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IT consulting is not a simple career, but to put it in simple terms, IT consultants help businesses resolve their IT problems, advise on making technical purchases, and help companies decide on tech strategy decisions.

There are areas of IT that you, as a consultant, may wish to focus on, such as sales, cybersecurity, or cloud computing.

IT consultants may work for a business directly, as part of a company that supplies IT services, or as independent contractors.  

Your resume’s goal is to showcase your technical proficiency in your specific IT area and convince employers or clients that you are the best fit for their needs.

Resume objective for an IT consultant

When writing your objective for an IT consultant resume, there are two main areas you shud focus on.

Based on 10+ resumes read for this article, it is important to highlight IT problems or challenges you found, corrected, or eliminated.

The second area commonly covered on resumes read include mentioning proactive work people had done to prevent problems or technological glitches.  

You should write your objective statement to match the position you are applying for by mentioning the achievements most closely related to the job. 

Sample Objective

Skilled IT Consultant with expertise in security and eight years of experience seeks a new position to bring their knowledge of phishing and risk management.   Designed and administered phishing training throughout the business and ran security incident response and business continuity exercises.

Resume skills for an IT Consultant

Whether you are working as an independent contractor and applying to an individual client or applying to work for an IT consulting firm, your skillset will be similar.

According to Workable, those skills include designing IT systems and networks, supporting IT systems, collaborating with in-house staff, supporting new technology and implementation, and providing strategic advice.

Prospective employers and clients will look to see that you have experience with various databases and operating systems and experience with project management.  Knowledge of basic coding is useful, as well.

Soft-skills prospective employers will want to see include creativity, problem-solving, time management, curiosity, communication, and collaboration.

The most important thing to remember when listing your skills is to keep it succinct and to list those that are most applicable to the job you are applying for.  That may mean changing your skills sections for each application.

Sample Skills

IP Setup | JavaScript | Python | Cloud Systems Administration | Information Management | Digital Communications | Time Management | Scheduling

IT consultant work experience

Work as an IT consultant is likely to lead you in one direction or another. Since IT is such a broad range of categories and expertise you willy likely hone in on one area and progress from there.

Many IT consultants work for larger firms that are then outsourced to large businesses. Some large companies also have a complete in-house IT team. It is also possible you make work as an independent consultant for smaller businesses that do not have an IT department.

Often in IT you do not work at the same site everyday. You will likely have a central office you report to, but IT consultants should be prepared to travel and make in person visits to clients on a regular basis.

Sample Work Experience


IT Consultant, 2015-2020

Worked as part of a dedicated team to provide IT security and technical solutions to clients.  

  • Conducted standards-based risk assessments
  • Recommended new equipment to increase productivity
  • Created and maintained written security policies and procedures
  • Stayed current on developments for security, compliance, and risk management

Booz Allen Hamilton

IT Consultant, 2012-2015

As a consulting team member, I worked to support our clients’ portfolio management, data management, data governance, and legislative compliance.

  • Worked extensively with Microsoft Office to prepare presentations
  • Oversaw project and software department budgets, managed multiple development projects simultaneously
  • Identified bottlenecks in development processes and facilitated usage of advanced technologies
  • Successfully used time management to delegate and prioritize projects and tasks


Technical consultant, 2010-2012

Implemented Adobe campaigns on time and within budget for clients using databases, technologies, and programming languages. 

  • Collaborated with other Adobe consultants and other marketing clouds solutions
  • Traveled up to 50 miles to work directly with clients
  • Used Javascript and SQL
  • Performed presentations as needed to senior technical advisors and business executives

IT consultant education

Employers will be looking for someone with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a computer science-related field. points out that your degree should include coursework in areas such as information security, programming, web development, data structures, software engineering, systems architecture, and networking.

Sample Education

Full Sail University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2008-2012


If seeking certification is not an option right now, or you want to learn some specialized skills in a less intense environment, some additional coursework is a solid choice. 

Placing specialized courses on your resume related to the position you are seeking will show employers that you have knowledge and skills, in particular, IT areas.

While courses won’t provide the same panache as a certification, they show a dedication to the field.

Sites such as Coursera, Udemny, and LinkedIn Learning all offer courses for IT professionals at varying costs and lengths. 

Udemy also provides courses intended to help to pass certifications that include sample quizzes.  Though you wouldn’t list prep courses on a resume, they are a valuable tool that is available. 

