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If you are good at fixing things and you have experience in the building industry, a building maintenance job might be just what you are looking for. 

Generally, building maintenance jobs don’t require anything except on-the-job training. But, to stand out from the rest of the pile, you’ll want to show that you know what you’re doing and that you do have experience.

Resume objective for building maintenance

There are lots of different jobs and opportunities for building maintenance jobs in a variety of niches from general handyman to real estate. 

Better still, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, general maintenance and repair workers – a category that includes building maintenance workers – are increasing in demand. They say that between 2019 and 2029, the number of available jobs will increase by around 4%.

We did country-wide research to see what sort of jobs were available to building maintenance workers in the US. 

Some were more skilled than others, but it was clear that the real estate agencies are primary employers in the field along with government agencies and companies involved with manufacturing. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that the locations where building maintenance workers are employed are varied. They range from single buildings including high-rise offices, hotels, and hospitals, to apartments and college campuses. 

Because the possibilities are so varied, it’s important to let employers know that you have the skills and talents they are looking for. One way to do this is to write a short, concise objective at the beginning of your resume that shows you are, literally, the hero they are looking for. 

Sample Objective

Experienced building maintenance technician committed to safety and customer service. Knowledgeable and hardworking with a wide range of construction skills in the fields of plumbing, electrics, and carpentry. Physically fit and healthy. 

Resume skills for building maintenance

The skills required to get a job in the field of building maintenance are varied, and they depend largely on the jobs on offer. 

The jobs building maintenance workers are faced with vary from cleaning and repairing facilities and equipment, to painting, repairing floors, sorting out plumbing problems, and dealing with heating and air-con issues. They also include janitorial services. 

The Illinois Department of Employment Security has analyzed the most important skills and abilities for the field, and they don’t only relate to hands-on-skills. 

Of course, building maintenance workers do need to be able to work with things and determine the causes of technical and other problems. They also need to be able to find solutions. 

But they also need to be able to communicate well and understand information about the problems they are required to solve, which might involve arithmetic or maths.

They need to be able to reason and to manage time. They also need to be able to work with people. 

It all comes down to the specific job description. 

The sample objective, above, was written in response to a real ad for a building maintenance technician. These are the skills required for the same job. 

Sample Skills

Building maintenance knowledge | Use of hand and power tools | Plumbing | Electrics | Routine HVAC filters and systems | Housekeeping skills | Maths | Good written and verbal communication | Quick worker | Time management

Building maintenance work experience

Building maintenance jobs are vast and varied and it depends entirely on the company or organization you work for what it is that you do.

Tasks can be basic, like cleaning and general repairs. A job could involve cleaning common areas, removing the trash regularly, and repairing items that are broken. Or it could involve more complicated issues that involve inspecting, repairing, and maintaining various utility services. 

Some building maintenance jobs are focused on outdoor management including issues. 

Indeed, a leading recruitment company, lists the typical job responsibilities building maintenance technicians are expected to do. They find that many work full-time but are often expected to respond at odd hours, at night, during weekends, or whenever there are emergencies.

Based on the ads employers post on the Indeed website, work experience could be varied, from responding to tenant maintenance issues and performing safety checks on systems and equipment to keeping smoke detectors fully functional. 

When providing work experience in your resume, you need to be sure it is relevant to the job you are applying for. The examples below are varied and not consistent with any one application. The full resume sample we have compiled shows how important consistency is. 

Sample Work Experience

Silicon Valley University

Senior Building Maintenance Worker, 2018 – 2020

Performed various skilled and semi-skilled maintenance and repair tasks on campus. Worked independently as part of the regular maintenance crew.

  • Participated in numerous office moves.
  • Prepared classrooms for specific events and specialized set-ups. 
  • Required to perform tasks in keeping with safety and security standards. 
  • Kept a thorough record of repairs and maintained schedules for the crew. 

Motel/Studio 66 Hospitality 

Property Maintenance Person – Full-time, 2016 – 2018

Responsible for the overall maintenance of the property and equipment. Undertook interior and exterior repairs according to brand standards. Participated in training and safety maintenance.

