Medical Sales Resume Template & Examples

Medical sales is a field that covers all facets of the medical field.  You could sell devices, equipment, medications, tools, and preventative care items. A medical sales representative may specialize in dentistry, surgery, optometry, prenatal care, and pretty much any medical specialty you can think of. Chances are, once you have selected your specialty, you … Read more

IT Consulting Resumes (+ Free Templates)

IT consulting is not a simple career, but to put it in simple terms, IT consultants help businesses resolve their IT problems, advise on making technical purchases, and help companies decide on tech strategy decisions. There are areas of IT that you, as a consultant, may wish to focus on, such as sales, cybersecurity, or … Read more

Vet Tech Resumes: Examples Section-by-Section

Vet techs are the nurses of the animal world.  They are highly trained and skilled technicians that are there to assist the veterinarian and the owner with a variety of needs and concerns. Your vet tech resume should showcase your compassion and love for animals as well as your technical and medical skills.   Many vet … Read more

Pharma Sales Resume Examples (+ Free Templates)

Careers in pharma sales are sought after by many in the medical sales field.  Why?  First, they are one of the highest paying sales jobs averaging around $80k to $115k for mid to senior-level reps.   Other perks include not being stuck behind a desk all the time, opportunities to travel (for free), bonuses, and commissions.  … Read more