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An optician is an important individual at the optometrist office who makes sure your glasses fit! Nobody likes wearing crooked or ill-fitting glasses and a skilled optician can prevent that from happening!

Opticians are usually customer service reps as well.  They make suggestions as to what glasses and lenses would be best for each customer.  They have a working knowledge of the latest trends in eyewear as well as the benefits of different styles of lenses, coatings, and materials for each individual.

Opticians use specialized equipment and understand what prescriptions mean and how to create work orders so glasses are prepared adequately.

Included in this article is a full example resume that you can use as a guide when creating your own.

Resume objective for an optician

An optician’s objective will focus on their accomplished skills as well as their strong customer service skills. This is the place to highlight your management ability as opticians also often serve as office managers in small practices.  

You will want to discuss your work with patients, experience with frames, contacts, and fittings, and any sales revenue that you produced.

Since optometry is a retail business as well as a medical one if you can highlight your contribution to annual sales that could make you stand out.  

Sample Objective

Certified optician with experience working both in a private and corporate optometry office seeks a position where they can expand their sales expertise and provide quality patient care and office management.  At previous post boosted revenue by $46,000 in sales.

Resume skills for an optician

Skills for an optician are plentiful.  They encompass customer service, office management, technical skills, manual dexterity, and an overarching knowledge of glasses and contacts. 

Sample Skills

Communication and listening skills | Floor displays | Sizing, styling, and upselling lenses | Entering prescriptions | Dispensing dilation drops

Optician work experience

When detailing your work experience as an optician you should highlight both your technical skills as well as your office management and people skills.  

It is likely that any work experience you have from a small practice will also include skills in accounting, bookkeeping, scheduling patients, handling payments and other office skills.

As an optician you could work in a major retailer such as LensCrafters, Wal-Mart Vision Center or for a variety of private practices.  

Private optometrist practices can service a wide range of populations from children and adults with disabilities to high end fashion eyewear clients .

In addition to your experience with eyeglasses you may also have worked with contact lenses.  If you have experience as a contact lens technician in addition to your optician work add that to your experience as well.

Sample Work Experience

Wal-Mart Vision Center

Optician, 2008-2011

Assisted patients and customers in the selection of eyewear that best suited their prescription needs as well as the style they were seeking.  Filled-out work orders for glasses and contact lenses, filed insurance claims, and made adjustments to glasses as needed.  Responsible for checking patients in and out, making appointments and phone call reminders.

  • Skilled at inventory and restocking
  • Excellent Customer Service Skills
  • Proficient with Maximeyes software
  • Skilled at inserting lenses and making finite adjustments

VisionPlus Eye Center

Optician, 2005-2011

Worked for a small private practice as the primary optician.  Assisted patients in choosing the correct lenses and proper frame fit.  Handled the booking of appointments and bill payment and processing.  Assisted patients in setting up payment plans as needed and verifying insurance coverage.  

  • Experience using Tonometer
  • Excellent Customer Service Skills
  • SKilled at making eyewear adjustments
  • Instructed first time contact wearers in proper placement and cleaning
  • Proficient with AppointmentPlus software

Optician education

The minimum requirement for an optician is a highschool diploma or GED.  Many states do not require formal education or training to become an optician, however, if you take some courses or participate in a formal apprenticeship that could prove helpful.

While a college degree is not needed, if you have a degree is a business, marketing, or health and science field that may help you stand out as a candidate.  

Many colleges or technical schools offer optician certification programs, so if you are interested in this career you may want to check that out!  Some can be earned 100% online as well so if you are making a career change or need to work while working towards certification that is an option.

An optician certification course takes roughly 6 months to a year to complete.  

Keep in mind, the certification program does not provide certification, it prepares participants for the American Board of Opticanry’s (ABO) certification exam.

Sample Education

POLYTECH Adult Education, Dover, DE

Optician Certification Program, 2019-2020


Depending where you are in your schooling or education you may or may not have courses that apply.  If you have earned any sort of optician or medical assistant certification or degree you will have plenty of classes to list.

If not perhaps you studied business, psychology, or other things related to interpersonal skills and customer service skills.

Remember, optometry offices are also a retail business and much of the profit comes from the selling of lenses, glasses, and contacts.  If you have some business acumen or proven ability to make customers happy those skills could help your resume climb to the top!

Sample Courses

  • Aligning Frames
  • Multifocal Lens Considerations
  • Common Ocular Conditions
  • Legal Responsibilities and Ethics
  • Intro to Economics
  • Marketing


The ABO or American Board of Opticianry offers a certification test for those seeking a credential.  There is a basic, advanced and practical examination that one can take.  

Almost half of the states that have specific requirements so it is advised you visit the ABO’s website prior to beginning your studies.

