Branch Manager Resume Examples (+ Free Templates)

A branch manager is responsible for everything that goes on within a branch, such as implementing productivity strategies, hiring new staff, monitoring staff performance and making sure staff is properly trained and prepared for their work responsibilities. It is also up to the branch manager to assess strategies and business risks, and to build valuable … Read more

Auto Technician Resume Template & Examples

An auto technician is a trade industry that requires specialized education, training, and in some positions, certification.   The word mechanic used to be the go-to word for those who work on cars, and the term is still used in many situations, but due to the high level of technology involved with modern vehicles, the career … Read more

Section-by-Section PR Resume Guide + Examples

We hear the term PR (Public Relations) bounced around all the time, especially in reference to celebrities, and anyone who is famous or attempting to make a name for themself knows they need good PR. The Balance Careers sums it up as “PR communications jobs involve developing and maintaining the public image of a client … Read more

Athletic Training Resumes Template & Examples (2020)

Athletic trainers work in the exciting worlds of sports and medicine combined.  While athletic trainers are not doctors, they do require specialized knowledge of the human body. Athletic trainers work with athletes to maintain, improve, and prepare their physical prowess and perform rehabilitative work with injured athletes.  Athletic trainers coordinate with doctors and other healthcare … Read more