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Medical sales is a field that covers all facets of the medical field.  You could sell devices, equipment, medications, tools, and preventative care items.

A medical sales representative may specialize in dentistry, surgery, optometry, prenatal care, and pretty much any medical specialty you can think of.

Chances are, once you have selected your specialty, you will continue on that path, becoming more experienced and more knowledgeable as you go.

Your resume will reflect your particular path in medical sales, but many of the overarching features will be the same. 

A medical sales representative needs to demonstrate the ability to sell, maintain relationships, generate leads, be trustworthy and knowledgeable about the products they sell. 

Resume objective for medical sales

Your objective statement is the first thing a prospective employer will read, so it is your goal to make it stand out with what makes you an outstanding sales rep.

And according to the dozen-plus resumes I read for this article, the numbers are where it’s at.  Action words without the data to back you up will likely present as unimpressive to those scanning through resumes. 

But the objective is not the place to put the numbers; save that information for your work experience.  

Use your objective to highlight your skills and career goals and then back up that information by listing the data for each position you previously held in sales.

Sample Objective

Experienced sales representative seeking to obtain a position with a medical supplies company where I can continue my record of lead generation and sales success.

Resume skills for medical sales

To be successful in medical sales, you need to be successful in sales in general.  A successful salesperson typically knows what they are selling and has a passion for it. 

Successful salespeople are active listeners and know how to be persuasive without being overbearing, and they are genuinely good at creating and maintaining a human connection.

The “Win Your Sales Career” website by the David Bagga Company says you need to be persistent, persuasive, and know how to negotiate.  

The article continues to say that successful medical sales reps have patience and self-motivation, analytical skills, and maybe, most importantly, they need to know how to drive and own a car.

Sample Skills

Generating & Maintaining Leads | Confidence | Knowledge of Market | Negotiating Contracts | Active Listening | Demonstrating and Training | Detailed Oriented

Medical sales work experience

Your work experience as a medical sales rep will be determined by what area of sales you choose to enter.  

Once hired by a company, you will visit doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, etc., as you build a client base and likely take over a former rep’s existing clients.

It is also likely that you will be given a new territory that your company has not branched out to yet, and it will be your responsibility to bring on new clients in the area. 

Sample Work Experience

Giant Medical 

Medical Sales Representative, 2013-2020

I represented the full product line through my assigned territory, building strong relationships with doctors, staff, and administration.

  • Arranged and managed schedule to optimize time
  • Performed research on competitors
  • Performed product demonstrations, implementation, and support
  • Received Regional sales rep of the year for 2018 & 2019
  • Increased client base by 200 offices and physicians

Ashfield Healthcare 

Medical Sales Representative, 2009-2013

Targeted and developed new account opportunities while supporting and growing existing accounts.

  • Met or exceeded sales goals in all four quarters last year 
  • Submitted weekly and monthly sales reports
  • Demonstrated product knowledge and trained doctors and staff
  • Increased overall sales in my region by 7%

Medical Sales College

Internship, 2009

I Participated in a 12-week internship working side by a medical sales representative.  

  • Developed client relationships
  • Instructed clients on how to use devices
  • Maintained sales records and reports
  • Placed cold calls and emails as well as follow-ups

Medical sales education

There is no college degree designed or geared at medical sales; some representatives do not even have a college degree, but instead years of sales experience that lead them to this point. states that one of the best ways to gain that experience is by obtaining an internship with a medical sales company.  They elaborate that internships are not just for college students and that anyone interested should seek one out.

That being said, having a degree in business, chemistry, biology, or other related fields can definitely give you a leg up.

One of the skills needed to be a successful rep is knowledge of the product, so if you have a background in the human body and science, it may be easier for you to learn the lingo.

Sample Education

La Salle University

Bachelor of Science in Biology, 2005-2009

Complete medical sales resume sample

Next is a photo of a job listing for a medical sales device representative.  We will briefly look at the job posting and follow it with a complete resume example and template.

The posting above is a typical listing for a medical sales representative.

It discusses building relationships with clients, meeting and exceeding sales quotas, and becoming knowledgeable about the company’s equipment.

The ability to multitask, work dependability, problem-solve and medical terminology knowledge round out the skills needed for this post.


Knowledgeable and skilled medical sales representative with a proven history of meeting and exceeding sales quotas is seeking work with a sales company to bring their expertise and apply techniques to garner and maintain current clients.


Medical Terminology | Communication Skills | Negotiation | Contract Writing | Cold Calls & emails | Detailed Oriented | Problem-Solving | Team Management

Work Experience

RoTech Healthcare, Inc.

Medical Sales Account Executive, 2014-2020

Oversaw the revenue, growth, and marketing for the companies core services and products, ensuring those in my region received the highest quality of service

  • Conducted daily sales calls to establish and maintain ongoing business
  • Oversaw eight representatives in my area
  • Region exceeded sales quotes in six of the last eight quarters
  • Increased sales overall by 12% in the region
  • Salesperson of the year for the region 2017

Gavi Medical

Medical Sales Representative, 2009-2014

Maintained ongoing business in my territory and added new clients by building relationships with hospitals, physicians’ offices, and clinic staff.

  • Created and completed weekly sales call schedule
  • Performed product demonstrations for doctors and staff
  • Answered physician and staff questions and concerns
  • Researched competition and stayed knowledgeable of trends in the market

Center for Vein Restoration

Medical Sales Representative, 2004-2009

Worked as part of a sales team to manage sales accounts with physicians, doctors’ offices, and private practices by effectively communicating information and product values.

  • Participated in weekly team meetings to discuss sales trends ideas and challenges
  • Participated in on-site visits to physicians and staff
  • Met or exceeded sales quotas in all but two quarters 
  • Awarded Top New Sales Representative award for 2005


University of Towson

Bachelor of Science in Business Systems & Processing, 2002-2004

  • Minor in Biology

Key Takeaways

Working in medical sales is a fast-paced and, at times, stressful career.   Working in sales often comes with long hours, travel, and odd schedules, but it can also be a rewarding experience for those who love to be on the go.

To successfully make your medical sales resume stand out, include numbers, details, and examples of specific skills you possess that will make you an asset to the company.

Utilize those action words and then back them up with the facts to who you have what it takes to make great sales.

  • A college degree is not needed, but many companies prefer one
  • Gaining experience in sales and medical offices will help 
  • Focus on one main area of sales and build from there 

Tips from Experts

“Your objective for each call should be to provide value for the patient, your product, and the practitioner. Apart from providing value to HCP and patient, you need to clearly outline what’s in it for your product and, ultimately, your company. How will selling to this practitioner help you achieve your overall budget?” -Emmauella Boner, Sales Representative, and Writer

“Big Data is everywhere. Take advantage of the accessibility of information to further educate your stakeholders. Share pertinent information, articles, and Web links that relate to your business segment, product, and surgical procedures.” -Anthony Troncale, Senior Medical Device Executive at Total Joint Orthopedics 

“It might not appear to be the right time to set career goals, but when you start as an entry-level sales representative, you should at least have a general idea about how you want your career to progress. You do not have to put time limits on when you want to advance as a pharmaceutical sales professional; you just need to craft a rough draft on where you want to go and how you plan to get there.” -Don Potochny, Freelance Business Writer


Medical sales is a highly coveted sales career path.  It is a steadily growing field and one that makes a salary well above the national average.

For those who love to work on their toes, engage with people, and have a naturally outgoing and persuasive nature, this may be the perfect fit for you.


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