  • Awarded the monthly Top Six Excellence prize (six establishments) 26 times.
  • Commended frequently for my general maintenance skills.
  • Communicated directly with the general manager of the brand.
  • Assisted guests with maintenance issues to ensure they had an enjoyable, trouble-free stay.   

ABC Senior Living Complex

Part-time Maintenance Worker, 2015 – 2016

Responsible for maintaining the buildings, fixtures, furniture, appliances, equipment, grounds, and vehicles in the complex. Required to respond promptly, to report all maintenance concerts, and to operate within a monthly budget.

  • Set financial annual goals that I surpassed every year.
  • When suites were vacated, I cleaned, repaired, and undertook improvements to ensure they could be immediately rented out again. 
  • Initiated regular safety inspections throughout the complex. 
  • Assisted more than 20 residents to move in and out of the community area. 

Building maintenance education

A large percentage of building maintenance workers learn their skills on-the-job. 

They start by performing relatively simple tasks and learn more complex work from more experienced, skilled colleagues. This often involves learning how to use tools and equipment they haven’t previously worked with as well as effective, efficient methods for undertaking repairs. 

So generally, all a building maintenance worker needs is a high school or general education diploma. 

Some employers provide training in highly regulated work like electrical, plumbing, and heating systems. In some cases, depending on the tasks workers are required to do, licensing or certification may be called for. 

Community colleges and technical schools do offer associate degrees in subjects that are related to building maintenance. Most take two years and will prepare workers for more complex tasks that provide higher earning potential. 

According to, the most common courses taken relate to plumbing, heating, refrigeration, electrical networks, and air conditioning systems. 

Sample Education

Butler County Community College, PA

Associate Degree in Building Maintenance Technology, 2016 – 2017

  • Degree completion followed by shadowing two experienced maintenance workers


In addition to offering associate degrees, technical colleges, vocational schools, and community colleges offer hands-on classes in a wide range of topics including woodworking and drywall repair. 

Some courses are part of apprenticeship programs, or licensure and certification training, like power systems, heating and cooling technology, schematics reading, and HVAC systems.  

There are also general building maintenance courses available. 

According to the recruitment company, Indeed, building maintenance technicians who have worked in jobs that required a basic understanding of various repair types, some move on and specialize. When they do, they attend classes to broaden their knowledge and sharpen their skills. 

Sample Courses

  • Building maintenance
  • Heating and cooling technology
  • Woodwork


According to ZipRecruiter, real estate agencies are the primary employers of people in the building maintenance trade. 

While most are workers or assistants, often referred to as crew or simply a building maintenance person, there are also supervisory and specialized positions that pay much more. 

The National Association of Residential Property Managers offers several accreditation programs that enable those in the trade to improve their job prospects.

Licensing and/or certification is also necessary for some specialized positions, including electricity and plumbing. 

Licenses, if required, are issued by the state, and typically, workers need to have at least five years of building maintenance experience before they can write the exam. Alternatively, they might require an apprenticeship. 

The UpKeep Learning Center provides useful information for building and other maintenance programs.

The most basic certification is the Building Systems Maintenance Certificate (SMC) program from the Building Owners and Managers Institute (BOMI) International. It trains facilities maintenance technicians on HVAC, energy efficiency, plumbing, and various building systems. 

There are numerous certification programs for maintenance specialists in different industries. 

For instance, certification is offered by various bodies including the National Occupational Testing Institute, the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute, HVAC Excellence, and the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society. 

Sample Certifications

  • SMC

Complete building maintenance resume sample

We sampled more than 20 building maintenance resumes and job posts while researching this topic and selected a building maintenance crew job. The position is for one person and we used the ad for reference while compiling a tailored building maintenance resume sample that will help you write your own. 

The available position includes a range of repair jobs from fixing leaky faucets to undertaking carpentry and painting projects. The company wants someone with initiative who will make guests feel at home. Accuracy and attention to detail are also vitally important. 

The most important skills specified in the advert relate to carpentry. But from the details shown above, a much broader skillset is required. 

The company is considering applicants who have a one-year certificate in building maintenance as well as potential employees who have at least a year’s experience in the field. 

