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Almost every workplace, apartment building, shopping mall, and factory has a janitor, and it is an often well-paid job that rarely gets boring. Janitors are always in demand and are likely to remain in-demand as we are moving into a more digitalized era. It is an underestimated profession that is beginning to receive the attention it deserves.

Janitor work is usually considered entry-level – a job where no specific education is required. This could result in positions filling up fast and even experienced janitors struggling to find work. How do we get around this potential issue? With a strong and noticeable janitor resume. 

We are about to dive head-first into everything you need to know about writing janitor resumes! We will start with tips and suggestions for each section, and end with a full resume example. Let’s get that janitor job!

Resume objective for janitor

What would we do without janitors? It is the janitor that handles everything that goes on in the background, and the person who ensures things run smoothly and fixes things that break. 

We call janitors when we are experiencing issues or when we need specific tasks carried out, and we expect them to have a solution for almost everything.

In reality, nobody can do everything, but the more skills you possess, the better suited you will be for a job as a janitor. Hiring managers will look for a man or a woman who “can do it all,” and isn’t afraid to work hard.  

A janitor’s role is often to handle facility maintenance, and this tends to include anything from cleaning to the tasks of plumbers, painters, maintenance specialists, and more. You need to know how to clean windows, unclog a toilet, fix leaking pipes, repair what breaks, take direction, and work independently.

Having a person on the premises who knows these things will save time and money, so list all relevant skills in this section to prove you are a person they can rely on no matter the situation. The resume objective is your chance to showcase every skill and experience that would make you a great janitor.

Sample Objective

Handyman with 12+ years of experience in janitorial work areas. Very organized, dedicated, and friendly. Safety-oriented, able to lift over 70lbs, skilled painter, and background working in private office buildings, schools, commercial centers, and factories. Welcomes challenges and hard work.

Resume skills for janitors

When seeking work as a janitor, the hiring manager will look for someone with a broad set of skills. Your future employer does not want to have to call someone whenever they need a plumber, electrician or painter, and they want a janitor who can handle most basic maintenance tasks.

If you have electrical repair skills, that tends to be desirable for fixing light switches, light bulbs, wiring, and blown fuses, and general repair skills are perfect for when the AC breaks down on a hot day, or for when a table at the office won’t stop wobbling.

Plumbing skills show your future employer that you will be able to handle a clogged pipe, a flooded bathroom, repairs, and installations, and if you know how to paint and plaster – great! Don’t forget to add it to your resume.

Sample Skills

Facility maintenance | Yard maintenance | Lawn mowing | Painting | Repairs | Basic plumbing | Plastering | Heavy lifting | Communicative | Safety-oriented | Organized | Multitasker | Hard-working | Motivated

Janitor work experience

You can’t study to become a good janitor, as practice tends to make perfect, which is why a hiring manager will mostly base their decision on skills and work experience. If you list relevant skills and back it up with experience to confirm your expertise – you are significantly closer to getting hired. 

Many employers do provide training for their new janitors, so it is not a requirement to have an extensive list of work experience, but it will help your resume stand out from the rest. If you seem to require minimal training, that will save your employer both money and time.

Jobs related to maintenance, cleaning, repairs, construction, and similar are highly relevant for a janitor position, but you can also list other jobs. Think back to what you added in the skill section – did you acquire these skills from a past job position? List them here.

Sample Work Experience

Crystal Springs Apartments, Silver Spring, MD

Maintenance custodian, 2015 – 2019

Cleaned public areas such as hallways and stairs, removed snow during winter, performed plumber tasks for those living in the apartment complex, and lived on the premises to provide around-the-clock assistance.

  • Reduced theft and break-ins on the premises by revising doors and locks after dark.
  • Implemented an inventory system for cleaning and maintenance equipment to reduce costs for the apartment complex owners.
  • Discovered a security flaw on the premises and alerted the security staff, which prevented a serious robbery attempt.
  • Successfully fixed a broken pipe and prevented a water leak from causing irreparable damage to the wooden floorboards.

Wilson High School, Washington, D.C.

Janitor, 2011 – 2015

Performed minor repairs to the heating system, plumbing, AC, ventilation, and furniture, and kept sports field lawns mowed, hallways clean, and kept close to 2,000 students safe by following appropriate safety standards.

  • Installed better outdoor lighting for improved safety and facilitated vigilance.
  • Assisted a student with epilepsy during a seizure, for which the school received a generous donation from the student’s parents.
  • Took the initiative to organize a formal introduction with the school students, to make sure they felt safe.
  • Lowered the costs of maintenance by pointing out unnecessary expenses included in the budget.

Plaza Hotel, Baltimore, MD

Janitor, 2008 – 2011

On-call for maintenance jobs ordered by both staff and clients. Responsible for the maintenance of both rooms, hallways, outdoor areas, and the building itself, and assisted the cleaning crew with window cleaning and other demanding cleaning tasks.

  • Trained two rookie janitors to meet the standards of the hotel and to be able to execute all the janitor duties successfully.
  • Successfully repaired the AC unit during an important meeting in the conference room, and saved the company from losing a significant amount of money.
  • Implemented a new report system for material used and money spent on maintenance material, which saved the hotel 43% every month.
  • Created schedules to improve structure and efficiency and get tasks done on time, also on busy days.

Janitor education

You don’t necessarily need educational qualifications to be a janitor, and it is almost always enough to have a High School diploma or your GED certificate. 

