Occupational Therapy Assistant Resume Examples

Occupational therapy is probably one of the least known of the assistive therapies that exist to assist people in their day-to-day life. It is a restorative therapy that is used for babies through seniors to help them gain independence.  It may be for a toddler to increase their social skills and sensory integration; for someone … Read more

Salon Resume Examples (+ Free Template)

Working in a salon is much more than washing and cutting hair, in our modern world it has been elevated to an art form, and rightfully so.   To become a hairstylist an individual must attend school, study and practice, and obtain a license. The same goes for a nail tech, colorist, ethstitician and other salon … Read more

Human Resource Director Resume Template & Examples

The job outlook for human resource (HR) specialists is good and the job opportunities for HR directors are varied. But HR director positions require very experienced people with commitment and leadership skills.  Presuming you have the required education, skills, abilities, and experience, how else can you stand out amongst other well educated, highly experienced, skilled … Read more