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It sounds like a dream to travel the world, see different countries and cities every day, and to get paid for doing so, and thousands of people apply for flight attendant jobs every year.

How do you stand out among so many applicants? The answer is to have a compelling flight attendant resume. We are going to help you write one. This article contains tips, examples, a full resume sample, and more.

Resume objective for flight attendants

While a resume objective isn’t required on a flight attendant resume, it is a great way to make sure the hiring manager notices you, and especially if you have prior flight attendant experience.

Considering how social and outgoing you need to be as a flight attendant, we have found that it is usually beneficial to include an objective with strong and positive-sounding adjectives, with the purpose of showing your personality early on in the resume. 

We did extensive research on popular worksites, and we looked at job postings from all over the country. This led us to discover a pattern and certain words and expressions that were frequently being used. According to Monster, the resume objective – if written right – can be what makes your flight attendant resume stand out.  

Examples of adjectives commonly used were: Experienced, dedicated, responsible, accommodating, charming, friendly, customer service oriented, and the ability to work under pressure.

Almost all the resume objectives we’ve come across have had a very positive and reassuring tone, which is exactly how you expect a flight attendant to greet you when you hop on the plane.

If you are applying for a job as a flight attendant, then you probably already know what flight attendants are usually like. Use this to your advantage when writing the resume objective.

Sample Objective

Goal-oriented and dynamic professional seeking the available flight attendant position. Friendly, communicative, and service-minded – a natural team player with a positive outlook on life and a passion for providing outstanding customer service. 

Resume skills for flight attendants

To work as a flight attendant you need certifications and training, but you can get hired also without, as many airlines are willing to train you. However, training isn’t always paid, and on top of that – you probably won’t be the only applicant. How do you stand out? By having relevant soft and hard skills.

The skills you should include are hard skills like a FAA certificate, relevant training (CPR, first-aid, Federal aviation regulations, etc. etc) and experience, along with personality traits that demonstrate your abilities to work closely with customers and stay calm, composed and organized.  

According to United Airlines, they are looking for service-minded flight attendants with excellent customer service skills. If you were applying for a job with United Airlines, these are qualities you should try to highlight in your resume.

Reading through airline websites can provide valuable information about what that individual company is looking for. Before you write the skill section for your resume – don’t forget to check the company webpage.

Sample Skills

FAA Certified | Professional | 4+ Years of Experience | Service-Minded | English & Spanish Speaking | Knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations | Excellent time management | CPR & First-Aid Trained | Customer-Oriented

Flight attendant work experience

When you pursue a position as a flight attendant, it is almost always a large company hiring. Large companies may use Applicant Tracking Systems (sometimes referred to as ATS), which is an automated software that recognizes keywords in resumes and applications.

For you as an applicant, this means that your resume might not even reach the recruiter’s desk unless you use the right words. We surveyed dozens of sample resumes, and the ones that stood out were those that had been tweaked to fit the description and requirements in a specific job post. Fill the work experience section with relevant work experience that could stand out both if automatically scanned and if read by a real person.

Relevant work experience when applying for a job as a flight attendant can be anything service-related. When you are flying, you are responsible for keeping a large group of passengers happy, comfortable, and content and airlines tend to look for individuals with excellent social skills.

List customer service-related jobs such as restaurant work, host- or hostess positions, hotel jobs, and anything related to tourism, along with previous flight attendant experience (if you have it).

The resumes we sampled often relied heavily on actual flight attendant experience, but if this is something you lack – compensate with work experience that proves your ability to provide excellent customer service. 

Sample Work Experience

Airbahn, Irvine, CA

Lead Flight Attendant, 2016 – 2020

Supervised the cabin crew, coordinated tasks, ensured procedure compliance in accordance with the IPM, coordinated with ground handlers and maintenance and maintained a professional attitude regardless of situation.