Some employers might not even require this, which some successful janitors can attest to, but if you have completed High School, a GED or higher education, we recommend that you list it.

The reason why education is less important when you seek janitor employment is that you learn most skills through experience. 

Despite its low requirements, though, janitor work tends to be surprisingly well paid, which is why so many gravitate towards it.

Sample Education

Eisenhower High School, Russell, PA

High School Diploma, 2001 – 2004


You might not fill in this section when looking for work as a janitor, as additional courses are not usually required. However, if you have taken any type of maintenance, safety, cleaning, or repair-based course, it could give you an advantage.

Some companies do put their new employees in training, so if you have gone through a training program as a part of previous employment – consider if you could (and should) add these.

Below is only an example of what you could add to this section, but otherwise just leave it out of your resume. Remember, you should only list relevant courses, as your future employer probably doesn’t care if you have taken a bartender course and know how to mix a perfect Margarita.

Sample Courses

  • Cleaning to Perfection General Office Cleaning Training
  • Certified Janitorial Safety Training
  • Hard Floor Care Training Program


Certifications are great if you have them, but not necessary if you don’t. You can get certified in many different areas related to janitor work, including emergency and evacuation procedures, general janitorial safety, and cleaning.

An excellent place to start looking is at CMI (Cleaning Management Institute) and ISSA if you are interested in getting certified. Certifications can be great if you feel you lack work experience, but if you have been doing janitor work for some time, then your work experience section will probably speak for itself.

Sample Certifications

  • Certified Custodial Technician (C.C.T.)
  • GED certification
  • Certified Janitorial Safety Training

Complete janitor resume sample

When you start scanning the internet for job opportunities, you will find hundreds (if not thousands) of ads. Step one is to find the right job post and adapt your resume to it, and we will show you how. The following is a real job ad for a janitor, and below you will find a tailored resume sample as if we were applying for the job.

The above job post is a good reminder that janitors are needed everywhere. This correctional facility is looking for a person who can clean and perform maintenance tasks, and they need someone physically strong and able to carry heavy objects. 

Preferably, they also want someone with leadership skills and they require no previous experience.



Hard-working and experienced professional seeking the janitor position at Hawaii State Judiciary. Over 10 years of experience, strong work ethics, and physically fit; plumber-, electrician-, and general handyman skills and a desire to become an essential member of a team.


Electrical skills | English & Spanish | Experience with power tools | Organized | Excellent time management | Physically strong | Plumber experience | Team-work oriented | Honest | Hard-working

Work Experience

Janitor, 2014 – 2020

Kept outside areas clean and well-kept by removing garbage, leaves, branches and more, and was responsible for any repairs to water tanks, plumbing or AC units. Was part of a big cleaning operation to get the rooms ready for the tourist season.

  • Successfully sanitized and cleaned over 200 hotel rooms in less than a week.
  • Created a safety pamphlet for new janitors and maintenance personnel, to reduce the risk of injury on the job. 
  • Trained the new janitor who would take over after I left the position.
  • Came up with a way to use a phone application when delegating the tasks among the hotel management team.

North Hawaii Community Hospital, Waimea, HI

Janitor, 2005 – 2011

Was part of a team of 8 janitors and maintenance workers, and worked night shifts to perform essential repairs to the hospital lighting, air conditioning in the rooms and other tasks. 

  • Was part of forming a new rotation system for maintenance workers, that helped prevent burn-out and increased efficiency in the tasks performed.
  • Reduced the monthly cost of cleaning supplies with $1500 by finding products that met the same standards but cost less.
  • Helped condition the break room for janitors and management staff, which helped promote healthy work habits and reduce stress.
  • Resolved a critical situation where a section of the hospital lost power and successfully prevented a potentially life-threatening situation for the patients.


  • Certified Maintenance Employee (CME)
  • IMI Certification


Henry J Kaiser High School, Honolulu, Hawaii

GED Certification, 2001 – 2004


  • Mechanical Drive Maintenance
  • Chemical Hazards: OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard
  • Tubing & Hose System Maintenance
  • Electrical Safety and Protection

Key Takeaways

Never underestimate the importance of having a good janitor on the premises, and value yourself and your profession by putting together a comprehensive janitor resume. 

You are the person who keeps things up and running – literally, and you want to build your resume around the skills you possess that your future employee could benefit from. Experience speaks for itself when it comes to maintenance work, but you also have to know how to highlight your best assets.

  • Demonstrate a wide range of relevant skills, and show that you are willing to continue learning. 
  • You don’t have to have a formal education in maintenance work, but you need physical stamina and be willing to work hard.
  • Reliability, independence, and problem-solving skills are essential when you work as a janitor or in maintenance. 

Tips from Experts

“What can really set you apart from people is communication and organization. Show your organizational skills.” – Michael Ward, Leadership Coordinator, and Trainer

“The job objective statement is very important because it communicates to an employer the type of job you are seeking.” – Don Georgevich, Founder of Simple Hiring System


Janitor work is not easy, as it requires a lot of physical labor, long hours, and flexibility. Still, it offers a unique opportunity to form an essential part of a company or operation. Maintenance work suits a person who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty, willing to continue learning on the job, and is service-minded and eager to assist.

There are few requirements for someone to acquire work as a janitor, but that doesn’t mean you can be lazy with your resume. With so many applicants, a janitor’s resume needs to have that little extra that makes the hiring manager pause and think: “Wow, this person would be a great fit.”



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