An advanced certification cannot be earned until you have obtained some years of work experience and additional education requirements.  The tests are held a handful of times throughout the year at various locations.

Please keep in mind passing the certification exam is only part of obtaining licensure, check with your specific state for specific requirements.

For reference these are the states that require licensure to become an optician: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolin, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia & Washington.

The certification must be renewed every three years.

Sample Certifications

  • ABO- Opticianry Competency Certification
  • NCLE-Contact Lens Registry Certification

Complete optician resume sample

Now that we have covered the how-to and what to include sections we are going to take a look at an actual job posting for an Optician.  This is a job posting for the State of Maryland where a license is not required.  

This specific job posting is for a full time Monday through Friday job and does not list that weekends and evenings are a requirement.  You will want to consider that when applying for positions so you can achieve the best work-life balance for you.

Many optician jobs, particularly those at chain or large retailers, expect nights and weekends.  They may only be seeking part time help as well.  

This particular posting is seeking someone with 2 years of experience.  In addition to the optical experience, they are looking for candidates that have experience with vision insurance and basic computer skills.  

While this job posting is extremely succinct and doesn’t provide much detail, it does mention front desk work, which means customer service skills should be highlighted on your resume as well.  



Eye care professional with 12 years experience assessing customer needs, meeting sales goals and working with scheduling software and vision Insurance companies.  Strong customer service skills, computer skills and sales and marketing experience.  


Fitting and adjusting lenses | Experience with vision insurance | Proficiency in Microsoft word and Excel | Knowledge of various scheduling softwares | Marketing and Sales | Contact Lense Fitting

Work Experience

Miller Family Optometry and eye Boutique

Optician, 2014-2020

Responsible for the day to day running of the office including scheduling appointments, creating appointment reminders, assisting patients and customers through the eyeglass buying process, filing insurance claims, and verifying coverage for patients.  Maintained inventory and displays.  Ability to upsell and promote featured products. 

  • Led Marketing Campaigns
  • Responsible for $300k-$400k of sales annually on average
  • Oversaw other opticians
  • Created displays to maximize sales
  • Eyeglass and contact fittings and adjustments


Optician 2010-2014

Responsible for assisting patients and customers in the purchasing of eyewear.  Guided customers to the proper frame shape and lens type for their needs with the ability to upsell.  Wrote out glasses and contact orders and made adjustments as needed.  

  • Excellent Customer Service Skills
  • Instructed first-time contact wearers with how to care for and insert lenses
  • Worked on displays and inventory
  • Ability to handle high-stress situations with customers
  • Able to multitask

BJ’s Optical

Optician 2008-2019

Assisted customers in selecting frames and lenses.  Made minor repairs and adjustment to customer glasses as needed.  Interacted with customers face to face and over the telephone as needed.  

  • Understanding of vision insurance and HSA accounts
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Ability to work long hours on my feet
  • Kept track of inventory


  • ABO- Opticianry Competency Certification
  • NCLE-Contact Lens Registry Certification


Penn Foster

Optician Diploma, 2007-2008

Washington County Technical High School

High School Diploma, 2003-2007

  • Concentration – Health Informatics


  • Ocular Conditions
  • Prescriptions & Lenses
  • Opticianry Measurements & Math Formulas
  • Anatomy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Healthcare 
  • Digital Health

Key Takeaways

Opticians are essential employees in the eyecare world.  While state regulations, certifications and licensing vary widely that in no way lessens the importance of the career.

Many opticians go on to become optometrists or work part time as they study to become a healthcare professional.   Even so, if your only goal is to become an optician, then you are serving the community in a valuable way.

As a life-long glasses wearer I have depended on many an optician to make sure my glasses fit correctly and that I was getting the best product for me.

Opticians have the flexibility to work in private practices, chain stores and to help people from all backgrounds.

  • You must have a highschool diploma, any additional education in healthcare or optics will be beneficial.
  • Opticians can work typical 9-5 jobs or may be required to work nights and weekends.
  • Every state is different so before you begin your studies or seek certification check out your state requirements.

Tips from Experts

“To me, eyewear goes way beyond being a prescription. It’s like makeup. It’s the most incredible accessory. The shape of a frame or the color of lenses can change your whole appearance.” – Vera Wang, Fashion Designer and Eyewear Designer

“I like how glasses suggest intelligence instead of broken eyes.” – Kelly Oxford, Author


If you are dedicated to the field of opticianry and customer service you have the potential to make this a thriving life long career.  Eyeglasses have been around for 800 years and they are not likely to disappear soon.

If you decide to use this as a stepping stone to become an optometrist that is an excellent choice as well!  Optometry is a job field that is expected to grow 10% over the next ten years.

So whether optician or optometrists your skills will be in demand!



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