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The medical office assistant plays a key role in how a clinic is run, as it is the first face patients see when walking through the door. 

There to process insurance forms, guide patients through medical processes, manage email correspondence and oversee the reception area – it is safe to say a good medical office assistant needs to possess certain skills.

In this guide, you will find a complete resume sample, tips, suggestions and guidance for how to write a strong medical office assistant resume to go with your next job application.

Resume objective for medical office assistants

Working as a medical office assistant requires you to be social, welcoming and likable, but also organized, meticulous and pay excellent attention to detail. You could be the reason a doctor’s visit turns pleasant or unpleasant for a patient, and have a direct impact on the return business for the clinic.

A resume objective is where you get to show who you are, what you can do, what you have done and what your career goals are. 

Out of the 17 resumes we surveyed when writing this article, 80% included a resume objective or a professional summary, leading us to the conclusion that this is something medical clinics tend to look for when hiring.

Try to come off highly professional when writing your resume objective, by mentioning your administrative experience, multitasking abilities, respect for the medical profession and your desire to grow as a professional. 

Make the resume objective something that shows an employer that you can be trusted, and that you have the organizational skills required to oversee charting systems and other health clinic duties.

In short – the resume objective is what will hopefully catch the hiring manager’s interest and keep him or her reading. 

According to the popular work site Monster, a medical office assistant resume objective should preferably be concise and hint at your working style and the type of employee you would be.

Sample Objective

Competent administrative professional with experience facilitating patient care, handling office administration and basic vital signs management. Organized, detail-oriented, quick-thinking, and positive, and ready for a new challenge and the next career step.

Resume skills for medical office assistants

The skill section of a medical office assistant resume can be a mix of soft and hard skills, but in our resume sampling we noted an inkling towards hard skills that highlight your experience.

Ask yourself – what can you do that would be useful in a medical office? Billing services and general accounting are commonly performed tasks, which requires good math skills and organizational abilities.

Computer skills and experience with programs like Excel and Microsoft Word are also desirable, along with leadership training, schedule management experience and patient record transcription.

Among your skills, you can also mention your education and relevant training. The Robertson College School of Business also brings up the benefit of having medical terminology knowledge, so if this is something you have – mention it!

We sampled 15 real job posts to see what employers tended to look for, and a lot of what we found pointed towards practical skills like experience with log books, schedules and telecommunication systems, but also personality traits like the ability to communicate effectively with staff and patients.  

Sample Skills

Driven | Ambitious | Meticulous | Schedule management | B.S. in Health Studies | Medical terminology | Microsoft Word & Excel | Insurance billing | Supply inventory | Medical transcription | Customer-service

Medical office assistant work experience

In our research, while surveying job posts, we noticed a clear preference for previous work experience in the field. Work experience often seemed more important than academic achievements, so this is a key section when writing a medical office assistant resume.

When we say work experience, we don’t necessarily mean experience working as a medical office assistant, as there are other jobs that are also valuable when listing. 

The easiest way to figure out which past jobs to list and which jobs to leave out is by considering any potentially transferable skills. In past employment – did any of the positions provide you with skills that would be useful when working as a medical office assistant?

Examples of jobs worth listing, other than medical office assistant jobs, are office jobs, medical clinics and anything involving record keeping, accounting, management and organization.

A study performed by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the medical office assistant profession is expected to grow with 19%  between the years of 2019-2029, which is significantly above average.

There was never a better time to group all your skills and past work experience and update your medical office assistant resume.

Sample Work Experience

Bellevue Medical Center, Bellevue, NE

Office Assistant, 2016 – 2020

Performed general office duties, served as a receptionist, received patients, pulled up patient records and handled payments and insurance claims.

  • Demonstrated excellent CSL skills and was given additional responsibilities within the workplace.
  • Introduced new software for scheduling appointments and record keeping, which improved overall efficiency.
  • Conducted a survey among patients with the purpose of improving the clinic routines and customer service.
  • Assisted the lead physician with minor medical procedures as needed and learned essential skills.

Deaconess Health System, Evansville, IN

Medical Office Assistant, 2014 – 2016

Coordinated patient payments, scheduled appointments, issued receipts, resolved issues and was responsible for phone-, email- and in-person correspondence with patients.

