Our mission is to help people get jobs by helping them create killer resumes and get them into the world. To this end, we provide the following services:

  • Resume writing
  • Resume distribution
  • Resume hosting
  • Cover letter writing
  • LinkedIn profile makeovers
We started Resumoo in 2020 as Covid-19 was ramping up to fill a growing need for people to be able to find good jobs. We not only provide the best services we can to help people find better jobs faster; we also provide a large knowledge base for people who want to learn about resumes. 
We have a large repository of resume guides for specific careers, and we have lots of articles on resume tips — from the most basic tips all the way down to the most granular, nuanced questions.
We believe that investing in a good resume is one of the single best things a person can do in their career. A good resume can help you shift careers, earn better salaries, or break into the next tier in your field. 
Our mission is to help you do that.

Resumigo is owned by Ranq Digital LLC, a marketing and media company located in Charlotte, NC.