  • Responsible for signing off on proper aircraft maintenance prior to departure.
  • Completed necessary documentation in accordance with laws and government regulations.
  • Planned and held daily cabin crew preflight briefings.
  • Continuously assisted in the training and preparation of new cabin crew members.

Marriott Hotel, Austin, TX

Front Desk Agent, 2011 – 2015

Greeted guests upon arrival, handled the check-in process, resolved issues and complaints, ensured that all safety procedures were being followed and handled phone bookings and general customer contact.

  • Recognized for excellent ability to communicate successfully with clients, which helped raise the hotel’s customer satisfaction rating from 74% to 98%. 
  • Maintained perfect work attendance during four consecutive years.
  • Received many compliments for multitasking abilities and for enduring stressful situations and fast-paced work.
  • Involved in testing a new check-in system which significantly improved efficiency and accuracy.

Red Robin, Bellevue, WA

Host, 2007 – 2011

In charge of reception duties such as greeting and seating guests, coordinating with waiters and waitresses to make sure tables were ready on time, handling complaints and making sure every customer left happy and content.

  • Was named ‘Employee of the Month’ over ten times during the work period.
  • Exceeded expectations when working to better the customer experience thanks to excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Performed supervisor duties throughout the employment to make sure the kitchen and waiting staff were coordinated.
  • Collaborated with the head chef to incorporate a new healthy meal section in the existing menu.

Flight attendant education

According to educational institutions like Cypress College in California, where flight attendant training programs are offered, the flight attendant hiring process is highly competitive. It requires preparation and determination, and the first step is to write a resume that meets the standards of the business.

What we found when researching was that the education background of flight attendants is very varied. Some airlines require only a High School diploma or GED, while others prefer an associate’s degree or even a B. A.

This does not mean that you won’t require training before you can fly high up in the skies, but the education section of your resume should be filled with any academic degrees you have already acquired. 

An educational background in tourism, management, and hospitality also has the potential to impress a hiring manager.

Sample Education

Cypress College, Cypress, CA

Associate in Science, 2014 – 2016

Royal Roads University, Victoria, CANADA

Bachelor of Arts in Global Tourism Management, 2010 – 2014


Before you get in your uniform and take on your new job as a flight attendant, you usually get to attend a course provided by the airline. If you have worked previously with other airlines or have taken courses related to flight attendant work in the past – this is where you should add them.

According to Seattle Pi, there are plenty of subjects you can study to strengthen your flight attendant resume, even if they are not directly related to walking the aisles of an airplane

It could be beneficial to add foreign language courses (to improve communication with foreign language speakers), any hospitality related course you have taken or even a psychology course.

Additional training is provided by the airline, and it is recommended that you do your research to see if this training is paid or unpaid, as you might need to save up some money to be able to afford unpaid training.

Sample Courses

  • Completion of FAA training program
  • Cabin Crew Certificate Course 
  • Assisting Travelers with Special Needs (IATA)
  • Advanced German
  • Crash Course in Conversational Spanish


Certification is required for US-based flight attendants, and the Federal Aviation Administration states that you need to be certified by the National Transportation Safety Board or the FAA. 

Once your training is completed, you will also have to apply for a Demonstrated Proficiency Certificate to validate your acquired knowledge and expertise. The resumes we sampled all included at least one or two certifications, which is why highly recommend including it in yours.

You can obtain these certifications after you get hired, but it will look professional and like you are prepared if you already have, for example, your FAA certificate already.

Other important certificates are those related to public safety, such as a CPR and First-Aid certificate, or an AED certificate. Having this shows your future employer that you know what to do in the case of an emergency onboard.

Sample Certifications

  • FAA Flight Attendant Certification
  • CPR, AED and First Aid Certified
  • National Transportation Safety Board Certification

Complete flight attendant resume sample

We sampled both flight attendant resumes and job posts when writing this article, and we selected one of the job posts to display down below. This is a real ad for a flight attendant, and we are going to show you how to write a tailored resume for the available position.

