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Pharmacy techs work alongside pharmacists prepping medications, working with insurance companies, and attending to patient needs and concerns. 

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a high school diploma is all that is required education-wise to become a pharmacy-tech.  

That being said, a license is required in most states.  

People often think of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working behind the counter of a CVS or local pharmacy.  However, pharmacy techs have the option to work in many different places.

The Checkup by Single Care mentions grocery store pharmacies, hospitals, care facilities, prisons, veterinary clinics, and mail-in pharmacies. 

Resume objective for a pharmacy tech

Your objective is the first thing a hiring manager will see, so crafting a solid and confident statement is crucial.

When writing your objective for a pharmacy tech position, you should tailor for the workplace setting. 

The skills needed to work in a fast-paced inner city pharmacy will likely be different than someone who worked in a family-owned chain in the country.  

Both jobs have merits and will develop essential skills, but they will be different.

Most objectives we read as we paged through resumes included mentions of their experience in the field, ways they assisted the pharmacist, and their dedication and attention to customer care.

Sample Objective

Experienced Pharmacy Technician with five years in a hospital pharmacy looking to bring my skills and dedication to patients in a family-run pharmacy. 

Resume skills for a pharmacy technician

To be a successful pharmacy tech, you will need strong technical and mathematical skills. Pharmacy techs used computers to process patient information and calculate patient costs.

Your attention to detail, organization, and the ability to limit distractions need to be strong since you will be dealing directly with medications. The wrong information or count could prove to be life-threatening.

As a technician works longer in the field, they will broaden their knowledge of insurance companies, medications, and drug interactions.  

Soliant, a healthcare career website, recommends listing the skills you most want to discuss during a job interview and that you are most confident with.   

Even if you are new to the field, you will have achieved certification and probably went through some form of training; list the skills you gained through the process of education and certification.

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Sample Skills

Prescription Data Entry| Medication Storage | Prepare & Fill Prescriptions | Detail Oriented | DIsposal of Hazardous Waste

Pharmacy Tech work experience

A pharmacy tech could work in various places, although the most common is a chain pharmacy.  

When listing your job experience, highlight the work and duties you performed at each position.

Some pharmacies are 24 hours so if you have or are willing to work those shifts mentioning that will show your adaptability, even if that is not what you are looking for in your next position.

If you are new to the field and do not have pharmacy tech experience, list jobs that showcase your customer service skills and any healthcare experience you may have.

Sample Work Experience

Walgreens Pharmacy

Pharmacy Tech, 2018-2020

Assisted the pharmacist in the ordering and filling of patient prescriptions.  Called doctors to confirm details of medications and contacted insurance companies to verify benefits and prescription coverage. 

  • Discussed drug interactions and dosage instructions with patients
  • Inputted patient information 
  • Ordering and stocking medications
  • Troubleshot discrepancies with patients and insurance

Baltimore Washington Medical Center

Pharmacy Tech, 2013-2108

Worked on a team of hospital pharmacy techs and pharmacists to ensure hospital patients received the required medications based on physician orders—prepared prescriptions and instructions for patients to take home after discharge.

  • Worked various shifts on a 24-hour cycle
  • Followed pharmacists and physical directives in a fast-paced environment
  • Mixing, measuring, and labeling medications
  • Data entry and verifying patient information

Baltimore Washington Medical Center

Patient Check-in 2010-2013

 Performed front desk duties checking patients for outpatient procedures.  I was responsible for verifying patient data, answering calls, and answering patient questions and concerns.

  • Assisting patients and directing them to the correct area for their procedure
  • Verified details and insurance with the patient’s referring physician
  • Verified the details of the procedure, date, and time with the patient via phone
  • Ordering and stocking medications

Pharmacy Tech education

While it is true that a pharmacy tech does not require a college degree, Ultimate Medical Academy points out that having at least an associate’s degree could make you more competitive. 

Even as early as high school, if you are interested in becoming a pharmacy tech or working in any healthcare-related field, you should begin to build a strong core in the maths and sciences.

While some states may not require pharmacy techs to attend formal training or to obtain a degree, an associate’s degree and/or graduation from a pharmacy tech program are highly recommended by most resources. 

Once you receive your certification, some states require continuing education to maintain your certified status.  Pharmacy Technician Guide has a list of each state and its education and certification requirements.

Sample Education

Howard Community College

Pharmacy Technician, 2012-2013

Howard Community College

Associate Degree in Health Sciences, 2010-2012 


To work as a pharmacy tech, you will need to obtain a certification from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).  