Building Maintenance Team Worker


Confident building maintenance person willing to take the initiatives needed to get any type of repairs and maintenance done quickly and efficiently. Safety conscious and professional.  BOMI certification.


Interpersonal | Good teamwork | Accurate and proficient | Plumbing | Carpentry | Maths | Punctual | Friendly | Communicative | Thorough knowledge of maintenance and repair practices

Work Experience

Jacobs Naval Hospital, WA

General Maintenance Worker, 2017 – 2019

Repaired building structures and mechanical, electrical, and sanitary systems. Performed general maintenance on machinery. Kept building woodwork, walls, floors, and other surfaces in good repair. 

  • Dealt with a wide variety of people and was commended on my people skills.
  • Did some painting work although it was not specifically required in my job description.
  • Mentored new building maintenance employees and taught them to use a variety of tools and equipment. 
  • Helped to compile a new manual on hospital safety policies. 

Whitworth University, WA

General Trades Maintenance, 2016 – 2017

Performed general maintenance on university-owned properties including remodeling and repairs. Also performed regular inspections and prioritized work orders. Assisted with electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and locksmith functions not requiring a license. 

  • Performed skilled maintenance tasks relating to carpentry and cabinetry, as well as painting. 
  • Remodeled at least 20 offices and dormitories. 
  • Lead, trained, and coordinated teams of seasonal student workers on large-scale painting projects.
  • Supervised student workers, including time cards and accountability. 

Bethel Church Richland Campus, WA

Facility Manager Apprentice, 2015

Worked with the facility manager and performed general maintenance of all buildings. Supervised repairs and construction and oversaw preventative maintenance programs for all facilities and equipment. 

  • Scheduled HVAC systems to accommodate events.
  • Assisted with repair and maintenance of facilities at other campuses although not in my job description.
  • Maintained and repaired mechanical equipment owned by the church, from lawnmowers, cars, and tractors, to man lifts, and forklifts. 
  • Received my Certificate of Completion of Building Maintenance Apprenticeship.


  • SMC


Lake Washington Institute of Technology 

Building Maintenance and Facilities Certificate of Proficiency, 2013 – 2014


  • Building maintenance 

Key Takeaways

There are many building maintenance jobs available at any one time, but because most positions only require a high school diploma or GED the competition can be tough.

Use the information supplied in this article to craft a winning resume that will get you the new job you want. 

  • Building maintenance certification helps those in the industry to get better-paid employment opportunities. Even if it isn’t required, consider the benefits. 
  • When you write your resume, focus on the skills and abilities required in the job you are applying for. Mention additional skills that you have if they will bolster your chances of getting your resume to the top of the pile. 
  • Including an objective on your resume is optional, but it can be a very good way to draw attention to yourself quickly and easily. If you can present a snapshot of you as the person the employer is looking for, you’ll stand a better chance than most of getting the position. 

Tips from Experts

“Maintenance personnel must highlight their skills on their resumes. These include technical abilities, being detail-orientated, being able to solve problems, having organizational skills, versatility and physical ability, and the ability to be able to work quickly under pressure. ” – Paul Rodriguez, CEO NSC The Staffing Experts

“Important qualities for general maintenance and repair workers are customer-service skills, dexterity, and troubleshooting skills.” – Occupational Outlook Handbook, US Bureau of Labor

“One way to stand out from other jobseekers in the building maintenance technician field is to train in one specific area and become a craft worker. This type of training may lead to work focused on electricity, plumbing, and heating, and air conditioning. Some large organizations may find such specialized training especially beneficial for members of their maintenance staff. Certification is another measure you can take to set yourself apart from other building maintenance professionals.” – LearningPath consultant


If you’re ready to start cleaning up and repairing a new set of buildings, make sure that your resume paints a picture of a superstar maintenance person. You are the only person who is going to market you for the job. 

Study the advert for the job you want and see what words they use to describe their required candidate. If you match those, use them.


In addition to our own expertise as professional resume consultants, for every resume guide we write, we curate dozens of recent job postings and resumes to make sure all our recommendations align with current trends for each specific industry and career path. Learn more about our methodology here. 

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