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One of the most important jobs you can have is a teacher’s job, especially a middle school teacher. Children are incredibly receptive to everything you teach them, and their middle school experience will shape them as human beings and prepare them for the future.

It is a big responsibility to form such a crucial part of a young person’s life, and schools choose carefully when hiring middle school teachers. Because of this, you need a well-written resume that meets modern standards, and we are going to show you how to write it!

This guide will take you through the different sections of a middle school teacher’s resume, and we have provided a full sample resume at the bottom to give you all the tools you need. Let’s get that teaching job! 

Resume objective for middle school teachers

At the top of your resume, you have the option to include a resume objective to highlight your best qualities as a middle school teacher. Sell yourself in this section, but without exaggerating. You want it to give an accurate idea of the teaching experience and the skills you possess.

Perhaps you can still remember that favorite teacher you had back when you were in middle school? If so – what made him or her so great? That one memorable teacher was probably caring, kind, knowledgeable, dedicated, and excellent at explaining things like math and science. You can use this when writing your own middle school teaching resumes.

What makes you a great teacher? Using powerful adjectives in your resume objective is one of the best ways to stand out when you are applying for a job as a middle school teacher, as these shine a light of what type of teacher the school would get if deciding to hire you.

Don’t forget to mention something about your experience as a middle school teacher or teaching 5th-8th grade, and anything else you want the recruiter to see first when picking up your resume.

Sample Objective

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable middle school teacher with 5+ years of teaching experience. Dedicated to providing children with an interactive science-based education and positive encouragement teaching methods, where differences are considered strengths rather than weaknesses. 

Resume skills for middle school teachers

Successful middle school teachers are often kind and patient individuals with excellent leadership skills. They have teaching degrees and experience, knowledge of child development, classroom strategies, and problem-solving, and they know how to get through to children.

You need to be organized as a middle school teacher, know how to plan lessons, keep track of each student’s progress and be familiar with technology, and these are all skills you can mention in your resume.

It should be brief, so stick to skills directly related to teaching, let the recruiter know who you are and what you can contribute with. 

Sample Skills

Communicative | Dedicated | Lesson Planning | Excellent math skills | 11+ years of teaching experience | English & Spanish | Passion for science | Team player | Student-focused 

Middle school teacher work experience

Of course, you can be a great teacher even if you are just starting out, but many recruiters look for a middle school teacher with experience. 

What they are looking for, though, is a person with experience working with children, and you can list any childcare related knowledge along with possible teaching experience.

If you have worked at a daycare, as a private childcare giver or a summer camp, this can also be listed if you feel you are lacking actual teaching experience, as long as you have your teaching degrees to back it up.

That said, there is nothing like actual teaching experience, and if you don’t have very much, you will have to compensate with other assets to convince the hiring manager that you are still the best person for the job.

Sample Work Experience

Aspen Middle School, Aspen, CO

5/6th Grade Teacher, 2017 – 2020

Provided guidance, support, and education for classes of 15-25 students. Used creative solutions to make the children interested in subjects like science, math, and geography.

  • Updated the school education program to make it meet modern standards and teaching methods.
  • Used innovative approaches to engage two HDD diagnosed students and successfully aided in raising their grades.
  • Was voted ‘Favorite Teacher’ twice by the students.
  • Organized family activities where parents were invited to form an active part of their children’s education.

Manheim Central School District. Manheim, PA

5th Grade Teacher, 2015 – 2017

Created detailed lesson plans mostly focused on math and science, adapted each lesson to every individual student’s needs, and provided support and positive reinforcement to aid with learning.

  • Started an after-school study group to help children catch up with their school work and provide a safe study environment for homework, test preparation, and assignments. 
  • Suggested a change to the school budget where money was saved by changing cleaning product supplier and redirected towards offering students a snack every day.
  • Initiated a Buddy System with the purpose of getting the children to interact with everyone in the class.
  • Brought the class outside and conducted outdoor teaching on nice summer days, which received excellent feedback from both students and parents.

Uplift Ascend Middle School, Fort Worth, TX

Teacher Aide, 2011 – 2015

Planned and arranged classroom activities, supported the children in the realization of daily tasks and projects, assisted the teachers, prepared material, and provided written feedback to both teachers and parents at the end of each week.

  • Took over classes for two months while the classroom teacher was on sick leave.
  • Brought in supplies to teach the class math through fun and engaging games.
  • Challenged students to think for themselves, rather than to give me the answer they thought the teacher wanted.
  • Implemented a weekly email to each parent about their child’s progress and struggles, which helped identify the ideal learning strategies.

Middle school teacher education

It is theoretically possible to work as a teacher without having a degree in education, but it is a lot easier to get hired if you have the academic background a hiring manager expects to see.

You can list any academic degree here, such as a B.A or a master’s degree, even if it isn’t related to education, but don’t expect to get a call unless you have a Bachelor’s degree in education. That is unless you have enough work experience to compensate.

Middle school teachers need to have broad knowledge about various subjects, which is why any degree is good to have even though nothing weighs quite as heavily as a degree in education.

Sample Education

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Master in Education, 2014 – 2016

Ashford University, San Diego, SD

Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies, 2009 – 2013

  • GPA: 4.0

San Jose City College, San Jose, CA

Associate of Science Degree in Child Development, 2007 – 2009


Add courses related to child development, education, child psychology, leadership, or anything else you think could impress the recruiter reading through your middle school teacher resume. 