As you can see, this is not a position for a commercial airline, but as a flight attendant with the Air Force Reserve. The position requires you to be organized, reliable, a people person, and someone who can handle big responsibilities, while also being discrete and respectful.

The position requires the flight attendant to be no taller than 77 inches and to have a valid driver’s license. We are now going to use this information to tailor the perfect flight attendant resume.

Flight Attendant


Reliable flight attendant with 3+ years of experience in international commercial flights. Charismatic, dedicated, organized, fully CPR- and AED trained, valid driver’s license and an aspiration to provide excellent service with positivity and a friendly smile.


Communicative | Dedicated | CPR & AED Training | FAA Licensed | 3+ Years of Experience | Driver’s License | English, Spanish & French | Height: 66 inches | Economics Major | Clean Criminal Record

Work Experience

American Airlines, Fort Worth, TX

Flight Attendant, 2015 – 2019

Provided support, information, guidance and assistance on both national and international flights. Greeted customers, conducted required safety checks both before-, during-, and after flights and made sure everyone was comfortable.

  • Provided a passenger with first-aid and successfully revived him, and assisted the passenger until we landed and paramedics took over.
  • Developed a routine to help children and adults cope with fear and anxiety related to flying.
  • Introduced an inspection system that, once applied before and after take-off, increased security with 41%.
  • Trained 11 new crew members during employment, and prepared them for a career in the skies.

Jet Aviations, Dallas, TX

Cabin Attendant, 2013 – 2015

General cabin duties like ensuring safety procedures were followed, serving food and drinks, providing a safety demonstration and working together with the rest of the team.

  • Was awarded as ‘Flight Attendant of the Year’ in 2018.
  • Successfully monitored drinking habits on the plane and used humor to prevent passengers from drinking too much alcohol while in the air.
  • Kept everyone calm during an incident where a storm caused severe and unexpected turbulence. 
  • Introduced priority based services which increased customer satisfaction with 67%.


  • FAA Flight Attendant Certification
  • CPR and First Aid Certified
  • AED Certification
  • Valid Driver’s License (TX)


Glendale Community College, Glendale, CA

Associate in Science, 2011 – 2013

University of Delaware, Neward, DE

Bachelor of Science in Economics, 2007 – 2011

Key Takeaways

Work on showing your personality and flight attendant experience in your resume, and pay close attention to what the specific airline is looking for in a new employee. This information can usually be found in the job post or on the company website.

  • To work as a flight attendant, you need FAA certification and possibly additional training depending on the airline.
  • It is a competitive business and it is essential for your flight attendant resume to stand out, so make sure to present yourself as a service-minded people-person with a positive attitude.  
  • Including a resume objective isn’t always necessary, but we do recommend including one when applying for a job as a flight attendant, to show the recruiter a glimpse of who you are.

Tips from Experts

“In terms of prior experience and beefing up that resume, airlines are really looking for people who have customer service experience – who have extensive customer experience or just experience working with the general public, because that is what a flight attendant does.” – Jenny Ernst, Flight Attendant

“All that matters is that you set up your resume so that the hiring manager looks at your resume and says hey, we want to interview this person. And then the interview will turn into a job. And then this job will turn into an amazing career in the skies.” – Amerika Young, Flight Attendant & Published Author

“Make sure that you read the company’s description of being a flight attendant. Every company uses different language and different words, so make sure that you read your company’s ad.” – Mike Cruz, Flight Attendant


If you are ready for a new job in the skies, where big adventures lie ahead but also long days working on your feet, adjusting to time zone changes and cleaning, then it is about time you boost your flight attendant resume!

Use what you have learned in this article wisely, and remember, every airline looks for something different. Important key words can often be found in the job post itself, and you can use these when writing your own resume by adapting your resume to the company you wish to work with.


In addition to our own expertise as professional resume consultants, for every resume guide we write, we curate dozens of recent job postings and resumes to make sure all our recommendations align with current trends for each specific industry and career path. Learn more about our methodology here. 

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