  • Developed a new workflow for the front office, to increase efficiency and reduce patient waiting times.
  • Successfully obtained knowledge in the handling of CMS 1500 claim forms and other legal documentation.
  • Became known as “the friendly front desk employee” and received daily compliments from patients.
  • Talked the patients through filling out forms and claims, to help reduce stress and discomfort.


Home Health Office Assistant, 2011 – 2014

Submitted prior authorization requests, filed paperwork, corresponded with vendors and worked closely with doctors and medical staff to provide top care for each patient. 

  • Handled approximately 250 calls (inbound and outbound) per workday.
  • Scheduled, organized and executed a student day for teenagers interested in attending medical school.
  • Digitalized the patient files to provide easier access and better organization.
  • Organized a fundraiser to raise money for seniors unable to afford medical care.

Medical office assistant education

Despite what you might think, only a High School diploma or GED is required to get a job as a medical office assistant! It is, of course, great if you have additional degrees to show off, but as long as you can list a High School diploma – you have a chance at getting hired.

Out of the 15 job posts we sampled, many did, however, express a preference for someone with an associate’s degree or higher in medical studies or medical assisting. 

A college or university education demonstrates a certain level of commitment and dedication, which are desirable skills for a medical office assistant.

For those who do have a college degree, listing your GPA is only a good idea if it is high, and otherwise it is smarter to leave it out. Also, if you are listing a higher degree, there is no need to list your High School diploma, but in the example below we will be showing you how to list both.

Sample Education

University of North Carolina, Grand Forks, ND

B.S in Health Studies, 2010 – 2014

  • GPA: 3.5

Edison High School, Fresno, CA

High School Diploma, 2007 – 2010


There are useful certifications for medical office assistants, and sometimes these certifications are obtained through extensive coursework. 

In the resumes we sampled, courses were generally not included, but you can absolutely add a couple of relevant courses if you think they could impress a hiring manager or aid you in getting a job.

We noticed the same tendency (or lack thereof) in the job posts we surveyed, and neither of our sampled job posts asked for a specific course or specific courses.

For those who already have work experience or a college degree in a related field, adding courses can easily seem somewhat redundant, but if you lack work experience or education – showing that you have gone the extra mile and taken administrative courses is a smart career move.

The below listed courses are only examples of what you could add to your resume, if you were to list coursework, but for most people – this section probably won’t be included on their medical office assistant resume.

Sample Courses

  • Medical Office Assistant Diploma Course
  • Medical Administrative Assistant Training
  • First Aid and CPR training (up-to-date)


You can opt for getting an optional certificate through the American Association of Medical Assistants, to show your future employer your commitment to the role, as it will allow you to present yourself as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA).

Being CMA certified is not a legal requirement to work as a medical office assistant, but it may or may not be desired by a clinic, company or individual employer. A CMA certification is obtained through coursework and a test.

Sample Certifications

  • Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)
  • National Healthcareer Association Certification (NHA)
  • Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CCMA)

Complete medical office assistant resume sample

If you have read this far – you are probably serious about perfecting your medical office assistant resume! When you write a resume, it is always important to tailor it to the job description or job post, and to show the employer that you have the qualities they seek.

The way to do this is to pay attention, which we will demonstrate below by providing a customized full sample resume adapted to the needs and requirements mentioned in the job post.

When reading through this job post, we notice right away that the educational requirements are low (High School Diploma or GED), but that they do prefer someone with 1-3 years of secretary experience.

Also, note how they use expressions like “may require,” which can be interpreted as being somewhat flexible if they find the right person. 

This is why it is so important to show your personality and passion in your resume objective and skill section, as it could make an employer look past the lack of specific experience or knowledge.

Medical Office Assistant


Caring and positive professional with CMA certification and first-aid training. Passionate about public health, healthcare and customer service, and dedicated to providing every patient with VIP treatment as soon as they walk through the door. Experience working in a medical office and a desire to continue learning. 


