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Why do 98% of resumes get rejected? (’s a stupid reason)

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It’s true.. according to Workopolis, about 98% of resumes get rejected during the initial screening. 

And that’s pretty shocking when you consider most people spend almost 8 hours writing their resume and about 30 minutes per job application. 

So why does this happen? 

A few reasons actually… but the most important one is the stupidest: most resumes don’t get past applicant tracking systems (ATS). These systems scan resumes for basic components for specific jobs, and if it can’t find those things in your resume — even if you’re actually qualified — it hits the big red “reject” button. 

In other words, ATS systems are the robots canning your resume. And often, it’s not even your fault — it’s because your resume wasn’t written in a way the robots could understand. 

Stupid, right? You might not even know what the ATS robots are looking for, and you’re getting rejected because of it.

But it’s also true that online applications have made it easier for people to apply to jobs, and “one click apply” features have made it too easy to apply for jobs, and when it’s that easy to apply for jobs, it’s usually easier to click a button once than to truly write a custom resume for each job posting.

Plus, customizing your resume at that scale is super-time intensive. Employers know this, and if you don’t spend hours customizing your resume, it’s easy for them to decide you don’t really care.

It’s a broken system.

We saw a need for a solution to help people write resumes that actually got looked at without having to spend endless hours customizing documents

We solved that problem. Our AI builds resumes that actually get looked at.

Our AI scans a database of 1,000,000+ resumes and job postings to make sure the most important stuff makes it into your resume. And it does it automatically… in under 1 minute.


Here’s how it works.

Our powerful AI combines your job history with our database of over 1 million resumes to create resumes automatically.

Fill out 1 simple form

It literally takes about 15 seconds. Fill out just three text fields to get your first resume started.

Pick a style & template

Choose from our library of clean, modern, ATS-optimized resume templates for your resume.

Review & edit if needed after your resume’s created

Review your resume and edit whatever you like. You can edit yourself, or you can ask our AI to rewrite any part of it.

Get a 1:1 resume review by a real human resume expert

After your resume’s finished, you can optionally ask one of our resume experts to review it, and we’ll send you personalized video feedback.

A word from our CEO

“Your entire career shouldn’t live and die on the formatting and keywords in a single document. That’s insane.”

Perrin Carrell

Co-founder & CEO, Resumoo


Time-sensitive bonuses (going away soon)

Look — the end goal isn’t a resume; it’s to get a job. So we put together a library of resources to make your job hunt as powerful as possible.

90-day job search roadmap

We build a complete, step-by-step roadmap for you to follow to get a job. It’s the same roadmap top job search specialists use.

Coverletters 101 course

We give you the blueprint to craft coverletters that truly stand out. Spoiler alert: most people do this wrong.

LinkedIn profile rewriting masterclass

These days, your LinkedIn profile might be just as valuable as your resume. We help you understand what great profiles really look like.

Salary negotiation insider cheat sheet

When (not if!) you land that new job, you can use our cheat sheet to maximize your salary — to make more now and in the future.

Here’s what our customers say

On average, our customers cut down their job search time by 50% and book 3x more interviews.

Archie Young
Marketing, Layers
Machine Learning
Mia Ward
Fullstack Dev, Quotient
Performance Marketing
Johnny Bell
PM, Sisyphus
Machine Learning
Zech Ethridge
Associate Attorney
K&L Gates, Law Firm
“I look at resumes for a living, and believe me, people need this.”
Michele Reed
People Experience Specialist
Brilliant, Corporate Gift Company
Michele Huffman
Copywriter, Mach49
Global Startup Incubator

Risk-free guarantee: if you don’t get hired in 90 days or less, don’t pay for Resumoo.

Seriously. The quality of our resumes + all our job-search resources = we’re so confident you’ll get hired in 90 days or less, we’ll refund 100% of your money if you don’t.

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Frequently asked questions

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Yep. You can try Resumoo for 14 days for free. You can use the complete software. We won’t hide any features from you. You can also even ask for personalized video feedback from our resume experts.

You should, yes. Our software creates a really good first draft, and these drafts are often good enough to send out immediately. However, you should always make your resume your own and customize it to each job you apply to.

Anytime, anywhere, baby. 

You won’t be charged for the first 14 days, and after that, you’ll be charged our standard $17/mo fee. 

Of course! You’ll get a full library of job search resources (for free), and you can request personalized video feedback on your resumes.

Absolutely. If you don’t get a job in 90 days, let us know, and we’ll give you your money back. 

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