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Finance Interns often work in different financial departments, with the intent to learn and prepare for a career in finance, and you need to have a resume ready for whatever comes your way.

As a finance intern, you may find yourself conducting market research, partaking in audits, communicating and collaborating with vendors, using a variety of sales tools and more, and you need to showcase a set of skills on your resume, to demonstrate your expertise in accounting and finance.

This guide will take you through the process of writing a strong finance internship resume.

Resume objective for finance internships

Hiring managers often get dozens of applications for finance internship positions, as these are ways for new professionals to gain experience in the field, and increase their chances of obtaining a full-time position.

Considering how many applications a hiring manager might go through, we recommend adding a resume objective to the top of your resume. An objective gives you the opportunity to show who you are as a person and a professional, and it could potentially make your application stand out.

In your resume objective, be clear when it comes to your career goals and aspirations, and show that you genuinely want the position. 

A resume objective is much like a summary of all your best attributes, or like a movie trailer where the goal is to peek the hiring manager’s interest, and make him or her want to continue reading.

According to, one thing you want to try and do with your resume objective is to highlight the value you would be able to provide, if they would choose to hire you.

Sample Objective

Dedicated accounting student with innovative ideas and a desire to gain invaluable work experience. Excellent work ethics, hard worker, multi-tasker and technical writing experience, and a top communicator with knowledge of business management and math.

Resume skills for finance internships

Wanting a career in finance requires you to have an education, but also a set of useful skills. The key to getting a finance internship is to successfully highlight the skills and attributes that would make you a valuable asset to a company.

Having interpersonal skills is essential, along with an understanding for financial reporting, communication, problem solving skills, IT software knowledge, and a capacity to be innovative.

As an intern, you also need to be able to adapt quickly to new situations, and the University of WIsconsin points out how important it is to be reliable and organized, as you will likely be in charge of creating financial plans, reconciling bank activities and preparing loan reviews.

In the research carried out for the creation of this guide, we sampled 16 real resumes, and noticed that most did list skills in accordance with what the job posting was asking for. Use the job description to get a better idea.

The skill section is important when trying to impress a potential employer, and you can also mention expertise with financial statements, market research, financial models, business development, equity, journal entries, due diligence and data analysis. 

Sample Skills

Organized | Innovative | Communicative | Problem-Solving | Interpersonal Skills | IT Software Knowledge | Business Development | Equity | Due Diligence | Data Analysis | Journal Entries  

Finance internship work experience

When you set out to apply for a finance internship opportunity, you may not have much work experience if you are still in school. 

The key here is to make the hiring manager see that you are someone worth taking a chance on, and many struggle with what to include in their work experience section.

Listing unrelated jobs like working in the fast food industry probably won’t help prove your worth to a hiring manager, and you should try to focus on listing other internships you have had, or if you have worked in anything related to finance, such as in a bank.

For those who don’t have much to list in this section, you will probably have to compensate with additional skills or academic experience, as you want it to come across that you are prepared for the role.

According to Investopedia, it matters how you present yourself and the level of professionalism you can demonstrate, as finance institutions tend to be extremely picky when it comes to choosing someone to help manage a customer’s funds or money.

Sample Work Experience

Northrop Grumman, Clearfield, UT

Finance Intern, June-August 2020

Collected, recorded and verified relevant data, generated statistics, created graphs, analyzed data and followed up reports to verify the accuracy of the gathered information.

  • Created a centralized customer contact center by merging multiple contact options, to improve customer service and reduce the risk of error.
  • Improved the overall response rate by 65%, by implementing an improved schedule that allowed for better efficiency.
  • Took charge of important marketing campaigns and was made team leader of a group of 10 interns.
  • Successfully carried out trend analysis and participated in the preparation of business presentations.

Worthington Industries, Columbus, OH

Finance Intern, June-August 2019

Performed advanced data analysis and gathered information to contribute to accurate statistics. Carried out various ad hoc accounting and financial tasks and gained invaluable business insight.

  • Planned, researched and executed a new training handbook for interns, to make the integration process faster and more efficient.
  • Processed a large number of unpaid invoices, which successfully reduced the total number of days payable.
  • Successfully completed the Balance Sheet and paperwork for the 2019 Fiscal Year.
  • Participated in the largest trade in the history of the company.

Jack Henry and Associates Inc, Remote Position

Technical Customer Support Representative, 2014 – 2019

Assisted customers with banking related questions and concerns, performed complex troubleshooting, stayed up-to-date on updates and changes and monitored incoming petitions.

  • Suggested, set up and implemented a live chat function for the website, to make chat-based technical support an option for customers.
  • Provided training to new customer support representatives, and saved the company money and time by eliminating the need to hire external training staff.
  • Performed API integration support and POS terminal support to resolve a complex and time-sensitive issue.
  • Responsible for monitoring and controlling all incoming and outgoing invoices, to catch any errors or discrepancies.

Finance internship education

To have a chance at a finance internship, you generally need to currently be studying- or have studied finance in college or at university. Having a degree is required for some internship positions, while others accept students.

