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Electrical work is the most highly regulated in the workforce – because it is potentially dangerous. But it is a highly paid profession, and right now, there is a growing shortage of electricians. 

This means job prospects are good. But to get the job you want, you’ll have to write a compelling resume that helps you stand out. 

We are here to help you, and you’ll find a full sample resume in this article. 

Resume objective for a journeyman electricians

The resume objectives for apprentice electricians, journeyman electricians, and master electricians will be quite different from one another. 

As a journeyman electrician, you’ll be senior to an apprentice, but you won’t have anywhere near the experience or responsibilities of a master electrician. You also won’t be required to have the same licenses as your seniors. 

But, according to Monster, with job opportunities growing, you’re going to have to give your resume a boost, by energizing it and making sure it is literally wired for success.

Monster, like most of the top recruitment companies, believes that a resume objective, if written the right way, can make or break your resume. 

We scanned through dozens of job postings for journeyman electricians to see what employers might be looking for in future employees. 

In all employment sectors, successful performance was considered vital. Responsibility, management skills, knowledge of safety issues, and zero defect policies were also prominent. 

While you don’t have to include a resume objective at the beginning of your document, it’s certainly a good place to acknowledge that you recognize the risks and need for safety and learned skills applicable to the job. 

This objective is for a job in the irrigation industry. 

Sample Objective

Responsible journeyman electrician with four years of experience in the industry. Ready and able to install and repair electrical systems and hydraulic, pneumatic, and electronic components of industrial equipment and machinery. Safety is always a priority. 

Resume skills for a journeyman electricians

A journeyman electrician is literally an electrician who is on his journey from apprentice to master electrician. This means that you will have already learned many of the vital skills needed for the job, but you are still learning.

Clearly, all electricians need good eye-hand coordination, good manual dexterity, and an aptitude for maths. They often work in tight spaces with small wires. Creative problem-solving skills are also useful. 

While you will continue to add skills to your resume as you do more in journeyman electrician jobs, each time you apply for a job you will need to show that you have the right skills for that particular position. 

ZipRecruiter has a Career Keyword Mapper that identifies the most important skills related to journeyman electrician jobs. If you use these as keywords in your resume, you might improve your job prospects. But they do need to relate to skills that you have achieved.

In addition to the no-brainer electrician and journeyman keywords, top skills mentioned in job posts include electricity, blueprint reading, conduit work, hand tools, wiring, and electrical wiring. Motorizing and NEC electrical codes are also mentioned fairly often. 

That said, you will need to use keywords that appear in the ad you are responding to. 

Sample Skills

Solar power | Compliance | Troubleshooting | Advanced electrical calculations | Computer skills | NEC electrical codes | Volt-meters | Electrical schematics | Wire and conduit work

Journeyman electrician work experience

We mentioned keywords above. When large companies hire journeyman electricians they sometimes use applicant tracking systems (ATS) that recognize keywords in applications and resumes. 

If they do, and you haven’t used the keywords they have used in their job postings, you might never make the all-important job interview. 

We looked at dozens of journeyman electrician resumes and realized that many of them appeared to have ignored the importance of keywords. On the other hand, those that stood out to us were the ones that identified with the keywords mentioned in each specific job post. 

Just remember that you can’t just pop keywords into your resume, you need to make sure they are relevant to the job you are applying for. 

But if you can relate your previous experience to the job you are applying for, via keywords, use them. 

Certainly, all journeyman electrician jobs have a lot in common, so it shouldn’t be difficult. Have another look at the keywords mentioned in the previous section on skills. 

Sample Work Experience


Electrician Journeyman, 2018 – 2020

Planned, laid out, installed, and repaired wiring, conduit, electrical fixtures, apparatus, and control equipment. Installed control and distribution apparatus including switches, relays, and circuit-breaker panels. 

  • Prepared sketches that showed the location of wiring and equipment.
  • Followed complicated blueprints to ensure concealed wiring was installed before completion of walls, ceilings, and flooring. 
  • Permitted to rate information using my personal judgment or knowledge of standards that could be measured or checked. 
  • Excelled in performing arithmetic operations and analysis of 3D drawings. 

Hampton Lumberyard, OR

Journeyman Electrician, 2017 – 2018

Repaired, maintained, and sometimes operated the equipment within the lumberyard’s work center. Kept the equipment running safely and efficiently by scheduling preventative maintenance and constantly troubleshooting issues that threatened to interrupt operations. 

