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A football coach is a vital part of the sport, and a key player when it comes to the success of the team. 

The coach prepares for upcoming football seasons, analyzes opponent strategies, inspires and motivates the players, teaches fundamentals and acts as the indispensable captain and commander of a football team.

This guide demonstrates how to write a top-level football coach resume with examples and tips, and a complete resume sample.

Resume objective for football coaches

Being a football coach is a responsibility few can tackle, as the coach needs to be an expert team leader with skills and experience creating game plans and practice plans. Your first chance of proving yourself is in your football coach resume objective.

We surveyed dozens of football coach resumes and noticed a clear preference for including a resume objective. It serves as your first contact with your future employer. 

According to the Princeton Review, teaching skills and being a good teacher is crucial for a football coach, so don’t forget to show off your teaching abilities when writing a football coach objective.

Words like capable, driven, goal-oriented and persevering are ones you can’t go wrong with, but you should also mention your experience as a sports coach and any game plan expertise you possess.

A Bachelor’s degree tends to be required when applying for a job as a football coach, and we recommend briefly mentioning it here. 

If you played football in High School or college, think back to your favorite coach. What made him or her so special? Whatever it was, you want your future employer to see those qualities in your resume objective.

Sample Objective

Communicative, dedicated, and driven college football coach with 5+ years of experience. Passionate about teaching, a natural leader, and a profound love of the sport. Devoted to mentoring and guiding with the eye always set on the prize.

Resume skills for football coaches

Before you can get a job, you need to know why you should get the job, and what kind of football coach you are. There are a few things all football coaches need to know, but there must be something about you to make you stand out?

Why should they hire you instead of one of the other applicants? As mentioned by We Make Footballers, a coach needs to know how to spot talent and develop it, but what other skills do you possess?

When you coach a team, it is all about identifying the team’s strengths and weaknesses, and you will be expected to do the same in your resume. The hiring manager needs to see that you know your own strengths, and the skill section is a great place for you to shine.

Portray yourself as a team leader with excellent communication skills, listening abilities, detail-orientation and motivation.

You should be able to feel the passion in your skill section. Don’t just write how passionate you are about football – show it! A football coach needs a sixth sense and the ability to identify a problem already before it becomes a problem, and he or she always needs to be one step ahead. 

Sample Skills

Leadership | Game rules | Recruitment | Safety awareness | Game strategies | First Aid & CPR training | Sports injury knowledge | Passion for the sport | Dedicated | Excellent communication skills | Driven

Football coach work experience

In our research, we sampled dozens of resumes to see what would be the best work experience to list for a football coach. As with any job, it is best to stick to experience that is relevant for the job you are pursuing, and this turned out to be even more true for football coaches.

If you have previous work experience as a football coach, list this while being as specific as possible in terms of your achievements and work responsibilities, and leave out any other work experience if deemed irrelevant.

However, while we were going through sample resumes and job posts, we noticed a tendency to also list leadership experience, even if not directly associated with football. 

You can list other sports coach jobs, team leader positions and teaching jobs, as these are all related to the responsibilities of a football coach.

The UK National Careers Service highlights the importance of professional experience when applying for a job, and many professionals choose to list apprenticeships here if they lack work experience.

Sample Work Experience

Littleton Public Schools, Littleton, CO

Head Football Coach, 2016 – 2020

Instructed, educated and motivated the players in the Arapahoe High School football team. Set up individual goals for each player, monitored school performance and produced detailed progress reports.

  • Improved the overall team performance score with 86%, which was clearly reflected in the number of seasonal wins.
  • Involved the parents of the players to increase comprehension of the sport and to motivate support at home.
  • Created video lessons to help students practice and learn at home, to accommodate students that needed additional practice and alternative teaching methods.
  • Led the team to win the state championship three years in a row. 

Husson University, Bangor, ME

Assistant Football Coach, 2011 – 2015

Assisted the lead football coach with recruiting, scouting, conduct monitoring and providing feedback to students. 

  • Successfully motivated students to invest as much time in their studies as in football, which received positive feedback from both teachers, coaches and parents.
  • Set up the game plan that led to an important team win.
  • Was offered a permanent position to co-coach for the University.
  • Suggested a change in distribution of budget, which saved the team money every month. 

Salem Keizer Public School District, Marion County, OR

Physical Education Teacher, 2007 – 2011

Taught physical education in a public school environment, while focusing on involving all students and finding activities suitable for everyone. Introduced the students to various sports.

  • Involved students that were originally reluctant to participate, and increased student participation with 46%.
  • Started an after-school program for children that wanted to try different sports.
  • Offered mentorship and assistance to students, alongside just being their teacher.
  • Saved a student’s life with the heimlich maneuver in a serious choking incident. 

Football coach education

The resumes we sampled in our research showed that many sports coaches tended to have an educational background in sports, fitness or administration, or some type of relevant university degree.

For entry-level coaching, there are no requirements for having a degree, but for anyone aiming to become an instructor or a head coach, a Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement. 

Sports degrees are favored, but not essential, and a football coach can major in basically anything according to learn.org, which was confirmed by our job post sampling and research.

If you do have a degree, there is no need to list your High School diploma, unless you played football in High School and would like to mention this, but this can also be brought up in the skills section instead. 

Sample Education

UCFB, Wembley Park, UK

Bachelor (Hons) Football Coaching, 2015 – 2019

Waldorf University, Forest City, IA

Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management, 2011 – 2015

Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA

Bachelor of Arts in Management, 2007 – 2010


It is not uncommon for teachers to turn into High School football coaches, as many High Schools opt for hiring someone from their own staff before beginning the search for an outsider. These individuals often take a basic course in football coaching, which could be listed here.