Avoid listing courses that are not relevant to what you would be doing as a middle school teacher, as this will just look like you are trying to fill out an otherwise incomplete resume. Less is more when listing courses.

Use the course section to show you have relevant knowledge in fields that could make you a better teacher.

Sample Courses

  • Physical and Cognitive Development in Early Childhood 
  • Physical and Psychosocial Development in Middle Childhood
  • Foundations of Child Development
  • Crisis Leadership: Preparation, Management, and Recovery
  • Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms
  • Learning to Teach Online


To work as a middle school teacher, you need to be licensed in the state where you intend to work. This licensing process is usually very straightforward, and employers tend to ask an applicant to either be certified already or to be able to obtain the license before starting.

The easiest way to get started is to look up what is required in a specific state already before you apply for the job so that you know what is expected of you. If you can get the license before you apply – great, and otherwise, you might want to mention in your personal letter that you intend to pursue licensing.

It is always best to be prepared, and another certificate worth listing is a First-Aid and CPR certificate.

Sample Certifications

  • Colorado State Board of Education Certification
  • CPR & First-Aid Certified

Complete middle school teacher resume sample

So, what have we learned from this? The best way to show genuine interest when applying for a position is to adapt your middle school teacher resume to the job post. What requirements do they have that you meet? See the job post below, followed by a customized resume for that specific job.

Skimming through the ad, we can see that it is very important for this school to find a team player and work with both small and big groups of middle school kids. We will use this to craft our resume!

Middle School Teacher


Experienced middle school teacher with a background in child development and a passion for education. Dedicated to promoting healthy values, a sense of inclusion, and a modern teaching approach where it is okay to learn differently, or at a different speed. Strongly believes that any child can learn if you focus on getting through to them.


Dedicated | Exceptional communication skills | B.A in education | Master in Child Development | Florida teaching license | Open-minded | Student-focused | Knowledge of math and science | Problem-solver | Team-player

Work Experience

Swift School, Roswell, GA

Middle School Teacher, 2014 – 2019

Was responsible for mainly 6th grade, with occasional responsibilities that involved 5th and 7th grade. Taught math, science, Spanish, English, and geography, and collaborated with a big team of teachers and teacher’s assistants to provide quality education.

  • Created a classroom atmosphere that enabled every student to participate confidently, regardless of learning-pace and pre-existing knowledge.
  • Identified and utilized each child’s individual skills and strengths, to make learning both easier and more fun.
  • Recorded videos together with the class and implemented learning elements in a more fun and creative way.
  • Introduced the students to technologies like Prezi and Dropbox, to prepare them for further studies and the future.

Lakeville Area Public Schools, Lakeville, MN

Secondary Teacher, Language/Arts, 2011 – 2014

Rotated throughout the Lakeville Area Public Schools, and taught at different facilities as needed. Teaching was mostly focused on language (English and Spanish), but with occasional arts’ classes such as music and more.

  • Involved the parents in after-school language activities to promote an environment where languages would also be practiced at home.
  • Organized field trips to multiple locations with the purpose of expanding the students’ minds through experiences.
  • Underwent continuous education alongside work to make sure the children were receiving the best possible education.
  • Arranged a Spelling Bee contest and got the students motivated to join.


  • First-Aid and CPR license
  • Florida State Teaching License
  • Florida Special Education Certification


Columbia University, New York City, NY

Master’s in Mathematics Education, 2015 – 2017

University of Tampa College of Natural and Health Sciences, Tampa, FL

Bachelor in Physical Education K-12 Teaching, 2006 – 2010


  • Teaching for Cognitive Growth
  • Introduction to Family Engagement in Education

Key Takeaways

Working as a middle school teacher is more than just a job – it is a calling and a privilege. When you write your resume you need to show off all your best teaching qualities, and what it is about you that makes you qualified to educate someone else’s children. 

Use strong verbs that express how dedicated you are to the profession, and don’t forget to list your licenses, certificates, and academic background. 

  • Middle school teachers need to be understanding, communicative, and patient, which should be reflected in your resume.
  • Show how flexible and adaptable you are, and your drive to provide children with quality education.
  • This is an in-demand career, and unless your resume rises above those of other applicants – the hiring manager might not notice you. 

Tips from Experts

“Keep it professional. That doesn’t mean it can’t have a personality, but professional means easy to read and straight to the point.” – Marie Morris, The Caffeinated Classroom

“Your resume is going to be your employer’s first impression of you, so you need to make sure it is eye-catching but also loaded with good content.” – Michelle Ferré, A Pocket Full of Primary


Teaching is a profession that has existed for thousands of years, and that will continue to exist most likely forever. This means that there is always going to be work for a middle school teacher, but there is also going to be competition. 

If you have found yourself struggling to find a job as a middle school teacher, the problem isn’t that there aren’t enough jobs, but that your resume might not be as good as it could be.

Use the tips and suggestions provided in this article to build an impressive middle school resume, and see for yourself how much easier it will become to score an interview.

Middle school teachers are determined, patient, kind, dedicated and communicative people with a passion for educating children, and as long as you can present yourself as such (and, of course, have required licenses and education) – you are much closer to getting your dream teaching job.



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