  • Established an excellent working relationship with the maintenance, production, and management personnel in the company. 
  • Proved that I had the capacity to handle work order systems, machine histories, scheduling, warehousing, and related maintenance fields. 
  • Commended for my proficient use of all the tools or the trade as well as exemplary communications skills. 
  • Mentored four interns in the Clatsop Works Internship program. 

Interstates, SD

Apprentice Electrician Intern, 2016 (summer placement) 

Responsible for  basic functions including measuring, cutting, and bending wire and conduit, operating various tools of the trade, and installing conductors using power and manual equipment. 

  • Permitted to perform minor repairs including replacement of fuses, light sockets, bulbs, and switches. 
  • Assisted master electricians in lifting, positioning, and fastening wiring, conduit, motors, and other equipment. 
  • Disassembled defective electrical equipment and motors using hand tools. 
  • Was responsible for regular housekeeping duties and safety precautions. 

Journeyman electrician education

Generally, only a high school diploma or equivalent GED is required to become an apprentice electrician. Once the apprenticeship is complete, and the learner electrician has learned the basics of the trade, the journey continues to the position of journeyman electrician. 

There are some trade schools and community colleges that have courses for electricians. However, according to the US Bureau of Standards, most electricians learn via apprenticeships. 

This process takes about four years, sometimes longer, but those who do attend a technical school ultimately get higher wages. 

Either way, there is no doubt that practical on-the-job experience is considered to be the best education for a journeyman electrician. 

Most states require electricians to be licensed, which entails additional learning and experience. Once licensed, you may be officially referred to as a journeyman electrician. 

Journeymen electricians don’t have the same autonomy as master electricians, and even though they can usually work independently in some states they cannot issue permits or plan a complete electrical system. 

Your local electrical trade regulatory agency will be able to supply more information in terms of legal requirements. 

Sample Education

Penn Foster

Residential Electrician Diploma, 2019 – 2020

  • Online apprentice level course

The College System of Tennessee

National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), 2015 – 2018

  • Electrician apprenticeship training to become a journeyman
  • On passing the State of Tennessee’s exam, I received the Electrical Contracting (CE) certificate, A through L


Since all you need is a high school diploma to enter the world of electricians, it makes sense to consider relevant courses while studying in high school.

If you missed the boat, then you might want to look around for short courses that will help you catch up on what you need to be successful. 

Courses to consider include mathematics, physics, and various other technical sciences. While local community colleges and vocational schools offer programs for high school learners, you might need to look for continuing education courses instead. 

If you’ve already gotten started and are looking for a job as a journeyman electrician, chances are you’re going to learn a whole lot more on the job than by messing about taking courses. Nevertheless, they are an option, and they might help you pass license and certification exams. 

Continuing education courses are designed to help electricians keep up-to-speed with local codes, CPR etc. These can be immensely helpful and look good on a resume. 

Sample Courses

  • Maths
  • Continuing education local codes & CPR


After four years of apprenticeship, electricians become journeymen and can be licensed in the state where they are working. Even though they work under a master electrician, a licensed journeyman can work independently.

The licensing requirements vary from state to state, including the number of hours apprentices must work before they qualify for the competency exam. 

For instance, according to the online, in Colorado, apprentices must complete at least 8,000 hours of electrical construction wiring for power, heat, and lights, with at half of these in commercial or industrial environments. 

In Texas, they can get a license if they have done 7,000 hours of training or 3.5 years of experience as a journeyman lineman for an electric utility, an electrical contractor, or a municipal utility. 

The Virginia-based Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) offers certification to graduates of the four-year IEC apprentice training program and US Department of Labor journeymen who work for IEC contractors. 

The IEC Certified Professional Electrician (CPE) credential doesn’t replace state licenses, but it does maximize career opportunities and earning potential. 

Practical and written exams are held in various parts of the country including Georgia, Los Angeles, Ohio, and Texas, and in other states where the IEC has chapters. 

Sample Certifications

  • Journeyman state license

Complete journeyman electrician resume sample

To show you how to tailor a resume for a specific job application, we chose an advert posted by Greiner Electric in Colorado. Having sampled a large number of job posts, we felt that this one had a good cross-section of the kinds of duties and responsibilities required of a journeyman electrician.  

As you will see, the position calls for a journeyman with a high school diploma and a Colorado license. 

