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Working as a preschool teacher can be an extremely fun and rewarding career.  Unlike what some people might think, there is much more to it that painting and singing songs.

Preschool teachers possess college degrees in education or a related field.  To become a lead preschool teacher without an education degree will require courses or certifications in early childhood.  

When creating your preschool teacher resume it is equally important to include your education and experience with children as well as your creative side.  Teachers often have to think on their feet, sing, dance, create classroom decor, and design thoughtful and fun lesson plans.

At the end of the article we will provide you will a full sample resume to help guide you while designing yours.

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn”

– Maria Montessori, Educator, and Educational Philosopher

Resume objective for a preschool teacher

Your objective should highlight what you have accomplished in the field so far.  DO you possess creative and strong classroom management skills?  Have you led any parent seminars or training?  What about lesson plans that you designed that received high acclaim from your supervisor as well as from the parents?  

A strong objective showcasing your accomplishments can set you apart from other candidates.  Preschool positions among public and private PreK-6th schools are highly competitive times, so take the steps to make yourself shine.

Sample Objective

Experienced and creative preschool teacher with 10+ years of experience.  Received positive feedback from supervisors and parents on my themes related to music and world culture as well as STEM learning.  Able to create fun and creative positive classroom management systems and create lessons and tasks for children at different developmental levels.

Resume skills for a preschool teacher

When considering what skills to include on a preschool teacher resume, think about any special talents you may have.  If you excel at a particular sport, musical instrument, dance, yoga, theater, etc. These are all things you should list.

A high-quality preschool program wants to hire individuals that can bring something special to their school.  

 It is possible you may even be asked to teach enrichment classes to other preschool classes in the school related to your talent!  I taught theater classes to all six preschool and Pre-K classes at one school I taught at.

 In addition to your special attributes you naturally want to add the skills you possess that relate directly to education, classroom management, and child development.

Sample Skills

Play Piano | Speak excellent Spanish | Knowledge of developmental checklists | Skilled in Creative Curriculum | Demonstrated success working with parents

Preschool teacher work experience

When applying for a position as a preschool teacher it is important to highlight your passion for working with children.  Preschool teachers are at the lowest end of the pay-scale when it comes to teaching careers so if you enter this field you need to have a love for it to succeed.

Let that love shine through as you talk about your previous work experience.  Highlight any success stories you had with a child or family or perhaps you mentored a struggling teacher? These are excellent things to mention in your work experience section.  

Sample Work Experience

Love of Learning Preschool

Lead Preschool Teacher/Peer Mentor, 2015-2020

During my time at Love of Learning, I was responsible for lesson plans, assessments, anecdotal observations, and classroom management for a class of 20 preschoolers.  I worked as a peer mentor and worked with struggling existing teachers as well as guiding new teachers to set goals, hone skills, and become more productive in their individual areas of need.   

  • Participated in twice-annual parent-teacher conferences
  • Able to use multiple forms of observation and assessment to gauge development and learning
  • Designed fun and creative classroom management systems
  • Collaborated with other teachers to share resources, materials, and ideas 
  • Held regular meetings with mentees to discuss goal progress, trouble spots and to provide feedback

Mother May I Childcare Center

Lead Preschool Teacher, 2013-2015

Worked on a team of preschool teachers to develop monthly themes, activities, make book selections, and discuss ideas.  Implemented planned lessons with my own spin and creativity on them and managed a class of 18 preschoolers.  I was in charge of leading a weekly music class for all three preschool classrooms.  

  • Participated in monthly planning meetings 
  • Interacted with parents on a daily basis to share progress
  • Designed projects and activities that coincided with the monthly theme
  • Work well with my co-teacher in a positive and collaborative environment

Preschool teacher education

Despite the public opinion that teaching preschool isn’t really teaching, most states require teachers in the field to have advanced training, a college degree, or early childhood certification to teach.

This is because the most influential years of our lives are from birth-five.  More brain development and learning happen in those five years than at any other point in our lives.  

If your plan is to teach preschool or PreK in the public school setting you will need a four-year degree and a state teaching license.   Child care centers prefer you to have a minimum of associates in child development or a related field as well as a 90 clock hour certificate for Preschool, or a CDA, Child Development Associate Credential.  

Most community colleges offer the 90 clock hour courses.  The CDA is a nationally recognized credential and requires 480 clock hours of work.  

Sample Education

Anne Arundel Community College

Associates degree, Early Childhood Development, 2007-2010

  • Special Education

Child Care Education Institue

CDA Course work, 2005-2007

  • Preschool


If your degree is in education you will have plenty of options to list there.  Pick those that you feel are most applicable to the post at hand.  If you have taken courses in a specialized area then include those as well.

Topics such as special education, music, art, children’s literacy, curriculum development, etc. are fantastic highlights that could make you stand out!

Sample Courses

  • Understanding Autism
  • Inclusive Early Childhood Practices
  • Behavior Management
  • Children’s Literature
  • Observing & Assessing Young Learners


We mentioned briefly the 90 clock hour option and the CDA so let’s look at them a little more in-depth.  