Problem-solver | Organized | Team player | Patient care | Billing | Scheduling | Medical terminology | Electronic medical records | Oral and written communication | Quick-learning | Passionate 

Work Experience

Williamston Clinic Corp, Williamston, NC

Clinic Office Assistant, 2016 – 2020

Checked patients in and out, answered the phone, scheduled appointments, rescheduled, kept the workspace clean and organized, received patients, collected fees and issued invoices. 

  • Learned over 100 patient names and backstories to provide a more personalized service.
  • Implemented a new system aimed at reaching out to patients 24 hours before appointments, to answer last-minute questions and provide reassurance.
  • Created chart tables to demonstrate changes in patient attendance from month to month.
  • Invented a unique greeting routine for children, to reduce fear and anxiety in young patients.

UNC, Charlotte, NC

Medical Test Scheduler, 2014 – 2016

Responsible for all incoming correspondence, made patient appointments with the corresponding medical professional, sent out test information, managed documentation and answered phones.

  • Rewrote the test information to make it easier to read for those without medical experience, which resulted in an increase in patients signing up for testing.
  • Set up a new scheduling system to simplify the mourning routine for the medical staff.
  • Became the first medical test scheduler to assist with physical testing and medical routines.
  • Received praise for efficient email handling and exceptional organizational skills.

Melwood, Arlington, VA

Receptionist, 2012 – 2014

Assisted and greeted visitors, scheduled meetings, made conference room reservations, printed schedules, reviewed inventory orders, took messages and maintained appropriate security protocols.

  • Offered a full time position after the first year, despite the company policy being no promotions before completing two years of employment. 
  • Oversaw the delivery of supplies and detected the source of inventory inconsistencies.
  • Facilitated company communication by implementing a new communication tool and software.
  • Discovered and alerted to an opportunity to lower the costs of office cleaning supplies, which saved the company 48% of the original costs per month.


  • CMAA


Phelps High School, Washington, D.C.

High School Diploma, 2010 – 2013


  • Medical Administrative Assistant Training

Key Takeaways

The dream of working in a medical environment can be fulfilled also without years of medical school studies, and many with a passion for health care choose to work as medical office assistants. 

When you write your resume, having relevant work experience is important, but so is coming across as an organized individual who is compassionate and cares about others. 

Always proofread your resume before sending it out, as typos, grammar mistakes and spelling errors can come across as unprofessional and careless, which is the opposite of what you want your future employer to see.

  • Experience working as a secretary, assistant, in administration or in a business environment is desirable on a medical office assistant resume, and especially medical office work experience. 
  • Obtaining CMA/CMAA certification is optional, but being a certified medical assistant will both prepare you for working as a medical office assistant, and look great on your resume.
  • If you know medical terminology, don’t forget to mention this on your resume as it is a simple yet effective way to catch the hiring manager’s interest. 

Tips from Experts

“Before you make your resume, you probably want to have a couple of things that would be beneficial for you to put on it. You want to start them as soon as possible, before you are building your resume, and going into the medical assisting field.” – Manda the CMA, Certified Medical Assistant & Blogger

“This is a career that requires good people skills. You need to be patient, understanding and a careful listener. You also need good administrative skills. Medical office assistants often manage appointments scheduled, organize patient medical records and handle transcriptions, book keeping and the processing of medical insurance claims.” – Lane Community College

“It is very nerve wracking to dive into a field where you don’t have any idea about anything. All my past work experiences had nothing to do with this and it is so nerve wracking! But you know what? Once you dive in – that’s the hardest part of it. Anything after that will be so easy for you.” – Jhe Campbell, Medical Office Assistant


The medical office assistant keeps the business running smoothly, and enables doctors, nurses and medical practitioners to work efficiently and to continue helping people with their health. 

It is often a fast-paced job that requires skills, patience and the ability to multitask, and to get a job, you need a resume that shows your willingness to work hard and take on such responsibility. 

Be assertive and be confident, while also showing compassion and reliability, and highlight all your top skills.


In addition to our own expertise as professional resume consultants, for every resume guide we write, we curate dozens of recent job postings and resumes to make sure all our recommendations align with current trends for each specific industry and career path. Learn more about our methodology here. 

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Michelle Reed | Sr. Resume Advisor

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