Responsibilities include the installation and repair of electrical systems in commercial and industrial settings. In addition to being able to do the hands-on work, it is important that the journeyman can work from electrical drawings and specifications. 

Good communication skills and team spirit is required.

Part of the job description entails overseeing apprentices and staying up-to-date with changing technology by attending continuing education programs. 

Journeyman Electrician


Licensed journeyman electrician from Colorado. Highly professional and communicative. Theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. Happy tackling complicated electrical problems. Loyal team worker. 


Electrical wiring | Blueprint reading | Compliance | Troubleshooting | NEC Codes | Specialized testing | Effective communication | Goal-orientated | Hand and power tools | Physically strong and fit

Work Experience

ElectriCall, CO

Journeyman Electrician, 2020

Undertook commercial and residential wiring jobs. Work included remodeling, repairs, and new service. Testing and troubleshooting electrical and electronic equipment. Completed extensive paperwork, including inventories for all jobs. 

  • Completed Continuing education classes for code updates and CPR as required in my work contract.
  • Implemented energy-efficient solutions that saved the company thousands of dollars.
  • Promoted good relationships with clients that resulted in a large number of referrals.
  • Earned a reputation for expertise in complex troubleshooting. 

Duro Electric, CO

Apprentice Electrician, 2019

Performed, laid out, installed, and repaired wiring, electrical fixtures, apparatus, and control equipment. Planned new and modified installations. Prepared sketches showing the location of wiring and equipment. 

  • Completed my year’s apprenticeship understanding, upholding, and promoting the CSG’s four Critical Success Factors: safety, financial success, employee and customer satisfaction. 
  • Practised planning and installing wiring with the least wastage of materials possible. 
  • Repaired 16 faulty wiring systems under supervision.
  • Encouraged by my employer to get my license and become a journeyman asap – which I did. 


  • A journeyman state license issued by the Colorado State Electrical Board in 2019


Michigan State University

Electrical Apprenticeship Online Program – certificate of completion, 2015 – 2018


  • Mathematics
  • Continuing education course on Colorado codes, October 2019
  • Continuing education course on CPRs, December 2018

Key Takeaways

The job of a journeyman electrician is halfway between being an apprentice and a master electrician. You have some experience as an apprentice and possibly as a journeyman, but you’ll need a lot more before you can become a master. 

  • Electrical work is potentially dangerous, which is why it is highly regulated. As a journeyman electrician, you will need to be licensed. You are also eligible for certification which will help your resume stand. 
  • Because of the nature of the job, journeyman electricians are expected to be skilled workers who are patient, polite, and punctual. You need to paint a picture in your resume of a professional who is attentive and meticulous in terms of detail. People’s lives depend on you.
  • While work experience is important, unless you have previously been employed as a journeyman electrician, your experience will be limited to jobs you completed during your apprenticeship and training. You will need to show on your resume that you have the skills and ability to do the job. Any experience you can show will help. 

Tips from Experts

“Your electrician resume is your opportunity to introduce yourself to potential employers. You want to make an impression he will not soon forget. It is your only chance to stand out from the crowd. So, you have to make sure it commands attention. You have to make sure it is a resume that will not be put down until after the potential employer has called you in for an interview.” – Dusten Huebner, Electrician Information Resources 

“The summary profile (resume objective) in a technical resume is a summary that is two to four sentences to tell the recruiter who you are in the present sense, with a value-added statement. Your strengths and your skills, in which environments you have worked in. Do not use a job objective.” – Bill Benoist, Career Coach, Silicon Valley

“As an apprentice, you are a helper. As a journeyman,  you are no longer a liability. You are now an asset to the company. You can go out and do work on your own, working under a master.  You’re getting paid more to figure things out.” – Dustin Stelzer, Licenced Master Electrician, Electrician U Podcast


Whether you are a newly qualified journeyman electrician or already have a few years of experience that count towards your journey to becoming a master, this is an exciting time. Don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm when you craft your resume. 

Use the information we have given you as best you can, and remember that keywords can be particularly important if you don’t have much experience other than your apprenticeship. Highlighting achievements during this period is an excellent way to draw attention to your skills.


In addition to our own expertise as professional resume consultants, for every resume guide we write, we curate dozens of recent job postings and resumes to make sure all our recommendations align with current trends for each specific industry and career path. Learn more about our methodology here. 

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