Many of the same colleges that offer Associates and Bachelors in early childhood will coffee the 90 clock hour option as well.  There is a 45 hour hours which is generalized on birth through 5 and covers the basics of development, growth, and education. 

 Individuals then have the option of choosing the 45-hour infant/toddler path or the 45-hour preschool path.  In most states, you will not be able to become a lead preschool teacher unless you have the 45-hour preschool training.  

The CDA as we mentioned is a much more intensive program.  It requires taking many more classes (all of which can be taken online), a formal observation, a portfolio, and parent reviews.  I recently wrote a study guide for the CDA and it reminded me how involved it was!

The good news is that both the 90 clock hours and the CDA can be earned while you are working in a child-care center as an aide or an assistant.   

Sample Certifications

  • CDA
  • Special Needs Certification

Complete preschool teacher resume sample

We have discussed the qualifications that most employers will be seeking when they look to hire a preschool teacher, so let’s take a look at a real example of a job posting followed by a complete sample resume.

When you look at this job posting you will see that it is very similar to what we have been discussing.  

They mention only the 45 clock hour training but they asked it to be paired with 45 hours in curriculum or a 2-4 year degree in early childhood. 

You can also see that they are looking for someone who knows the Reggio Emilia philosophies.  Most likely if you have studied early childhood you will have an understanding of different philosophies even if you haven’t put them to practice yet.  

Reggio Emilia is a student-focused, and self-guided approach to learning, aka, teachers are not there to dictate every step of every lesson or project. 

Pre-K Teacher


A dedicated and loving Pre-K teacher with 15+ years of experience and knowledge of Reggio Emelia philosophies seeks a teaching position where they can share their knowledge and experience.  Familiar with Creative Curriculum, able to assess children using a variety of assessment tools, and possesses excellent parent communication skills.


Lesson planning | Teaching to individual children’s’ needs and skills | Observational, anecdotal and check-list assessment knowledge | Able to lead and delegate teacher aides and assistance | Plays piano | Speaks moderate Spanish

Work Experience

Young School

Lead Teacher, Teacher Mentor, 2013-2020

Taught and guided children through learning using the Reggio Emilia approach.  Worked as a mentor to new teachers to assist them through the onboarding process and to assess areas of weakness and set realistic goals with them.  Taught weekly music lessons to my class using a keyboard and singing.   Successfully integrated several ESL children into my classroom.  

  • Able to guide students through the Reggio Emilia approach
  • Active listening skills
  • Ability to lead and mentor
  • Developed lesson plans
  • Excellent Communication Skills with Parents
  • Received praise from parents and admin about my Diversity through Music theme

The Goddard School

Lead Teacher, 2008-2013

Used Creative Curriculum to create weekly lesson plans tailored to meet individual children’s strengths and build up weaknesses.  Participated in twice-annual parent-teacher conferences and had meetings with parents as needed.  Successfully guided three different children with severe behavioral and developmental issues towards success in the classroom.  

  • Extensive knowledge of developmental milestones
  • Able to work with challenging behaviors
  • Designed creative and successful classroom management systems
  • Engaged children in age-appropriate mindfulness and yoga

Bright Horizons

Lead Teacher, 2005-2008

Used pre-designed lesson plans to guide children through a variety of developmentally appropriate activities.  Worked with children to build their confidence and independence.  Engaged with parents daily to discuss their child’s progress

  • Managed a classroom of 18 preschool children
  • Successfully handled conflicts between children
  • Carried out pre-planned lessons putting my individual spin on them


  • Diversity in the Classroom
  • Parent-Teacher Communications


University of Florida

Bachelors degree Education Sciences, 2000-2005

  • Minor, Early Childhood Education


  • Diversity for Educators
  • Educational Psychology
  • Social Competence in EC
  • Creativity in EC Curriculum
  • Special Needs

Key Takeaways

One can see how educated most preschool teachers need to be in order to lead our children towards success.  There are so many paths one can take to become a preschool teacher but it is important to remember that a love of children should be prominent.

You will highlight your dedication to children when you mention specific children you have helped, creative lesson plan ideas or themes you have incorporated, and your ability to work with parents to achieve what is best for each child.  

  • Education is important, check your state’s guidelines
  • You can be very creative and have a lot of fun while teaching
  • Effective preschool teachers guide the development of the whole child


You now know what it takes to create a successful preschool teacher resume.  Like all other occupations, it is about selling your self.  Show off what makes you unique!  

You will need high energy to work in this field, but I can personally guarantee you it will some of the most fun you’ve ever had.  This is an important career and it requires dedicated and motivated people.  

So, if you are one of them, and you have a passion for educating children may these tips and examples be what you need to reach your ultimate success.  

“Play is often talked about is if it were a release from serious learning.  But for children, play is serious learning”

– Mr. Rogers, Children’s TV Host, Early Childhood Advocate



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