There is no need to list a High School diploma here, as it likely won’t be enough to get an internship (it is a competitive business!), so cut straight to the chase by listing academic degrees.

If you are still in school and have not yet graduated, just list the degree as ongoing, or list a predicted graduation year.

Degrees in finance, marketing, business, economics and similar are all desirable on a finance internship resume, as you want it to show why you want to be a finance intern, and what you can bring to the table.

Sample Education

Hult International Business School, Cambridge, MA 

Master in Finance, 2018 – 2020

Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY 

Bachelor in Public Finance, 2013 – 2017

  • GPA: 4.0


This is where you will list any relevant coursework that you think a hiring manager might be interested in. 

In our surveyed resumes, we saw few that included a course section, as this is usually included in the program you have listed under education. 

However, if you don’t have relevant work experience and if you are unsure if your B.A or academic degree will be impressive enough – adding a course section to your resume could potentially make you an eligible candidate for your dream internship.

Your finance internship resume is not the place to list pages and pages of courses, as this will just look like you are trying to fill out an otherwise thin resume. Make sure you only list courses if you have highly relevant ones to list.

Sample Courses

  • Payroll & Tax Administration
  • Basics of Financial Management
  • Introduction to Corporate Finance
  • Finance for Leaders
  • Excel for Investment Banking
  • Intro to Investment Banking, M&A, IPO, and Modeling
  • Build a Financial Statement Model

Complete finance internship resume sample

Are you ready to start writing your own finance internship resume? Have a look at the example job post below, and then on our sample resume.

It is important to read the job description carefully, and to build your resume around what the company is looking for. Use the job post to your advantage when trying to present yourself as their ideal candidate.

To get this summer internship, you need to be currently enrolled in a degree program in finance, accounting or similar, and you need to have excellent math skills. Communicative skills are also mentioned, along with the ability to work under pressure and handle administrative tasks.

Finance Summer Internship


Confident accounting student with excellent time management skills and the ability to perform well under pressure. Adapts easily to new situations, has a superior understanding of math and a life-long interest in the fields of finance, economics and accounting.


Interpersonal Skills | Multitasker | Math | Accounting Student | Problem-Solver | Research & Analysis | Time Management | Adaptability | Confident | Ability to Work Under Pressure | Dedicated

Work Experience

Alcon, Fort Worth, TX

Finance Intern, 2019 – 2020

Used key reporting tools to complete weekly reports, investigated and determined the best data extraction processes, and worked across a variety of financial platforms. 

  • Created an elaborate risk assessment model by carefully researching the best options.
  • Assisted budgeting by preparing financial reports in a timely manner.
  • Implemented new account descriptions into the system, which reduced the risk of errors with 42%.
  • Attended weekly training courses covering areas such as RA rollovers and mutual funds.

HP, Spring, TX

Supply Chain Finance Intern, Summer 2018

Received mentoring and learned to successfully complete advanced analytics reports and worked closely with a financial department to extract data and analyse statistics. 

  • Involved in payment collection and customer invoicing.
  • Manually moved important payroll data into a new software for revenue cycle management
  • Selected from a pool of 350 applicants as one of 4 new interns.
  • Obtained advanced Excel skills by working closely with a corporate analysis team.


University of Texas, Austin, TX

Bachelor in Accounting, 2018 – Ongoing (Expected graduation: 2022)


  • Introduction to Corporate Finance
  • Finance & Quantitative Modeling for Analysts Specialization

Key Takeaways

As a future finance internship resume, you may not have very much work experience, and it makes it more important than ever to have a resume that shows why a company should give you an opportunity. Here are a few key things to include when you want your resume to stand out.

  • Demonstrate that you really want the internship, and why the company would benefit from hiring you as their intern.
  • Read the job description and build your resume around what the company appears to be looking for. 
  • A lack of work experience is not necessarily an issue when applying for a job as a finance intern, and you can list other internships you have had in the past, if applicable. 

Tips from Experts

“Various companies start choosing who their interns are going to be up to a year before an intern starts their intern duties. So, be sure to do your due diligence on companies you are looking to specifically intern for and be sure to get your name out there in advance.” – Kaila, Finance Blogger & Owner of Hot Digital Marketing

“The goal of your resume is to really just articulate your experience and why you are a good fit for the job.” – Joi Wade, Career Blogger

“Your resume should not be a biography. What you should have is, first of all, the most relevant experience to whatever job you are trying to get. That means you’ve got to do your research and you have got to be specific about the job you want, so that you can tailor your job experience and whatever you’re studying, and whatever you’ve done.” – Dominique Henderson, CFP & Job Coach


Getting a finance internship could make a massive difference for your future career in finance, as it will allow you to make business contacts, and obtain essential skills and knowledge needed for the trade. 

Finance is a popular field, and the internship opportunities offered by a company tends to be limited, which is why having a strong and compelling resume is key. Work on your finance internship resume, and make sure you adapt it to fit every individual internship you apply for.


In addition to our own expertise as professional resume consultants, for every resume guide we write, we curate dozens of recent job postings and resumes to make sure all our recommendations align with current trends for each specific industry and career path. Learn more about our methodology here. 

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