your accomplishments.

Companies specifically want to see if your work has saved or created money. They want to see what your skills are in terms of team management and product delivery. It is ok to throw figures in your objective and the company you made those profits for.  

Sample Objective

Certified Scrum Master with 4+ years experience leading and guiding teams both in-person and remotely. At ABC Electric boosted company revenue by 25k, meet deadlines, and provided project delivery early.  Proven history of success working with cross-functional teams.

Resume skills for scrum masters

Scrum Masters have the ability to work for a wide range of companies and those skills should be transferable to many work situations. Your role as a scrum master is to be an effective leader who can successfully guide projects to their completion.

You need to highlight your ability to work and supervise others, your ability to change course at a moment’s notice and the ability to work with those above you and provide detailed and accurate reports and problem solve are key.

Sample Skills

Proven record of team leadership | Time management skills | Active listener | Record of removing team impediments | Conflict resolution | Facilitate meetings

Scrum master work experience

A Scrum Master’s work is focused on obtaining and creating results. Whether your experience was for the New York Times or the Water Company there are skills that can translate across the board.

If you are looking to change positions within the same company then you will also want to highlight relevant work within your current position that will carry over.  

For example, if you currently work within IT for the electric company and want to move to a scrum master position for the same company, highlight your knowledge of the company and what you have done to benefit it thus far.

Sample Work Experience

Joe’s Software Firm

Scrum Master, 2014-2020

As the Scrum Master, I was responsible for guiding and mentoring my team to project completion.  I facilitated brainstorming sessions, meetings, scheduled and allocated work within the team, and worked as a liaison between developers and stakeholders.  I lead Scrum Ceremonies including Sprint Planning, Daily Standups, Story Grooming, and Release Planning.

  • Guided Team to Project Completion
  • Created and Managed project resource loading and budget
  • Managed Scrum Boards
  • Handled Team Conflict
  • Removed Impediments from the Team
  • Cached other Scrum Masters 

Scrum master education

A bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field can work to your advantage but if you have verifiable work and life experience and have your certification as a Scrum Master a degree may not be required. That being said any education and training you have that is related to the field can certainly help!

Sample Education

University of Delaware, Newark, DE

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, 2000 – 2004

  • Data Entry/Data Processing


There are several courses related to computers, IT, technology that can benefit you if you wish to become a scrum master. The better understanding you have of data, project management, engineering principles the more it will assist you. But you should also consider courses related to leadership and business as a scrum master is often the liaison between the two sides of the project. 

Sample Courses

  • Data Management
  • Data Logic
  • Operating Systems
  • Statistics
  • Business Finance
  • Business Professionalism


While you can become a scrum master without certification, it is highly recommended that you obtain one.  There are several sites and online schools that offer elf guided Scrum Master Certification. Once you have become certified you will need to renew every two years.

Sample Certifications

  • Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Alliance, Renewed 1/2020

Complete scrum master resume sample

Now that we’ve covered the basics, we’re going to take a look at an actual job posting.  Scrum Masters need a unique mix of technology skills, business skills, and people skills to be successful at their job.  

When looking at this particular example, you see that are looking for someone who has experience, and a scrum master certification. If you have experience on a Scrum team, but not directly as the scrum master you can still use that experience to your benefit. 

You will also see that they highlight that they want someone who can work independently and delegate (self-organized) and the ability to lead a team. By analyzing the work post, you get a unique opportunity to write a tailored resume that a recruiter is more likely to notice.  

Scrum Master


CMS with 5+ years of experience managing and leading a Scrum Team to completion of projects on time and under budget.  Proven experience to work cross-functionally with management and teams.  Managed backlog effectively and efficiently allowing for projects to come in $53,000 under budget.  


Agile Development | MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word | Google Docs, Spreadsheets| Jiro | User Stories ATDD, TDD | Coaching & Mentoring | Planning & Implementing Meetings


  • Certified ScrumMaster, CSM
  • Certified Agile Leadership for Teams, CAL-T

Work Experience


Agile Scrum Master, 2011-Present

Facilitate sprint planning, daily scrums, retrospectives, stakeholder meetings, and software demonstrations and demonstrated the ability to manage several projects at once while delivering on time and under budget.

  • Protect development team from outside distractions, impediments, or team conflicts, and maintain focus on product backlog project timeline
  • Tracked and managed product backlog, burndown metrics, velocity, and task breakdown.
  • Addressed problems through risk management and contingency planning.
  • Directed and lead development team from project initiation through the delivery of the final product.


Junior Scrum Master, 2008-2011

Assisted the Scrum Master in leading the team towards successful project completion. I took the lead on planning and implementing team meetings and maintained the team backlog to ensure it accurately reflected the sprint’s state.

  • Directed and lead development team from project initiation through the delivery of the final product.
  • Coaching Agile concepts
  • Worked on five projects, that came in a total of $75,000 under budget

Pearl River Technologies

Assistant IT Project Manager, 2004-2008

Planning technology projects, managed a team of IT professionals, and assisted in the execution of all technology-related tasks and initiatives. Worked as the liaison with telecommunications providers and will support our contracts’ telecommunications infrastructure.

  • Delivered projects on time and within budget
  • Evaluated and Assessed team performance
  • Planned and forecast project budgets
  • Worked on two projects that optimized in house technology saving the company $50,000


Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Bachelor of Science in Information Science, 2000-2004


Key Takeaways

Remember, a lot of a scrum master’s job is about effective team leadership. They are an official mentor within the team, not essentially the one who makes all the decisions, but the one who delegates to get the project to completion.

Even without the official power to make critical decisions related to the project, the ability to understand projected goals and outcomes and lead the scrum towards those goals is essential.  

  • Having experience on a Scrum Team or project management is going to greatly help your chances of obtaining a Scrum Master position
  • Earning certifications such as ScrumMaster, and Agile Leadership will make you more marketable
  • Possessing Team Leadership skills are just as essential as your technology background

Tips from Experts

“No Heroics. If you need a hero to get things done, you have a problem. Heroic effort should be viewed as a failure of planning.” – Jeff Sutherland, Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

“If you focus on the strength of the team, you will begin to find work as a positive challenge.” – Salil Jha, Coach & Scrum Master


Scrum Master’s are often an integral part of a corporation’s success. They work as the liaison between the management/stakeholder side and the team and development side. 

Proven experience in innovations that save money, completing projects under budget and ahead of time and a demonstrated history of saving on inventory costs should be listed clearly. They could help make your resume stand out.

Scrum masters need to be fast thinkers, have the ability to successfully guide a team through delegation and across multiple disciplines, and fostering an environment of independence. 



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