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You’re here because you want to know how to write a 3d artist resume. Right?

Well, good news! We built this guide based on real data from over 1,000,000 resumes and job postings so you know exactly what to put in your 3d artist resume. Let’s get started.


The goal of this guide is to give you real data what the “must haves” of 3d artist resumes are.

To do that, we compiled and analyzed data from 3d artist resumes and 42 3d artist job listings to get the data used for this our 3d artist resume guide. 

In addition to 3d artist-specific resume data, we built a database of nearly 1 million resumes and job listings, and we use a propriety machine learning model to understand the anatomy of the best resumes in general.

Quick note: using the data below can help you build a competitive resume, but it’s always important to be creative, unique, and personal to stand out.

If you want more info on our methodology, you can check it out here.

3d artist resume objective data + 3d artist objective examples

Pop quiz: do 3d artist’s really need to use an objective? 

In general, whether or not you need an objective or professional summary can depend a lot on your personal career level (check out our article on resume objectives), but this is what our analysis found for 3d artist’s specifically:

  • 38% of 3d artist’s included an objective section
  • 23% of 3d artist’s included a professional summary
  • 45% of 3d artist’s included neither an objective nor a summary

3d artist objective examples

Lifelong designer seeking a new employment. Strong record working collaborative and executing key initiatives to help meet company-wide targets .

Prolific and results-driven designer able to win independently or collaboratively team. Seeking to join a reputable company as a 3d artist to help meet goals and KPIs.

Seeking a position as a 3D artist where I can utilize my expertise in 3D modeling, texturing, and animation to create visually stunning and immersive experiences.

As a skilled 3D artist with a strong eye for detail, I am seeking a position where I can use my talents to bring characters, environments, and objects to life in the digital world.

Seeking to join a dynamic and creative team as an artist, where I can contribute my expertise in visual arts and collaborate with others to bring new ideas to life.

Skills for 3d artist resumes

These are the skills that occurred most frequently in in 3d artist resumes, which means they tend to be core competencies or highly desired skills. 

Of course, you should only list skills that you actually have, and you should prioritize skills most relevant to the job you're applying for. But these are good core skills to include on your resume.

To get more detail on building a powerful skills section, take a peek at our article on resume skills.

*Note: to find skills our machine learning model basically looks for common words, so take these with a grain of salt and use your best judgment. 

Most common 3d artist resume skills

Most common hard skills for 3d artist resumes: 3d modeling, 3d visualization, 3d prototyping, texturing, and unreal engine 4.

Most common soft skills for 3d artist resumes: communication skills, leadership, interpersonal skills, listening skills, and detail oriented

Other good 3d artist resume skills

  • Animation
  • Character modeling
  • Graphic design
  • Hand illustration
  • Physically-based rendering (PBR) and shading
  • Adobe: photoshop, interior design, after effects, premiere
  • Rigging
  • Compositing
  • Brainstorming
  • Texturing
  • Sculpting tools
  • Communication
  • Creative
  • LibreCAD
  • Collaboration
  • Substance designer

3d artist skills section examples

Note: these examples are formatted the same here just because it’s simple, but we have more detailed formatting advice (and examples) in our guide to resume formatting.

3d artist skills example 1

Animation | management | graphic design | hand illustration | sales | leadership | physically-based rendering (pbr) and shading

3d artist skills example 2

Character modeling | communication skills | adobe: photoshop, interior design, after effects, premiere | customer-service skills | rigging | interpersonal skills | compositing

3d artist skills example 3

LibreCAD | brainstorming | patience | listening skills | sculpting tools | customer-service skills | communication

Work experience for 3d artist resumes

Your work experience section is almost always the most important part of your resume. Because it’s difficult to pull trends from this kind of section, this section is mostly just examples. 

For some advanced strategies for writing about work experience on a resume, refer to our article on building a strong work experience resume section. We also have a guide on writing a resume with no experience if you’re just starting your career.

For now, it’s good to remember that the most important experience for any 3d artist resume is the most relevant experience.

A couple examples for you:

3d artist work experience examples


Sr. Associate 3D Artist

Moxie Group, 2019-2022


  • Handle returns or complaints
  • Listen to customers’ questions and concerns and provide answers or responses
  • Provide information about products and services
  • Record details of customer contacts and actions taken
  • Refer customers to supervisors or more experienced employees


Associate 3D Artist

Acme Corp., 2016-2022


  • Review customer accounts and make changes, if necessary
  • Take orders, calculate charges, and process billing or payments
  • Be able to create simple animations based on 3D renders created.
  • Actively participate in technical and aesthetic problem-solving discussions.
  • Collaborated with designers on custom assets for distinct environments and modelled.


3D Artist Intern

Cyberdyne Systems, 2012-2012


  • Worked jointly to make a cinematic teleporter animation with particle systems.
  • Responsible for modeling and animation for motion graphics and advertisement.
  • Design company brochures, banners, annual catalogue and create product samples for tradeshows.
  • Prepress, multimedia printing, color matching & correcting.
  • 3D Architectural modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and digital compositing.

Education for 3d artist resumes

For most positions, work experience is more important than education, although it can be important for new grads or for fields in which specific classes are industry-standard. 

So it’s not a big section, but it’s still important, and often, 3d artist job postings list a minimum education requirement. 

Check out our blueprint for education on resumes for our full playbook on education sections.

