Housekeeping Supervisor Resume Template & Examples

If you like to be in an environment that is spotlessly clean and you enjoy being around people, you’ve probably chosen to work in the hospitality industry, in a position that involves housekeeping.  There are lots of housekeeping jobs available, but you’ll make more money in a supervisory position. We have some exciting tips to … Read more

Nurse Practitioner Resume & Examples (2020)

Nurse practitioner (NP) jobs are amongst the highest paying in the industry. Additionally, growth predictions are that between 2019 and 2029 availability of jobs will grow by 45%. That’s immense, and the implications for job seekers are extraordinary.  But whether you’re already working as an NP or have worked your way up and are ready … Read more

ICU Nurse Resume Examples (+ Free Templates)

If you are a modern-day Florence Nightingale caring for patients in Intensive care units (ICUs), you’ll be a registered nurse (RN) with specialized training and a nursing license. But that’s not enough.  To get the job you want in ICU, you also need a resume that will help you stand out. We have written a … Read more