Sample Courses

  • Advanced C++ Programming
  • Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals


There are no certifications required to work as an IT consultant, but obtaining certifications in specialized areas will likely make your resume stand out to prospective employers. 

Both Microsoft and Apple offer certifications in IT or as support specialists.  

Becoming Agile Scrum certified is another way to show employers you are skilled in project management.

Robert Half, one of the country’s top recruiting agencies, has a detailed list of certifications that are useful for IT professionals.  

Their list includes certifications for networking, security, cloud computing, management, helpdesk, and database. 

Once you know the area of IT consulting you wish to focus on, selecting some certifications to put under your belt will not only provide you with extra tools, but it will make your resume look more professional.

Sample Certifications

  • Apple Certified Support Professional
  • HDI Support Center Certification

Complete IT consultant resume sample

Now that we have covered the information that should be included on an IT consultant resume, we will take a look at an actual job posting.

Following the job posting, there will be a complete resume example and template.

This job posting specifies the technical skills they are seeking and the fact that they want someone with a minimum of 2-3 years experience.

This job is geared towards software consultants specifically. When applying for this position, it would be important to highlight your expertise in the specific applications, technologies, and software programs mentioned.


Veteran consultant with a strong background in IT and software development seeks a position to apply their expert knowledge of designing, testing, implementing, and solving IT software concerns and issues. 


Oracle | PeopleSoft | AutoCad | SketchUp | NET | SOAP | Python | Django | Ruby on Rails | Analytical Thinking | Agile | Project Management  

Work Experience

ICAM Identity Management

IT Software Developer, 2014- Current

Developed code to support existing and new products and services for the agency’s clients.

  • Analyzed business application requirements
  • Recommended and executed improvements to products/services
  • Created technical documentation for reference and reporting
  • Wrote code, testing, and debugging software applications 


IT Specialist, 2010-2014

Assisted information engineers in coding, testing, implementation, and documentation of projects.  

  • Established and maintained security, integrity, and business continuity controls and documents.
  • Analyzed, identified, and resolved business and or technical problems using appropriate tools.
  • Participated in special studies and stayed current on emerging tools, techniques, and technologies.
  • Applied metrics to monitor performance and measure key project criteria


IT Administrator, 2003-2010

Maintained both Windows and Linux based programs, provided user support, and recommended creative methods and solutions for system administration, networking, and IT-related tasking.

  • Built, patched, and maintained servers
  • Designed, integrated, deployed, and tested network devices
  • Drafted technical requirements, configuration management, and planning documentation.
  • Developed and maintain installation, configuration, and operational procedures.


  • Oracle Certified
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Microsoft Technology Professional


DeVry University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology & Networking, 1999-2003

  • Concentration in Information systems and programming

Key Takeaways

A degree in computer science is the base degree most people in this field will seek.  Once completed, seek out the area of IT you would like to focus on and begin gaining the experience and certifications needed.

Experience goes a long way in this field, so the more skills you have under your belt, the more likely your resume is to stand out to potential clients.

While IT is consulting is, at heart, a technical career, possessing soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and collaboration will help individuals reach their goals and become proficient project managers.

  • A college degree is required
  • Certifications are useful but not necessary
  • Most consultants focus on a particular area of IT

Tips from Experts

“Your value increases the deeper you go, and conversely, actively manage yourself away from industry specializations that don’t interest you. At the same time, though, don’t neglect the emerging technologies and methodologies that will keep you attractive to a broad range of client and assignment types.” -Steve Perkins, U.S. and Global Managing Director of Technology Industry Practice at Grant Thornton.

“In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.” – Harold Geneen, Former President of ITT Corporation

“What you must be able to do is effectively communicate what value you’ll bring to the organization and how you’ll be able to solve the problem the client is facing. You’ll also want to be able to clearly convey how you’ve solved business issues in your prior roles, whether in full-time or contract positions.”   -Jim Johnson, Senior Vice President at IT staffing firm Robert Half Technology.


As computers and technology become a larger part of our lives, there will be more opportunities for tech-based careers.  

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects an 11% job growth in computer-based careers by 2029.  That is much higher than the average projected job growth of 3.7%

With that level of projected job growth and job security, IT consulting is an excellent career choice for anyone interested in technology and computers.


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Michelle Reed | Sr. Resume Advisor

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