Data from our sample of 411 3d artist resumes

  • 7% 3d artist resumes listed an associate’s degree
  • 59% 3d artist resumes listed a bachelor’s degree
  • 31% 3d artist resumes included a masters degree
  • 0% 3d artist resumes mentioned a doctoral degree

3d artist resume education examples


Bachelor of Applied Science

Blinn College District, 2019

Awards & Honors

  • Foreign Language Award
  • AP Scholar
  • Summa Cum Laude


Associate of Applied Arts

John A Gupton College, 2016

Certifications for 3d artist resumes

Certifications aren’t a strict requirement for every job, but there are almost always certifications you can get to boost your chances of success. 

If you want to see how to build these sections, we have a guide about certifications on resumes.

We did a little research and found certifications can help 3d artist’s specifically, according to CareerOneStop.

3d artist certification examples


Adobe Certified Associate – Adobe InDesign

Adobe Systems Incorporated, 2019

Adobe Certified Associate – Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Systems Incorporated, 2016


Adobe Certified Associate – Adobe InDesign, AutoCAD Certified Professional, Adobe Certified Associate – Adobe Illustrator

3d artist resume action verbs

Using our database of nearly 1,000,000 publicly available resumes, we compiled an index of action verbs and cross-referenced it with our sample of 411 3d artist resumes and job postings to uncover which action verbs are most commonly used by 3d artist’s and 3d artist employers.

The most common action verbs on 3d artist resumes are: program, assist, process, prepare, and manage.

The most common action verbs on 3d artist job postings are: lead, plan, review, perform, and handle.

Other action verbs for 3d artist resumes: 

  • Develop
  • Create
  • Direct
  • Field
  • Track
  • Resolve
  • Monitor
  • Report
  • Organize
  • Design

Full 3d artist resume example

Lastly, we wanted to give you a couple full 3d artist resume examples.. 

Please note: you can write a better resume than this. This is just a quick illustration to show you how these pieces might fit together. 

If you’d like to see “perfect” resumes, we have a showcase of resume examples.

3d artist resume example

Charles Gilmore
3D Artist

3161 Coburn Hollow Road, Washington, IL

As a skilled 3D artist with a strong eye for detail, I am seeking a position where I can use my talents to bring characters, environments, and objects to life in the digital world.


Sr. Associate 3D Artist

Moxie Group, 2019-2022


  • Vector based art spot color separation through digital and lm outputs for screen printing.
  • Interior and exterior renderings.
  • Manual color separation in photoshop for simulated process artwork.
  • Responsible for look development with different CG shots Visual Effects 3D Artist.

Associate 3D Artist

Acme Corp., 2016-2022


  • Responsible for building and animating 3D scenes, light, render, and composite for a variety of projects including corporate videos, TV shows, and feature films.
  • Using After Effects and Adobe Creative Suite to animate motion graphics.
  • Responsible for 3D modeling and animation of product.
  • Creates and render’s beauty & multi-pass setups for shot to shot lighting files (Maya).

3D Artist Intern

Cyberdyne Systems, 2012-2016


  • Trouble-shot renders for technical problems (Redshift & Rush).
  • Composited final look, conducted quality checks fixes and re-color for shots assigned.
  • Sculpted and textured product designs for presentation.
  • Conceptualized character for mass production.


Certified Associate BMC Digital Workplace Catalog 3.x

BMC Software, Inc., 2019

Oracle Service Center 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist

Oracle Corporation, 2016


Animation | physically-based rendering (pbr) and shading | leadership | interpersonal skills | communication skills | research | brainstorming


Bachelor of Applied Science

Blinn College District, 2019

Associate of Applied Arts

John A Gupton College, 2016

What experts say about 3d artist resumes

Before we wrap it up, we want to leave you with some advice from other experts we admire.

“Make sure you properly represent your experience and your skill set, and then make sure you have an easy link to your portfolio because that’s where the true bread and butter of your application is going to be as far as how you’ll be judged as a designer or creative in the industry.” – Graphic Design Resume Tips to GET HIRED

“Another thing to consider is to tailor your paperwork to your application, for example, if I’m applying for a teaching position at a university I’m going to really want to stretch my professional development in terms of lectures exhibitions publications, but if I’m applying for a marketing position it’s more important that I have experience in marketing, so it may be that I leave off some of the exhibitions, so I can make more space for some of the marketing information.” – ARTIST CV & Resume: Tips for Writing

“It’s okay to cut out a few (exhibitions) because for that year there’s so many that as long as you have representation that you are constantly exhibiting on a regular basis, that’s more important.” – ARTIST CV & Resume: Tips for Writing

Want help with your 3d artist resume?

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully this data helps you understand what exactly makes a great 3d artist resume. Of course, have questions? Just drop them in the comments.


In addition to our own expertise as professional resume consultants, for every resume guide we write, we curate dozens of recent job postings and resumes to make sure all our recommendations align with current trends for each specific industry and career path. Learn more about our methodology here. 

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Michelle Reed | Sr. Resume Advisor

Michelle has worked in recruiting & HR for 10 years and has taught resume writing at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. She has helped build teams at two large startups (Wyzant and, currently, Brilliant) in the last decade, which means she views hundreds of resumes per day. Michelle guides our overall resume value system, ensuring our recommendations are high-quality and effective in the current job market.

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