There are other courses too, and one example is the NFHS Coach Certification Program, which is a great course to list if you have attended it. Having taken courses like this will show commitment and dedication to the profession.

Courses should only be listed if you have taken courses related to sports coaching or leadership training, as your yoga class or pottery introduction course is unlikely to impress a football coach hiring manager.

The FA Safeguarding Children Workshop is one program you should have undergone if you intend to work with children, and this is the place to list it. Some institutions also require you to take a course known as ‘An Introduction to First Aid in Football’ (IFAiF).

Sample Courses

  • Specialization in Football Technical Coordinator
  • FA level 1-4 Course
  • NFHS – Coaching Football
  • Advanced Pass Blocking Techniques
  • FA Safeguarding Children Workshop
  • Introduction to First Aid in Football (IFAiF)


As a football coach, you should have qualifications that are recognized by the Football Association (FA), and it is recommendable to have this already before you apply. 

You also need to undergo a DBS check if you plan to coach children under 18, and a First Aid and CPR certification is always good.

Sports coaching has different certification requirements depending on your state and its laws, and this is something you need to look into before you start applying for a job. 

Sample Certifications

  • Evidence-Based Coaching Certificate (EBC)
  • FA Level 4 Certification
  • First Aid & CPR Certification

Complete football coach resume sample

Are you still not sure how to write your football coach resume? Let’s put what we have learned to practice! Below is a real job post, and we are going to provide you with a sample resume tailored to the ad requirements.

This job post is a great example of what you can expect when applying for a new football coach job. They want someone with multiple certifications, High School football experience and an understanding for the dynamics that go into a good football game.

Personality traits mentioned are confidence, high standards, morals, and self-discipline, and you can use this to craft the kind of resume that stands out while highlighting all of your best features.

First Team Football Coach


Driven football coach with 6+ years of coaching experience and a background in High School football. Dedicated to providing discipline and implementing good values, while also helping each player reach their full potential for the benefit of the team.


Goal-oriented | Observant | 6+ years of experience | High School linebacker | Recruitment expertise | Background in teaching | NFHS certification | CPR & First Aid | AED certified | Game strategy development 

Work Experience

School City of Hobart, Hobart, IN

8th Grade Football Coach, 2016 – 2019

Guided an 8th grade football team through multiple successful seasons, by providing firm guidance, knowledge and inspiration, while also making sure the players kept up with their studies.

  • Adapted weekly practices to the upcoming opponent and their game strategies, which resulted in fewer losses.
  • Recorded each training session and worked with the footage to help the players improve their own performance.
  • Organized fundraisers to make sure all players could come on trips and outings, regardless of home life and economy.
  • Was voted state football coach of the year in 2019.

DePauw University, Greencastle, IN

Assistant Football Coach, Defensive Coordinator, 2014 – 2016

Assisted in the implementation of the NCAA football program and worked alongside the head coach with coaching, budget planning, organization and recruits.

  • Helped the students find balance between academic studies and sports, which created better harmony within the team.
  • Successfully planned and executed 16 team travel events while staying within the assigned budget.
  • Took on all head coach responsibilities for 6 months.
  • Used games and fun activities to strengthen the team.


  • NFHS Certified
  • First Aid & CPR
  • AED Certified
  • Up-to-date CHRC check
  • FA Level 2 Certification


Indiana University, Bloomington, IA

Master’s in Kinesiology, 2015 – 2017

  • Sport and Coaching Science

Indiana University, Bloomington, IA

Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management, 2009 – 2013


  • Completed NHFS course

Key Takeaways

Working as a football coach requires leadership expertise and teaching skills, and High School football coaching and above tends to require a Bachelor’s degree or higher. 

You need to fulfill a long list of requirements to be hired as a football coach, which is why it is important for your resume to show off your passion for the sport, your competence as a sports coach and your knowledge.

  • A good football coach is a natural leader and an enthusiastic teacher, and you should try to show yoru ability to lead and your desire to guide and teach in your football coach resume.
  • It is always good to mention if you are a football player yourself, and if you played football in High School or college, as this is likely to peak the hiring managers interest.
  • Having a clear goal is essential for a football coach, and you have a great opportunity to show just how goal oriented you are when writing your resume objective.

Tips from Experts

“How do you handle grades? Eligibility monitoring? Have a plan! Administrators expect you to have a plan. What is your vision for making recommendations for budgets? Have a plan.” – Stephen Ruckman, Lead Football Coach

“Become a great communicator. With your players, with your parents, with your fans, with the coaches. Everybody knows their role, everybody knows when practice is and when to show up. The other area you want to become a great communicator with is your vision.” – Brad DeHaven, My Sports Mentor

“The good thing about coaching is that you learn a lot, all the time, and there is always new information to take onboard. The game is always evolving.” – Neil Ormond, Head Football Coach


You should now be ready to write your own football coach resume. When coaching, you need to be passionate about football as a sport, but also about human performance, teaching and constant improvement. 

It is a job where you always have to be one step ahead of both your own players and those on the opposite team, as your team will turn to you for guidance and direction. It can be difficult, stressful and extremely demanding, but it is also a job that is incredibly fulfilling and that never gets boring.

Use these tips to write the perfect resume, and don’t forget to pay special attention to the job post or ad you are responding to, as these hold important clues for what the organization is hoping to find.


In addition to our own expertise as professional resume consultants, for every resume guide we write, we curate dozens of recent job postings and resumes to make sure all our recommendations align with current trends for each specific industry and career path. Learn more about our methodology here. 

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