According to the PTCB, you must go through an approved training program or have equivalent work experience before taking the exam.  

Equivalent work experience is equal to 500 hours approved by PTCB.  According to their website, there are more than 1,400 approved training programs you can attend.  

The American Society of Health-systems Pharmacists offers over twenty additional certifications that pharmacy workers may wish to add to their credentials. 

Sample Certifications

  • Certified Pharmacy Technician
  • Medication Safety Certificate

Complete pharmacy technician resume sample

Below is posted a current job posting for a pharmacy technician.  We will highlight some key features of this specific resume and follow it up with a complete sample resume. 

The very first thing mentioned in this job posting is that candidates must be certified.   They have included an entire paragraph on pharmacy certification, which points out that those not certified need not apply.

This specific post is looking for someone with prior experience as a technician and lists a very detailed tasks list the job entails.  

If you were applying for this position, you would want to read through the details posted clearly and emphasize the requested skills that you possess. 

Pharmacy Technician


Certified pharmacy technician with 12 years of experience working alongside pharmacists dispensing, measuring, and distributing medications.  Experience with MTF therapy and eligibility for care and providing patients with excellent care, customer service, and attention to detail to prevent medication interactions. 


Patient Data Entry | Proper medication storage | Time Management | Resolving Patient Frustrations | Communication with doctor offices

Work Experience


Pharmacy Tech, 2014-2020

Processed, filled, and dispensed patient medications.  Worked directly with doctor offices and insurance companies to verify patient information, dosage instructions, and cost. 

  • Ordered and restocked medications
  • Resolved patient conflicts
  • Discussed drug interactions and dosage instructions with patients
  • Mixing and measuring medications

Davidson Family Pharmacy

Pharmacy Tech, 2010-2014

Formed relationships with pharmacy regulars, filling prescriptions, and discussing any possible drug interactions or concerns with patients.  Maintained patient records and insurance information.

  • Ordered and restocked medications
  • Mixing and measuring medications
  • Dispensed controlled substances following strict guidelines
  • Assisted customers in locating and advising over the counter medications

Rockville Hospital Pharmacy

Pharmacy Tech, 2008-2010

Worked a variety of shifts, including overnight shifts in a hospital pharmacy setting.  Measured, counted, and dispensed medications based on physician orders and correctly inputted patient data as needed. 

  • Checked ordered medications for possible interactions
  • Prepared medications for patients upon discharge
  • Dispensed controlled substances following strict guidelines
  • Gained in-depth knowledge of medications and medical terminology


  • Certified Pharmacy Technician
  • Pain Management Certification
  • Sterile Product Preparation Certificate


Santa Ana College

Pharmacy Technician Program, 2007 – 2008

Key Takeaways

According to almost every source we read, the field of pharmacy technicians is rapidly growing, making it one of the most stable in the medical field.  

Pharmacy technicians play an essential role in patient care and can help make sense of the confusing world of multiple medications for patients and their families.  

Requiring only one year of schooling for most states and positions, becoming a pharmacy technician is a quick way to enter the medical field, and it can be a stepping stone into another medical position. 

  • Most states require certification and  may require continuing education 
  • A strong science and math background is a plus
  • Woking directly with patients is a huge part of the job

Tips from Experts

“I am proud of my profession.  As a certified pharmacist technician, my profession has blessed me with the opportunity to assist patients, contribute to the healthcare continuum, and help make a difference in patients’ and co-workers’ lives.” – Janisha Livermore, CPht Pharmacy Supervisor

“Diverse and unique opportunities to advocate for patient-centered healthcare models makes me proud to be part of the pharmacy profession.” – Stacy Grant, PharmD

“There’s so much information available to today’s patient, but there’s not always enough focused attention and guidance. I think we need to help patients sort through the surplus of information we have at our fingertips now, limit potential confusion, and help find the best decision for them.” –Matt Horton, PharmD


From everything we have read and discovered, a pharmacy technician has many possibilities when it comes to their place of work and even the hours they may work.

While most retail establishments are open on the weekends, many pharmacies, even in chain stores, are closed on Sundays and are typically not open past 8 pm on weeknights.

It is a career in the medical field that can provide you with a semblance of the 9-5 or could have you working in the fast-paced environment of a hospital pharmacy overnight.  

No matter where you end up working, the difference you can make in a patient’s life is what makes this career so rewarding.


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